Papoose – 50 Shots


Papoose – 50 Shots (radio rip) Addressing the Sean Bell shooting

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  1. » hostile situation Says:

    […] • Interactive Graphic: A Fatal Police Shooting In Queens – The New York Times interactive graphic “describing Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly’s account of the shooting of Sean Bell.”• Failing to Protect – Errol Louis Daily News editorial• The Myth of Racial Harmony: Dumb and Dangerous – From David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic• Papoose: 50 Shots – Brooklyn’s own weighs in. (thanks eskay)• Comment Zone: The Sean Bell Shooting – The New York Times forum, with an edited selection of recent comments from The Empire Zone• Where You Stand – The Brian Lehrer Show’s (wnyc) insightful continuing series covering the Queens police shooting – todays installment: “Race and Perception”.• ‘Contagious Shooting’ Is Rare But Perennial – From, “He shoots, and you shoot, and the assumption is he has a good reason for shooting. You saw it in Diallo. You see it in a lot of shootings,” the official said. “You just chime in. I don’t mean the term loosely. But you see your partner, and your reflexes take over.”• Sound Of Da Police• Illegal Business• Who Protects Us From You? Comments to this post […]

  2. G7 Says:

    >>Raekwon dissing Jay @ the Redman show last night

    ^^ too funny. The same Rae that’s around Jay’s age and still rapping about kilos and boat loads of coke…lol. Jay has some right to be critcized to some extent, but for what Rae raps about at his age, he’s the wrong guy.

  3. TheUltimate Says:

    RIP Sean Bell

  4. cee Says:

    Ight all ya not seein da point. Combat situation ya’ll. Cant say the cops was wrong here. Dees followed them out cause the here going to get heat to take care of some next beef with some next group they were beefin wit inside da club. Now knowin that they heard all that, thats why they did what they did. Cmon think ya’ll, if you were the boyz would you want to get got or try to protect yourself…he odeed tryin to run people over. Shyt its only like 3 thousand pound dangerous weapon, that will kill you as fast as a burner…real talk ya’ll

  5. BrooklynNYresident Says:

    The Undercovers were in the club on a drug and prostitution sting, so why were they gettin their nose in something that had NOTHING to do with why they were there? And if Sean Bell wasnt drunk (im not sure) how the hell do you drive into a minivan UNLESS its trying to block the road? Basically DTs are dirty people who live above the law.

  6. Victoria Says:

    I am very proud of Hip Hop for using their voice for greatness and standing for up injustice(with the exception of Kay Slay referring to black guys as Ns instead men) because these accidental shootings are not going to happen to Ian or Justin, if they wave a wallet or leave their bachelor’s party, until the mountains are as low as the valleys and when black people are able to walk freely will then Martin dreams come centerfold.

  7. LEON Says:


  8. LEON Says:


  9. Defuse News | Connecting the Global Hip-Hop Block! Says:

    […] On Hot 97 yesterday, Papoose responded to the Sean Bell shooting in Queens. (via Nah Right) […]

  10. Complex » Blog Archive » Rappers Fire Back At NYPD Says:

    […] Nas isn’t the only one in the Hip Hop community speaking out, rapper Papoose made a track called “50 Shots” that compared Bell’s death to Amadou Diallo, the Bronx resident that was shot 41 times when he cops claimed they thought his wallet was a gun. […]

  11. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Daily Headlines 12-20-06 Says:

    […] Speaking of the NYPD, Papoose talks to SOHH about 50 Shots.   […]

  12. krb Says:

    yo,is all good.we need tings like this papoose,reality!

  13. nation Says:

    this post may have done mediocrely based on comments, but it was linked to 5 times and had 12,000 downloads

  14. Scott H Florance Says:

    I want to have my DNA taken to the far ends of the Milkyway. Someone should order small plastic vials from the manufacturer using the green Thomas industrial catolog at the public library, look up vials /plastic. Next have someone make a kids rubber helium party baloon that is 1 inch bigger when its inflated so it goes higher in the sky. Have it made with glow in the dark stuff that shines at night. It will take two rubber baloons tied together to carry up the plastic vial taped to one of the baloons. Proceed to get poke-em lancets from the drug store to prick your finger. Now Space-Aliens flying in invisible craft in Earths skies could retrieve a drop of your blood when you release the baloons over the desert or nature park. Go ahead and dab a drop of blood onto the surface of the baloon instead if you want, then only one baloon is needed. Your baloon might be recognized by the Aliens up there. Or you might find the whole idea a bad thing. Should people who believe there is Aliens visiting our solor system send out a spacecraft way past Pluto that has a supply of fruit tree, vegetable and berry seeds so the Extra-terrestial star travellers can take it home?

  15. Yardmon50 Says:

    I wrote “50 Bullets” a day after the shooting because I believe the death/murder of Sean Bell is a tragedy of “shakespearean proportions,” for like Romeo and Juliet this young couple got caught up in society’s contentions. Meanwhile, there have been 5 or 6 more preventable police shootings since this happened. These types of actions by the “authorities” breed hopelessness and a sense of desperation that just creates more crime and institutes the cycle of poverty we see. I also believe that we all have to unite against hate. If he were alive today, Shakespeare himself would have probably remembered that it was at the wedding celebration where Christ performed his first feat. Well, how ironic is this? For a miracle is what we need now if we’re going to get any justice and heal all the pain caused by this shooting. How do we prevent this from happening agian? Herein lies the real crime: “complacency.” Some say it’s a “crime” and some say it’s a “tragedy. ” Visit my page, check out my song and tell me what do you think? -Yardmon50

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