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Katt Williams Pulls A Snoop


This One Blood remix is taking forever to upload, so in the meantime:

Says TMZ:

Katt Williams was arrested Monday at Los Angeles International Airport for allegedly carrying a stolen concealed weapon.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the arrest occurred at 3 p.m. in Terminal 5. Williams, a popular comedian who recently starred in his own HBO stand-up comedy special, was stopped at the security checkpoint. Security officers found a concealed weapon in his carry-on luggage. The LAPD was called and Williams, who is also a popular rapper, was arrested.

Popular rapper? I’ve heard one Katt Williams song in my entire life.

It’s Dipset bitch.

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29 Responses to “Katt Williams Pulls A Snoop”

  1. Shanti Says:

    they just had to put that popular “rapper” shit in there to link this shit to hip hop didn’t they.

    oh and my usual :)

  2. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    whos is on it around 6:30??? kurupt? and after him??

  3. iLL Change Says:

    i havent heard one Katt Williams song since he’s been “signed” to Dipset. only time i heard him rap was when he killed the Young Gunz with Game.

  4. pwtrue Says:

    whos on this One blood remix?

  5. Dem Says:

    *thinks to self*

    hm.. should i say “baaaaaaaiiiiiiillllllliiiinnn’!” or “pimp down!”?

    *decides to sleep on it*

  6. iLL Change Says:

    @ yaboy

    Kurupt then Daz (a/k/a Tha Dogg Pound). shit is hard to figure out isnt it? god damn this shit is long

  7. Off White Says:

    “This entry was posted on Monday, November 6th, 2006 at 11:59 pm”

    wow..eskay putting in over-time

    and for Katt Williams no less… I mean, I’ve heard him spit, and he’s got more respect for me than JJ, but still…

    (long NR watcher, first comment)

  8. Shanti Says:

    who spits right before rick ross?

  9. nation of moderation Says:

    this post pulled a “friday afternoon” and got ethered

  10. eskay Says:

    the only Katt Williams shit I ever heard was that one with Snoop.

  11. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    hah, is this thread gonna break double digits?

  12. Caliber Says:


    ..kiss and sp mastered tha in/out flow

  13. eskay Says:

    I’m lying, he had that dis record with Game where he ended Chris and Little Neef Neef.

  14. eskay Says:

    no lie, i’ve been upping this shit to zshare for like 20 minutes


    i never really liked katt but whatever

  16. nick Says:

    can somebody post another link the one blood audio book?

    all of them are fucked already

  17. The Truth... Says:

    As long as they catch you with a gun, you’s a rapper…

  18. eskay Says:

    hold up, the overwhelming stupidity of what this negro did just now hit me. who tries to board a plane with a gun in their carry on luggage? a stolen one at that? and with 3 other weapons in his checked luggage! this nigga might do some time over this shit.

  19. NY WHY?? Says:

    “This is unjustifiable”
    i know this dude wasn’t in his right mind trying that shit in a post 9/11 world.

  20. ProbleMatic aka Furiou$tylez...So Chicago Says:

    The Truth… Says:

    November 7th, 2006 at 1:35 am
    As long as they catch you with a gun, you’s a rapper…

    and dont forget weed…

    and thats the truth…

  21. ProbleMatic aka Furiou$tylez...So Chicago Says:

    i mean forreal…niggas aint heard of….

    ((oh shit…Nore’s rappin!))

    anyway, niggas never heard of 9/11? i mean niggas scared to carry finger nail files in the airport, and this dude and snoop think they can carry their whole gun collection….

    them niggas need to stop smokin so much refer…

    and its chicagos own twista that raps after rick ross. i thought jay z told yall about him already?

  22. Real.Talk. 8x Platinum Says:

    ya diiiiig!!

  23. Game Over Says:

    LOL @ the poor journalism. what KIND of weapon? it could have been nail clippers for all we know…they act retarded at airports nowadays….

  24. eskay Says:

    >>LOL @ the poor journalism. what KIND of weapon? it could have been nail clippers for all we know…they act retarded at airports nowadays….

    it says what kind of weapon, click on the link.

  25. Spike Says:

    omg a popular rapper, just like shanti said, JUST TO LINK IT TO HIPHOP.

    And what kind of wep ?

  26. KingLeo3 Says:

    katt is such a lil bitch. dont know why he is even on a rap label.

  27. NY WHY?? Says:

    Cam is pissed right now, i see him thinking “Why didn’t i think of that !!, well let me get at Jay-Z again”
    What ever happened to the colourfull young men i haven’t heard some stupidity from him for a while, or has i grown up, could it be … ??

  28. iLL Change Says:



  29. Adrian of N.C. Says:

    Thats some stupid shit but Katt & Snoop are da shit!!!!!

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