Yeeeah Baby!!

RIP Mr. Rios.

Big Pun: Untouchable 

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48 Responses to “Yeeeah Baby!!”

  1. moneyray Says:


  2. moneyray Says:


  3. green eyes Says:

    punisher punish me

  4. nation Says:

    about time

    i thought you would have posted the kim kardashian porn movie, but ok

  5. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    R.I.P. MY DUDE



  6. Highsaiah Thomas Says:



  7. Paperstacker Says:

    Whats good nah right

    RIP to a lyrical legend

  8. KingML Says:

    We come from Kings and Queens, people with dreams, Gods and Earths
    For what it’s worth, we benefit the Earth with infinite worth
    First it’s turnin tables, open our own labels
    Disable the Republicans, then reverse capital punishment

  9. Sour D. Says:

    nice. es gave pun a whopping 3 hours to be remembered.

  10. nation Says:

    pun died on dilla’s born day… coincidence? no such thing

  11. Sour D. Says:

    second update today on the site. special ed, gza, juice crew, and the primo mixtape with the files split.

  12. nation Says:

  13. skimasksoldier Says:

    pun’s cool and all but i think hes overrated but i haven’t listend to much of him so i’m probably wrong but from what i heard…. and the rhyme from twinz is cool but i’ve heard him do better rhymes IMO

  14. Sour D. Says:

    looking a year back into nah right is like lookin at brooklyn in the 1920’s

  15. Sour D. Says:

    smh @ people’s comments. there should be a proof reading rule on NR. even though that would fuck me more than anyone else.

  16. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    RIGHT FIELD:Styles P on SHOT 97Angie Martinez show tomorrow to talk about the accident and the meeting he had wit Filf since the show….NY’ers get it out of staters gon have to stream it or some shyt WQHTdotCOM i think? it
    No need to thank me…I accept paypal.

  17. T Nelson Says:

    green eyes Says:

    February 7th, 2007 at 8:42 pm
    punisher punish me

    Ill punish u greeny….sorry couldnt resist that one……RIP Pun

  18. nation Says:

    damn that seeuno dude was serious. es you know him personally?

  19. FatBoY Says:

    We off da hook dis year…. Making mad money off da books dis year!

    I fucks wit Pun, but I lost mad respect for him and his legacy when I seen that video footage of him pistol whipping his baby momma.

    I know mad people might not like what I said, but you know what fuck it.

    I know he’s a legend, and with legends we tend to give them a pass. Just like Pac got a pass when him and his homies gang raped that chick.

    Now my question for anyone who gives two shits is……….
    Can you love a person’s music so much that you would forgive him/her regardless of what he/she has done?

  20. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    ^^He’s dead already….let it go.

  21. nation Says:

    ^ did anyone notice the 4th paragraph?

  22. green eyes Says:

    smh @ t nelson. guess i deserved that- that was an easy one.

  23. Sour D. Says:

    i’m not familiar with bol’s work so i can’t speak from the point of view of a fan, but this dude really did ether himself. how can you be the most outspoken person on the internet yet you can’t come back with one strong statement when asked a question. smh @ anyone backin this dude up when he made a fuckin fool out of himself. being fat is one thing, being a tough guy blogger poppin shit on the net only because you know you can’t be touched is fuckin gay.


    R.I.P PUN

  25. nation Says:

    for serious sour

    lmao @ “your opinion holds no weight now, just like your neck.”

  26. Sour D. Says:

    site is updated. catch ya’ll later.


  27. T Nelson Says:

    green eyes Says:

    February 7th, 2007 at 9:14 pm
    smh @ t nelson. guess i deserved that- that was an easy one.
    LOL its all in luv though

  28. Paperstacker Says:

    Bol wouldnt have been shitted on so much if it wasnt for the bullshit hating ass posts he leaves on his blog. I know bloggers are supposed to critisize rappers and other artists as well as their work but this nigga Bol just talks alot of greasy shit. From his blatent hate of the south (see bun b and Pimp c incident) to his wack ass album reviews. Kingdom come a shit sandwhich? This nigga cant be taking serious, that nigga just proved he a faggot in the video.

  29. nation Says:

    Lost in 7 minutes

    black7man > white6man

  30. born7malik allah Says:

    Peace, 4 any in the same situation as pun should read how to eat to live by elijah muhhamed. That swine is some shit. Peace 2 pun. Big pun, big ,b.I.g. Those 3 right there no one could fuck wit. Especially big l. He’s the true best out of anybody alive or dead. Ohh yeah fuck jayz. Illilumanati got his mind soul and his body secret society trying to …………… Shawn the snake carter.

  31. esbee Says:

    Yo good lookin’ on putting out those classic Pun cuts fam…pretty much represented some of the finest raw lyrical rap of the 90’s…

    F’real mang…”banned from TV” = classic N.Y. 90’s thugged out music

    *smh* @ old Cam’…..

  32. Sour D. Says:

    solid effort on that pun compilation es. just checked it now.

  33. Sour D. Says:

    and finally they’re bustin these jyerkoff traffic cops for writin fake tickets. cocksuckers. 3 people in my family got hit with fake tickets. my mom got 2 tickets by herself. rotten cocksuckers.

  34. Sour D. Says:

    they’re busting unlicensed contractors in ny that worked on public schools. when fox 5 tried to approach one of the contractor’s it was hilarious. the reporter keeps callin him names and shit and then he says to her “are you puttin this on the news?” reporter says “yes”. dude then says “put this on the news. suck my dick you fuckin bitch”.

    gotta love the news.

  35. nation Says:

    lmao @ sour’s face when he’ll see this

  36. The Truth... Says:

    R.I.P. Big Pun

  37. killa jones Says:

    smh at nas chilling in times square

    but using green screen for QB

  38. nation Says:

    ^ seriously

  39. Sour D. Says:

    lmfao nation. that shit is hilarious. so fuckin true. anything you wanna do, you got that douche bag standin behind you asking “allow or cancel?”. but you learn to live with it. and it’s still better than having a gay mac.

    co-sign killa jones. i thought the same thing when i first saw it.

  40. Sour D. Says:

    apparently G-Dep & Loon are comin out with an album called Bad Boy. retail album. neway, it’s in the newly added section of the site for those with access.

  41. roberto santos Says:

    Much respect on this post Eskay. “Capital Punishment” is a gem.

  42. B.Payton Says:

    Wife beater….

  43. G7 Says:

    Pun, one of the illest!

  44. G7 Says:

    Redman “Live From the Bricks” mixCD tracklist…

    1. Jersey Conference Call
    2. Live from the Bricks
    3. Shut em down
    4. How the Bricks get down
    5. Click Click
    6. Walk in Gutter
    7. Yes Sir
    8. Brick City Champion
    9. Its ours skit
    10. Branson Branson
    11. From the Bricks to the West skit
    12. If you got beef then run on up feat. Markie
    13. We Mobbin feat. Ready Roc
    14. Is you down skit
    15. Get off my dick feat. Ready Roc and Icarus
    16. Brick City codeine
    17. Piff Piff
    18. Fuck ya Opinion
    19. R&B smoke break feat Melanie
    20. Sit back and enjoy the show feat. Yummy & Rockwilder
    21. I know feat. E3
    22. I take ya chain feat. Icarus
    23. Let’s go feat. Saukrates
    24. I don’t budge feat. Ready Roc
    25. Ask somebody feat Runt Dawg
    26. Brick City Gangstas feat Mr. Red & Ready Roc
    27. Brick City to Rockland County feat. Blamm & LD
    28. International skit
    29. Well Well Well
    30. Walk On
    31. My first Brick City song

  45. deepdish Says:

    big pun forever.

  46. J to the A.A.P. Says:

    @Highsaiah: It’s actually even better;
    Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know
    that we riddled some middleman who didn’t do diddly

  47. 456 Says:

    rip big pun.

    redman: rugged man of rap. straight survivor.

    props to sour for puttin cats on. still cant access it tho.

    cosign bol’s self ether.

    born7malik: what exactly has jay-z done to you or anybody else to make you believe he is part of the illuminati? show and prove, god. as in actual facts.

  48. G7 Says:

    I swear 2007 is the year of the homo. smh

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