Daily Headlines 11-15-06


East Meets West As Game, Fat Joe Go Shopping For Each Other’s LPs

UPDATE: Game is on pace to move between 350-400k units and debut at #1 next week. 

Preview of Vibe’s Em article from the DFP

Jim Jones moves 94K copies of Hustler’s P.O.M.E. and debuts at #6. Not too shabby for a Koch record. 

Big Boi plans a solo LP

Coolfer examines the awful sales rappers have experienced this year. (via Idolator)

What’s all this I keep hearing about the leaked version of Kingdom Come not being the actual retail version?

Speaking of which, I now know that the Nas track list I posted yesterday is missing at least one BIG song. 

HHNLive has a rumor about a possible rift between 50 and Havoc.  

Snoop brings his kids back to the hood every now and then to keep them grounded.

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511 Responses to “Daily Headlines 11-15-06”

  1. ChikMagnet Says:

    I noticed something Es. Ever since those Esco trax leaked, I’ve been seeing a lot less “Nas Lost” ‘s from you. Care to elaborate?

  2. Aicheyearaem Says:

    Ya’ll read the comments on that Vibe Em article? Ya’ll think Proof got justice? I mean, fuck, at this point in history, I’m fucking open to an possibility.

  3. Beskoe Says:

    50 track-Rob Me Blind sounds like a reject MC with a UK accent trying to cover 50’s style. That beat is ridiculously horrible..

  4. RD Says:

    this is prolly old news now, but i hope everyone copped the leaked version of the HHNF, riiiightt? good

  5. droppinjewels Says:

    threw ketchup on my rice cause i aint have no meat wit the meal….enuff said
    More Fish > Kingdom Come
    More Fish = Hip Hop is Dead
    Can anyone fill me in on Trife da God wats up with his album???
    His rhymes r sick for right now… Trife Da God > Jay-Z based on rhymes

  6. Renato Pagnani Says:

    RD – the HHNF leak isn’t the proper scene release, it’s a transcode and not real 192kp/s. I’m waiting until that comes, which could be in seconds, hours, or tomorrow.

  7. mofo Says:

    jayzs new album is fuckin crap so is the artist alone, i mean its 2006 and jayz is still trying to make albums coz his #1 mc if jayz sells alot its coz he has #1 not thatt his a good rapper coz his crap, he used to be good but times change his got nuthin to rap about..

  8. bnz Says:

    game has done about 400k but rap is dead so that is a good sale

  9. Redman Says:

    Ok so dude does 300k and 50 lost? Why? 300k 1st week = 220 second week = 130 3rd week = 90k 4th week which still dont equals PLAT. or 5mill so no 50 aint lose because he aint doing the 5 mill he did as a G-Unit groupie!!! So blog master you lost again!!!

  10. strong chef Says:

    ok mofo obviously skims through!
    how bout listening. he is still nicer than most, and if u ask me he gets better with age.

  11. Demiks (a.k.a. not "Dem," who the fuck is "Dem?") Says:

    > Jim Jones moves 94K copies of Hustler’s P.O.M.E. and debuts at #6. Not too shabby for a Koch record.

    Asylum* record.

    Jimmy and Dipset moved to Warner a long time ago. The truth about Koch came to the surface. You really do make 8 dollars an album, but you don’t see the money right away.

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