Nas @ Nokia Theater 12/22

Video courtesy of Grandgood

Me and my boy caught Nas’s early performance at Nokia Theater in Times Square last night and it was off the scale. The highlight of the performance was easily when The Little Homey brought out Cormega to perform Affirmative Action, effectively squashing their long running beef. Foxy also came out and did her verse, but unfortunately AZ was nowhere to be seen.

I have to give it up to Nasir though, he went well beyond the call of duty and kept it dirty with songs like “Doo Rags” and “No Idea’s Original.” Me and my boy were speculating on the way to the show that he’d either bring out Jay to do “Black Republicans,” or Game to do “Hustlers,” but our high was blown early when those were the first two songs he did, without either guest star. It was all good though, the little guy tore it down in spectacular fashion and gave New York the show it wanted, but definitely didn’t expect to see.

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153 Responses to “Nas @ Nokia Theater 12/22”

  1. moneyray Says:

    ChikMagnet Says:

    December 26th, 2006 at 10:33 am
    Fall Back on all tha F Queensbridge homey. You neva know who’s reading these blogs.
    QB till my death day!
    Respect my hood!

    Q.B. IS aidS INfEsTed NIGga…You think i dont know about burnin vernon…fuk outta here par

  2. farroccccckkkkaway Says:

    your forgetting Cormega is here with Nas .. this aint bout AZ. but AZ is mad!!

  3. farroccccckkkkaway Says:

    cormega doesn’t need Nas. He just needed fame

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