Redman – Live From the Bricks TrackList

1. Jersey Conference Call
2. Live From The Bricks
3. Shut Em Down
4. How The Bricks Get Down
5. Click Click
6. Walk In Gutter (off Red Gone Wild Album In Stores March 27)
7. Yes Sir
8. Brick City Champion
9. It’s Ours (Skit)
10. Branson Branson
11. From The Bricks To The West (Skit)
12. If You Got Beef then Run On Up (feat. Markie)
13. We Mobbin’ (feat. Ready Roc)
14. Is You Down (Skit)
15. Get Off My Dick (feat. Ready Roc & Icarus)
16. Brick City Codeine
17. Piff Piff
18. Fuck Ya Opinion
19. R&B Smoke Break (feat. Melanie)
20. Sit Back & Enjoy The Show (feat. Yummy & Rockwilder)
21. I Know (feat. E3)
22. I Take Ya Chain (feat. Icarus)
23. Let’s Go (feat. Saukrates)
24. I Don’t Budge (feat. Ready Roc)
25. Ask Somebody (feat. Runt Dawg)
26. Brick City Gangstas (feat. Mr.Red Mr.Purp & Ready Roc)
27. Brick City To Rockland Country (feat. Blamm & L D)
28. International (Skit)
29. Well Well Well
30. Walk On
31. My First Brick City Song

Due out Feb. 12th.  

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409 Responses to “Redman – Live From the Bricks TrackList”

  1. Knowledge101 Says:

    RED !

  2. VISAR Says:


  3. mofo Says:

    yo, where the mixtape at ?

  4. nation Says:

    damn… i coulda been sure this was a smashtime radio joint. same cover artists probably

  5. Sour D. Says:

    redman on the server in the on the daily folder. i’m not accepting any new people on the site so everyone else please stop asking. ask someone to upload it or some shit.

  6. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Redman - Live From The Bricks Says:

    […] Track list here. […]

  7. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    Tall Israeli » Blogrullen Says:

    February 8th, 2007 at 3:40 pm
    […] Låtlista till Redman’s mixtape Live from The Bricks Älskar Red, och jag tror nya skivan kommer vara bangin’. Word on the street är att Timbo producerat förstasingeln. Det här sägs vara omslaget btw. […]


  8. mofo Says:

    translation please :>

  9. kankara Says:

    cant wait fo ya Reggie.oooh oooh ahhh ahhh

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