Daily Headlines 12-22-06

Carmen Bryan hit with a lawsuit over her compilation of whoreish endeavors.

Nas is now projected to do something like 300k in his first week in stores.

Mobb Deep cancels the remainder of their European tour after Prodigy’s Sickle Cell starts acting up. 

Diddy names one of his daughters "Jessie James." 

XXLMag.com talks to Sean Price

YN on ABC News discussing the demise of Hip Hop.

MTV Mixtape Monday’s Best of ’06.

Statik Selektah and Q-Tip team up for a J Dilla tribute mixtape

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52 Responses to “Daily Headlines 12-22-06”

  1. nunya bizness Says:


  2. trp Says:

    lol… mtv called port of miami “critically acclaimed”.

    i giggled.

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