Raekwon ft. Mathematics – Trees

Raekwon with Mathematics – Trees

from Natural Selection 2.0 

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23 Responses to “Raekwon ft. Mathematics – Trees”

  1. I Fux Says:

    Yo Primero , Fuck the Pats!

  2. I Fux Says:


    I hate Boston associated teams mostly because of Patsy white boys that cant say Nomar correctly and think that they are superior to all fans across other cities

  3. I Fux Says:

    By the way the song smashes

  4. I Fux Says:

    *throws a rock*
    crssssssssss*window breaks*

    *smh* *keeps walking nobody gives a shit ’round here*

  5. hanibal kanibal Says:

    brings back wu memmory’s

  6. SINCE 83 Says:

    what what

  7. nirun Says:

    yeaaaaaa yo.

  8. Crazy88Since88 Says:

    Nigga still on that 90’s Shit… Lookin like he walked right off Only Built for Cuban Linx CD Cover

  9. B.Payton Says:

    Next yea the Browns got the Playoffs on L.O.C.K… yes the Cleveland Browns. Go Browns…. Down with the pats

  10. Cam'ran Says:

    screwy louie, do me hootchie; I run far, fuck a car; Rucker Rucker, sucker sucker; blucker blucker, mother fucker………………..

  11. Killa J Says:

    The original mixtape version is better than the album version, I think. It’s also called ‘weed’ instead of ‘trees.’

  12. 120 Says:

    Jesus died at age 33

  13. cold Says:

    yo, where my killah tape at gawd?

    wu skits > intire rap game right now

    oh yea the song is crack!

  14. cold Says:

    Jesus died at age 33

    ^ where you going with that 120

  15. cold Says:

    “time travel is all in the mind, I take it back to 90’s all in my rhymes”

  16. Sean Mayor Says:

    rae was always my dude from wu

  17. e-dubbs Says:

    chipmunks still rap?

  18. iLL Change Says:

    >> Jesus died at age 33

    thats 33 shots
    from twin glocks
    at 16 a piece
    thats 32
    which means
    one of my guns was holdin 17
    27 hit your crew
    6 went into you

  19. K1NG Says:

    Anyone got a link for Natural Selection 2?

  20. Mail Man Says:

    Somebody Please Tell Me Why did Black Ty sell more than Ghost

  21. VISAR Says:


  22. firstlady914 Says:


    WE IN 07′


  23. b.LOUD Says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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