Bun B Responds To Alleged BET Comments


Shortly after I posted the link to HHNLive’s Bun B interview this morning, I received an email from somebody purporting to be Bun himself, disputing the validity of the comments made about BET and in fact denying that the interview ever took place at all. He gave me a number that I could reach him at and asked that I contact him to clear up the misinformation. Although I did call the number and did in fact receive a call back from said number, I was unable to actually speak with Bun about the situation. I did ask him via email if he had spoken to the people at HHNLive and he said that he had, so I have no doubt that it was in fact Bun B that contacted me.

If you check out the site now, you will see that the interview that was there this morning is now gone and in it’s place is a newly conducted interview with Bun from this afternoon. In the new interview he denies starting the Fuck BET campaign that has been advertised on his Myspace page over the past couple of weeks, and also denies that he ever spoke to HHN’s rumor man Freezefiya at the Harlem Knights strip club in Houston on Saturday night. HHN has stated that it stands by it’s original interview and have only removed it as a courtesy to Bun and UGK. I’m really only involved with this whole thing because I posted a link, however, I felt it was my responsibility to point out the dispute and give both sides of the story. I’ll leave the decision of who to believe up to you.

UPDATE: Bun’s response and HHNLive.com’s rebuttal are posted here.

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553 Responses to “Bun B Responds To Alleged BET Comments”

  1. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    The Truth… Says:

    November 28th, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    everything you say makes you look more bitch…

    ***fake ass nigga….I’m surprised you got off Bun B’s dick long enough to respond….what u need to do is get off the computer, fetch him his apple juice, and get back into bed, like you told him you were doing, you dickriding bitch….

  2. D. Billz Says:

    Aint no way in hell I’m goin’ through 500+ comments for a Bun B post.

    Fuck him.

  3. noz Says:

    ’sall good, just fuckin witcha bruh.”

    so i’m gonna make a conscious effort to make my presence known here. you fucked up now.


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