Jay-Z Supports Slavery

I wonder if I piss off people at Def Jam when I write headlines like this. Whatever, I’m still waiting on my plaque for pushing KC to plat in a month.

From TMZ:

The Jiggaman was all smiles recently when the team announced that its new arena in Brooklyn, Jay-Z’s hometown, would be called the Barclays Center, after UK-based Barclays Bank, which is paying $400 million over 20 years for naming rights. But just after the January 18 announcement, local politicians and journalists quickly rang the alarm on the deal, criticizing the team and its majority owner, Bruce Ratner, for taking money from a bank whose founding family profited from its ownership of slaves in the 18th century and was involved in controversial dealings with the South African government in the 1980s.


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565 Responses to “Jay-Z Supports Slavery”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    lol! What up nation??

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    if the black man is god and the white man is the devil
    what are us spanish people????


  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    >> Some dudes are so stupid they

    base their arguments on single digit numbers and mixing up colours

    LMFAO!!!!!!! Classic!

  4. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) Says:

    D.N. aka The Peoples Commenter informs all that are still pressing “refresh” in here that there is a NEW thread.

  5. KellEl Says:

    Yeah I think people are just throwing dirt on Jay some more. He’s a smart man I’ m pretty sure he did he’s research about them before everything with through. If you think about it though no major company past or present didn’t get to where they are without exploiting someone or something, many of them off the blood, sweat, years, and tears of minorities, no ones innocent and no one cares especially when there is scrilla to gain. All I can say is make you money while you can Jay to the ezzo, the past is done, time to change the future, we were kings and at the top once we can do it again. BP!!!!!

  6. EnglandRepresent Says:

    And where the fuck is this new thread exactly DN?

  7. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) Says:

    At the home page homie.

  8. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Good lookin out breh

  9. born7malik allah Says:

    Peace,england represent all joke aside duke chill. Read what I said again then read what u said again then grow up. I’m god. Spanish people are black to. Spanish are decended from the indians(india means black),I know so called spanish people darker than me. I also know some darker than me. God family is black,brown,and yellow. After yellow then white come into existence. Their the odd tribe,a race of albinos period. All white people suffer from albinism. Look it up nigga. This aint my opinion this is actual facts. Call me 7185014372. Don’t be scared to talk. U a man aint u. U scared to talk to another man. Peace the whiteman is the devil for real. FOR REAL!!!!!!!!

  10. Nandele Says:

    This to me is bullshit!
    how many slaves produce nike sneakers in China today?
    How many African children are sent to the States and europe to work as slaves and prostitutes today?
    How many companies around the world started they profits with slavery.
    How many white grand parents burned black people on a stick and are still walking the streets like nothing happen?
    When are the cops that murded Rodney King are going to jail???

    Let jigga get is paper!

    Cos the real criminals who invented slavery never paid for their crimes.

    I N I

    Burn Babylon

    Peace nad love…Jah bless

  11. GoodFellaz Says:

    Im not supporting this movement in any way possible, but first… most of the brothas of our era’s, aren’t educated enough about slavery….. Black people we’re selling black people.

    So it’s not all of the white man fault, theres a lot of racisim involve into that.

  12. boomerfb86 Says:

    jay-z went from a bitter to a slave owner, rediculous i just burnt all my jigga-boo albums. and last i heard rodney king wasn’t dead. mos def where you at speak on this………………….

  13. abi Says:

    Fleet bank (named because of the fleets of ships of slaves they brought to the americas) is now Bank of America. Think about that those of you who have Bank of Ameria accounts.

    People who take Bayer aspirin… they supported slavery.

    I could list a whole list of companies that supported slavery. Instead of dissing Jay, who probably cannot turn down that amount of money thanks to the other owners of the Nets, we need to hold the companies responsible.

    That’s all.

  14. How to Pick Up Girls Says:

    smooth tie by jay

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    […] Lets hope the Nets score a lot of Izod buckets… for Jay’s sake. But if the New Jersey Nets arena is getting a name change, how long will it be for… considering the fact that someone already bought the rights to the Brooklyn Nets arena. […]

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