Video: Making the Second Coming Beat

JustBlazeTV brings us some behind the scenes footage of the making of the music from the Second Coming Nike commercial.

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711 Responses to “Video: Making the Second Coming Beat”

  1. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) Says:

    I gotta cop that Sean Price tomorrow or some other time.

  2. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) Says:

    >>juelz raps slowly over a just blaze beat

    Juelz needs to either a) quit rapping b) step his game up

    But as for Jeezy he needs to just quit rapping(same with Old Man Lil Wayne)

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Ay Cold whats goody son? You talkin bout Richard Ashcroft as in old dude from The Verve?

    Billz what up boss? Shit’s lovely out here, forecast for next 6 days 81, 86, 88, 91, 89, 90………yup yup!! Got me tickets to this little outdoor hip-hop joint goin on in Feb called Good Vibrations. My manz is promotin the shit and bringin out all the acts, he got me and my other brother from London Crew passes which means we can go back stage and all that shit……line-up = Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5, Snoop Dogg, Guru, Rhymefest, Common…….Guru and Common should be dope……..

    LL cheers for breakin that down girl………you finished up at Uni yet? You been real elusive round these parts…….you gettin some or something are ya? lol!!!!

    Nah DN foreigners call Yanks dumbfucks cos all of you muthafuckas are thick as pigshit!!! As for ya boy, slap that brother!!!!!! Tsh, Weezy top 10….tsh…smh…….

  4. Mr. MEEN Says:

    just is sick

  5. Mr. MEEN Says:

    dipset gets Nike, Jay-Z got reebok.. Jay-Z lost again.

    nigga please

  6. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Ay Meen, you gonna hit me up with another one of them Biggie blend joints? That last one still gets rotation in the whip…….

  7. D. Billz Says:

    Coldplidday aka Alienated… Aint shit bredren… what’s good?

    Ben Ha aka Meen Mug… What’s da deal fam?

    @England… yo, that concert sounds official. And you’re lucky to be enjoyin’ that type of weather.

  8. D. Billz Says:

    Btw… whoever sleepin’ on Just Blaze in ’07, kill yourself.

  9. D. Billz Says:

    Co-signing England. I need another cd Meen. What’s good?

  10. R-FIGGZ Says:

    England motherfucking represent, so this is where you left S.O.H.H for.
    Anyways if you still fiending for a B.I.G super duper blast – then i suggest you check out the joint “Black Rob” made with “Biggie” rapping from the grave!.
    It’s hotter than Margaret Thatcher’s hemorrhoid infested arsehole.

  11. VISAR Says:

    Hot shit

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