Bun B Responds To Allegations

Earlier today (November 27th) I posted a link to an interview on the HHNLive website of an interview with Bun B of UGK. In the interview Bun is quoted making disparaging remarks about the BET network over what appeared to be a snub of him and Pimp C when apparent technical problems prevented the broadcast of their performance of Big Pimpin with Jay-Z on the 106th and Jay special that aired on Wednesday November 22nd. A short time later, Bun reached out to me and not only denied making the statements, but denied ever giving an interview with anybody from the HHNLive site. Below is a partial transcript of Bun’s comments: 
Bun B on the HHNLive interview:
The writer told the website that he had the audio of the interview. We were supposed to be in a strip club on a Saturday night and I don’t know how you’re gonna record audio for an interview in an environment like that. Every interview I’ve ever done has been in a quiet room, you know what I’m saying? But if he had the audio, then post it. Let him give you the audio and you post it on your site and that’ll shut everybody up. So then the website reached back out to the writer and all of a sudden the writer can’t find the audio. My thing is, I’ve been by the phone all day on email all day ready to clear my name on my shit, but that’s the writer that’s hiding that. I don’t blame the magazine at all. They just like because that dude had a hot story they thought it was something hot to go to…
Bun on the F*ck BET campaign and banner that had previously appeared on his Myspace page:
It all started from the shit with the Myspace page. The kid his name is Chris McNutt. This kid was hired by Rap-A-Lot last year to create the Pimp C and UGK and Bun B Myspace pages. So this kid has been controlling these pages this whole time. Pimp talked to him and got control of his page back probably like a month ago…well probably like 2 months ago we both got control of our pages back. Well, we got access, but he still had the password too. So like I couldn’t change my password because I don’t own the email for the Myspace page. So I can’t stop you know, him logging on and doing shit. I just really talked him today and told him that this shit gotta end today.

But the whole thing was people started the campaign, I didn’t start that Fuck BET shit. The shit was started by a fan. I got a hardcore fan, this little white kid, he a real hardcore fan, and he made the banner and shit with the quote. And I got friends [Myspace friends] or whatever that like "Ok, Fuck BET" but they ain’t know if I ever felt like that or told anybody to say the shit. And dudes saw our Friend saying it, so he said "I’ma say it too." As soon as somebody called me and said "Why’d you say fuck BET?" and as soon as I saw the page I logged on and deleted it. But you know, this Myspace shit is internet world and it only takes a second. Once it’s posted it’s a link in time and anybody can go back to that day and time and say "well on Thursday at 8:00 you posted this. you said this." So I’m having this kid Chris McNutt put a statement together saying that he’s been putting together this page, that he’s been in control of this page and any comments or pictures or whatever are from him. Get mad at him, that shit ain’t coming from me.

I’m knowing that the shit played on the West Coast so why would I even get that mad about it? It didn’t play on the East Coast, it was a programming issue and I told people that. It had to be a programming issue because they didn’t play PSA, and there’s no fucking way they don’t play PSA. Even if they did wanna cut us off for some ungodly reason, there’s no way they cut that song. So that was just a technical programming issue. When it came to the West Coast feed which goes out 2 hours later, it was corrected and played in full. When they replayed it Friday, it was played in full. So it put everybody in an ugly place and I really just wanted to talk to somebody who I felt was a reputable nigga and that’s why I reached out you and I reached out to them. I said lemme go to eskay cuz I was like eskay said you know "I hope they don’t get Little Brother’d" and you made a damn good point because I love Little Brother. I love 9th Wonder. Even though it may seem like we coming from different places we really on the same page. We fuck around, it’s like on the mixtape (editors note: Bun appeared on Little Brother’s Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama.) And you know I can’t say necessarily say that that’s what happened  but, just in case!  
As I was transcribing Bun’s comments, Adam and FreezeFiya (who says he conducted the interview with Bun this past Saturday) from HHNLive hit me up asking if I would publish Freeze’s rebuttal: 

I wasn’t trying to bring down Bun B or BET. If the person wasn’t Bun I interviewed, he was an exact replica of Bun. I definitely wouldn’t post anything that was just flat out fake. If Bun wants to disagree with the comments made, that’s fine. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t post anything that would create complications or destroy someone’s career that has put Houston or really Texas on the map. That’s not me and that’s not my style. I was born and raised in the South and want to represent it to the fullest. 

So there you have it, both sides of the story. There is actually more of the Bun interview, hopefully I’ll feel up to transcriing the rest sometime in the near future.

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