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Kanye Acting Up @ The EMA’s

Just the other day I was thinking to myself “Kanye hasn’t done or said anything really nuts in a minute.” Above is a clip of him losing the Best Video award at the MTV EMA’s, rushing the stage as winners Justice and Simian accept their awards, and throwing a fit.

This is pretty entertaining but, I think he outdid himself at the post awards press conference:

“I haven’t seen (the Justice and Simian video). Possibly it could have been quite good but no way better than ‘Touch The Sky'”

“That was some spread the love bullshit, ‘Oh everyone should have an award’. Please press people print ‘Kanye says f*ck that!'”

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18 Responses to “Kanye Acting Up @ The EMA’s”

  1. dronkmunk Says:

    this video is no longer available

  2. iniquity Says:

    kanye’s a diva .

  3. nation of moderation Says:

    this video is no longer available

  4. Complex » Blog Archive » Kanye West Doesn’t Care About White People Says:

    […] We agree, it’s been a while since Kanye said some crazy shit on TV in front of millions of people. But he more than made up for his televised silence with his antics at the MTV’s European Music Awards. The real fireworks start about 3:07 into the video when he rushes the stage and grabs the mic after he loses best video award to Justice and Simian. He complains that he spent a million bucks for his video and “had to jumping across canyons” and continues on as a stunned Justice and Simian just look on in horror. Only Kanye ‘Bat Shit-Insane’ West would be crazier enough to not only pull off this act of lunacy, but do so while wearing pink. Update: MTV overlords removed video. But TMZ hosts it for all to enjoy. […]

  5. Oldstan Says:

    kanye is abitch

  6. Adam22 Says:

    how are there only 5 comments on this post?

  7. Yeyo Says:

    He can’t help it. It’s the Mama’s Boy syndrome, basically he’s spoiled.

  8. john wilson Says:

    make it 7. fuck kanye. if the world’s not finding him relevant at any given moment, he speaks ways of making us find him irrelevant. one would think the near fatal car accident he had would make him be humble at times, but it’s all forgotten with liberal media calling him a savior and a brath of fresh air for “hip hop”. he catches the gas face from me and all others who deem this act nothing but a MTV sponsored hissy fit. one.

  9. Sarah Says:

    I swear, I will never dance to any song of Mr. Arrogant himself. What a biatch. I hope that he soon talks himself so much in trouble that … well you know what happens to 2Pac … ;)

  10. Whoadie Harrelson Says:

    Ha ha Kanye. Yeah!!!!

    I would have respected it it more if he would have closed it out with a, “Wu-tang is for the children.” Classic Ole’ Dirty style.

    Since when did a MTV Europe Award become so pivotal to a Hip-Hop artists career?

  11. The Truth... Says:

    Kanye’s a fag…

  12. The Louie Vuitton Don Says:

    Kanye is the man c’mon… that stuff is funny… the dude got lil drunk n went crazy, ya’ll just wish you could do that… its not meant to be taken so seriously, everyone calmmm down mannnnn

  13. Nonsense Says:

    Any other link to the video?

  14. Lestat Mediabom.be Says:

    Here is the video again : http://www.mediabom.be/en/node/1150

    Greetings from Belgium! – Lestat – MediaboM

  15. Ringtones.com - Ringtones and Information on ringtones at ringtones.com Says:

    […] [via Nah Right] […]

  16. Johnny Wishbone Says:

    “… well you know what happens to 2Pac …”

    Fuck you Sarah.

  17. dario Says:

    Kane is great, despite of what he diid i like him, then he needed 2 say dat cause touch the sky is the most video i never see. Plz this is my view

  18. The MTV VMAs take a hard left to crazy town : International Black Women’s Film Festival Says:

    […] no one remember the 2006 MTV Europe Awards when Kanye felt he should’ve won the award because, you know, he spent, “…(O)ver a […]

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