Daily Headlines 12-11-06

Ed Zwick, director of the film Blood Diamond, criticizes Russell’s recent trip to Africa, which many have seen as an attempt to downplay the wrongdoings of the diamond industry.

Howard University Unveils New Hip-Hop Courses 

The Voice talks to Dame Dash about his latest venture, among other things. He says that he didn’t know Jimmy was going to use his vocals on Kingdom Done and that he was mad about it, but got over it.   

Ghostface, unhappy with the look of his action figure, sends the designers back to the drawing board. Oh, and he’s a watermelon.  

Saigon and Abandoned Nation team with the In Arms Reach organization to provide educatonal mentoring and assistance to children whose parents are or have been incarcerated.

Did Muhammad Ali invent rap? Ali rap video (via Rizoh) 

Styles talks about the Michael Richards incident and questions the benefits of voting.

New Pharoah Monch interview 

The first Annual Urban DVD Awards went down last week sans any brawls or shootings.  

Foxy accused of probation violation, threatened with prison

The NYC subway system experiences a European invasion.

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106 Responses to “Daily Headlines 12-11-06”

  1. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    i hate fuckin mondays….anybody got the ps3 yet how is the game play is worth getting???

    ***Co-sign on Mondays, not for a G, @ PS3


    Dug em, you owe me cousin, somethin told me plug him, So dumb, felt my leg burn, then it got numb Says:
    December 11th, 2006 at 1:18 pm
    Ty, I know more about hip hop than you know about oil stock buddy boy. Just because sometimes I crave to hear beats before lyrics does not in anyway make me lose my credibility.


  3. DTL Says:

    # icon (trillbert arenas) Says:
    December 11th, 2006 at 12:19 pm

    project rats>project pat


  4. oliand1 Says:

    Blood Diamonds is a mandatory watch! Go & check that out!

    Russell is definately thinking on the business side of matters. I see his point whole heartedly about the drastic change that has taken place in Africa since the Kimberley Act. Ed Zwick heart is in the right place. I’m sure he is traumatized by the aftermath of war torn countries, amputated children, and haunting stories of the senseless violence that killed so many who never even seen a diamond in their life. But… The diamond industry does in fact provide the tools and means for millions in Africa to develope well organized communities. That movie is based on the truths that existed in the 90’s pre-the Kimberley act (which many countries denounced the purchase of diamonds from conflict zones). Now, you can go to some of those same places and see roads, better home, schools, & jobs that help these people maintain in a civilized society.
    I’ve worked in the diamond Industry, & the 1 thing that everyone should know about purchasing diamonds is “Where did my Diamonds come from”?
    Ask questions (especially to private jewelers) You don’t want blood on your hands…literally.



  6. diplomatic Says:

    If you’re going to buy diamonds i don’t know why you wouldn’t buy mand made ones. they’re the exact same thing and made the same way, compressing carbon dioxide. only one take millions of years to make and is dug up by shady ppl doing shady things, and the other is made in a lab but some science geeks. plus their generally 1/1oth the price of naturally formed diamonds. so save your money and you conscience and get some man made diamond for that grill of yours

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