Katt Williams Getting Out Of Jail

Katt Williams getting out of jail this afternoon after serving 3 days on a weapons posession charge.

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23 Responses to “Katt Williams Getting Out Of Jail”

  1. ghfghfc Says:

    dip set!

  2. BURD Says:


  3. Taz Says:

    Katt’s a fucking joker…!

    If he wasnt on Wild’N’Out that show would be garbage

  4. kingdouche Says:


  5. BURD Says:

    damn i thought i was bout to be first, but then i didnt enter my email address.
    once entering this state of bewilderment i was forced to redo my acceptance speech of “FIRST BITCHES” only to realize upon re-posting a dude by the name of ghfghfc had beat me… boo hoo..:(

  6. dubble13 Says:

    So what do I do NOW with all of the “Free Katt Wiliams” t-shirts I made?

  7. Ned Says:

    haha. ive never heard him talk normally like that.

  8. eskay Says:

    that new Johnny Cash is knocking

  9. dronkmunk Says:

    makes you wonder if it was a stunt

  10. Korean Slapboxer Says:

    Classic….ur not a star til’ you get arrested

  11. FatBoY Says:

    I am a boy Damon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This nigga whole demeanor done changed.

  12. Sour D. Says:

    “that new Johnny Cash is knocking”


  13. Chaos Says:

    that dude voice sound funny

  14. French Kevin Says:

    Any of you guys seen his standup in cincinati? He’s pretty fucking funny.

  15. KUFI SMACKA Says:

    dam…he actually talked like a human for once…

  16. BabyDOC Says:

    Fuck that pussy ass nigga. He really isn’t THAT funny.

  17. Moksi Says:

    At least he aint a hater ;-)

  18. D. Billz Says:

    What kinda cracka ass question?: “How was it?”


    And still…

    Dane Cook > Katt Williams

  19. ConScience Says:

    Luvin da Cash vid…

  20. kattz #1 fan Says:

    wow i cant believe katt is in jail! man that show wildin out is not funny without the famous celeb katt williams!god when i heard about that i was freakin surprised but i just think cops pick on celebs to go back to the station and say “GUESS WHAT GUYZ!?”i arrested a celeberity!god that gets on my freakin nerves!it just makes everybody hate cops more
    a drr ta drr to copz everywhere!haha *lol*

  21. Q Says:

    I am just glad he is out .Fuck the rest of you all haters

  22. moneymikes wifey Says:

    I fucken luv katt that’s ma bigga plus he’s fine ass hell I got support do him

  23. trenee Says:

    This exit was clearly staged.

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