Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead


Ha! Made you look. It’s only a snippet.

Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead (radio snippet)

You’ll notice it uses the same sample that was used in Thief’s Theme.

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147 Responses to “Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead”

  1. Big Filth a.k.a. Trill Ferrell b.k.a. The nicest MC in here for sure..AKA, "a little bit more cool, less dre" Says:

    smh @ eskay trying to downplay this nas joint, and divert our attention to another GAYME song cause he knows the nas single is hotter than the first jay single..

    Game got the hottest leaked joints so far..

    Nas doesnt have any wack leaked joints yet..

    Jay got one WACK one, and 2, just ok’s,
    “thats a one hot song every 3 leak average and thats so LAAaaaaaaMMMeeeeee!!!!”

    say it with me now, Jay Lost..

  2. Real.Talk. 8x Platinum Says:

    # MR. MEEN Says:
    October 29th, 2006 at 3:18 am

    what up everyone im drunk…what up eskay

    ^lmfao at the image of meen staggering in an still logging on to say wassup!!

    thats that nahright love right durr,haha

  3. D. Billz Says:

    ^ How many times does Tru Life switch his fitted position? Ha. Shoutouts to manz Shawn Lee (Duepayers) who reps The Lowa too.

    Btw, top of the mornin’, crumbs.

  4. D. Billz Says:

    That Nas track is fire. Lol @ bettin’ the DJ’s feel salty about that “load up the AK” line. Fuck ’em. It needed to be said and of course we can count on God’s Son to be the first to say somethin’.

    That Game “Compton” track is a banger. I don’t know why yall keep shittin’ on Will and the BEP’s. Yeah, they used to be a nuisance to me too. But lets not forget that those mofos are straight outta East L.A. aka Vato Vill. When they gettin’ in fights and shit, it aint because they’re tryin’ to prove somethin’. It’s because they actually grew up around that kinda environment.

    Btw, I like how he flipped that sample that was also used for De La’s “Stakes Is High”. One of the best samples ever.

  5. D. Billz Says:

    Oh yeah, for the record Kardinall is one of the illest lyricists bar none. I copped his debut a few months ago (yeah, I know… dumb late) and that shit was highly slept on (at least in the U.S.). Bakardi Slang was just some pop radio shit compared to the rest of the album. And his version of Maxine is CRRRRRAZY. Also, after watchin’ that Hov and Kardi clip, don’t be surprised if he ends on Roc La Familia. True story.

    By the way… Klo and Cali… what’s up some with some reggae joints chief? Yall got somethin’ against dancehall? LOL

  6. D. Billz Says:

    Damn… I must be really makin’ up for lost time. I’m 4 posts deep with no one else talkin’… gettin’ my Nation on.

    Let me eat some Cheerios.

  7. Real.Talk. 8x Platinum Says:


    ^lol, take away that roc chain an i could of sworn i was watching capo…

  8. Malik Says:


  9. Monkey Says:

    thank me later

  10. Malik Says:

    “this is like serius jones against curios jones”

  11. fdsfh Says:

    I agree this sounds like the roots; which only means that I love it. If “little homie” is going to be the savior of hip-hop, this snippet has captured my imagination.

    hip-hop is dead! long live hip-hop!

  12. D. Billz Says:

    Monkey… What the hell was that? R. Kelly, the Jihad mix? You need yo’ ass beat (c) Tony Roberts

  13. D. Billz Says:

    “this is like serius jones against curios jones”

    ^ It’s a new Serius Jones battle I don’t know about?

    Btw, King Me = Underground Album of the Year

  14. Monkey Says:

    suck ma dick D

  15. D. Billz Says:

    >>suck ma dick D

    1. Link to homoesque sound clip

    2. Homo rebuttal

    2 Strikes.

    “Try again muddasucka”

  16. Sour D. Says:

    *wake and bake*

    *wonders why he’s so well slept at this hour*

    *realizes daylight savings is over*

    *keeps smoking*

  17. D. Billz Says:

    Sour D… What up chief (a reefa)?

  18. Monkey Says:

    lmao at bills only havin 2 posts on that site

  19. Monkey Says:

    and by the way that was indian oriened music, islam prohibits such nonsense

  20. Nasir Says:

    lmao at a newbie gettin at bills

  21. Sour D. Says:

    chillin billz. Whats good? Alien Club been dyin off without you here. i haven’t thought of an outrageously far fetched conspiracy in well over a month.

  22. D. Billz Says:

    Lets see… only 2 posts, madd props, plus a intro to the world via a Nahright thread (what up Es).

    You? A gay ass sound bite to a R. Kelly beat with a man yodeling in a another language.

    D. Billz – 1

    Monkey – 0

  23. Real.Talk. 8x Platinum Says:

    okay now im happy…just downloaded jim’s new album!!


    a g!? i’ll ride wit u for free (c) capo

  24. Sour D. Says:

    *Looks for breakfast*

    Lucky Charms, No Milk

    Eggo’s, No Syrup

    Eggs, No Ketchup

    Tea, No Sugar

    Ya’ll aint neva got two things that go together. (c) Smokie (Friday)

  25. D. Billz Says:

    Sour D… Aint shit fam. I’ve been outta the loop too on that conspiracy tip. But I’m back in my books so you know I’ll have some off the wall analysis posted soon.

    Nasir… Better get ya boy, lol.

    “and by the way that was indian oriened music, islam prohibits such nonsense”

    ^ They should beat ya ass IN the masjid for that link.

  26. D. Billz Says:

    a g!? i’ll ride wit u for free (c) capo

    ^ Smh @ Jim swackin’ RD lines. A Memphis Bleek one at that.

  27. D. Billz Says:

    Lol @ Sour D. Sounds like a trip to Pathmark is a must.

  28. iLL Change Says:

    >> ^ Smh @ Jim swackin’ RD lines. A Memphis Bleek one at that.

    Jay wrote Bleek’s verse on that shit

  29. Nasir Says:

    fuckouttahea monkey u dumbass cracka

  30. D. Billz Says:

    Jay wrote Bleek’s verse on that shit

    ^ I know. It was originally meant for Shyheim, who is official Milk Carton status. But I copped his first album when it dropped. And I used to bump this joint ALL the time:

  31. LL(not the rappa) Says:

    I see nation was the only one that appreciated my jay-z link in the downunder.

  32. nick Says:

    anybody recognize a sample from the same song on game’s ‘ride or die’ off g unit radio 8?

  33. nick Says:

    check that…g unit radio 5

  34. nation of moderation Says:

    LL, don’t get it twisted, i appreaciate your existence too

    >> Smh @ Jim swackin’ RD lines

    we don’t test drive, we buy the whole whip like you should (c) jimmy on pin the tail… SMH

  35. kashmir Says:

    You’ve just earned yourself a retard pass, it expires when Joe Budden’s album releases.

  36. nick Says:

    just in case anybody wanted

  37. SL >> Says:

    This Nas shit is pretty official. Sounds like he found his illmatic flow again. I’m more excited for this to drop than the Jay record. Although Lost ones did go a long way towards restoring my faith…

  38. asdfasdf Says:


  39. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    A Yo You Right The Hip Hop is Dead Wit Out the Real & Best Ni@@a Alive. Nas Yo You Need To Make Comeback Like Jay-Z. Yo all want To Say Is Stay Wit God the Best Thing Ever. Yo F*ck What Does other Niggas Say. Stay Wit God & Your wife Kelis,Daughter & Family Yo Peace Nastradamus. one More Thing Where’s Your Crew Bravehearts.

    To: My Boy Nas

    Form: Anthony Charles Aka Antman

  40. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    Nas and Nas They ain’t No Best Luv U Dog. Stay Wit Christ.

    do Ya’ll Analye This Nas Came Before Jay-Z.

  41. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    Nas Forget Ice Cube You Should Go To church At Tampa, Florida Without Walls. My Pasters are Bishop Randy & Paula white. Ice Cube Ni@@a NEEDS BAD! To Stay Acting Because Yo This Ni@@a’s Wack & Garbabe.

  42. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    You Started The Rap Game When I Was A Baby I’m 13 Years Old.

  43. Hiphop Says:

    nas hands down….the greatest rapper alive…

  44. digitalpistol Says:

    incredible bongo band

  45. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    Nas On The New Album Hip Hop Is Dead Should Be About All These Fake Hip Hop Artist & About Gospel & Christion That Straight Peace God’s Son

  46. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    Nas You Should Have One Gospel Artist And Rest Kelis & Other hip hop Artist kirk franklin Is a gospel Artist

  47. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    You Should Make Hip Hop Is Dead In 2007. Call Me We Can Hook My Favorite Rapper Nas (813)-484-6630 my number

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