Daily Headlines 10-27-06

Snoop arrested again at the airport. Ok, two things. First off, how is it that Snoop is not on some no-fly list? Second of all, why is he still flying commecial after like 13 years in the game?

Prodigy and Alchemist arrested on weapons charges

Proof’s shooter sentenced to time served and fined $2000.

NFL Players Shooting Jump Shots During Games? Blame Jim Jones 

The New York Times looks at Jay’s advertising campaign with TNT and his role as part owner of the Nets. Meanwhile, Jay cops Bey a Basquiat.

The Daily News has some quotes from Jay from the upcoming issue of XXL: "If [an artist] fails, you did it. If they succeed, they did it"

Will Smith wants a piece of the Sixers.

Philly is about to ban Phillies 

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74 Responses to “Daily Headlines 10-27-06”

  1. eskay Says:

    >>LOL…yo, this nigga can’t be serious! You wanna see the track listing?

    eh, I’m good

    check this bullshit out:




  3. MR. MEEN Says:

    Yessir…wire marathon tonite after the club

  4. MR. MEEN Says:

    search for azeurus on the site it will come up.



  6. KLO Says:

    Joey Fingaz presents Ray Cash- Clangin & Swangin


  7. KLO Says:

    Beastie Boys & DJ Green Lantern – NY State of Mind


  8. Mac Brown Says:

    Yo brown what part of h town you rep?

    ^^from southpark………now though I got a place in the burbs

  9. KLO Says:

    DJ Whoo Kid And DJ Noodles-Welcome To Shadyville


  10. eskay Says:

    damn man, it’s turning back into the 90’s in NY


    “take it back to the early 90’s when I wasn’t pearly and shiny, it was certainly grimey”

  11. iceberg slimm aka press play Says:

    snoop doin a good job at promoting his new album

  12. KLO Says:

    if ya’ll cared to see this…

    Bang Em Smurf Live From Sing Sing The Real Story About the 50 Cent Beef


    Domination Segment*The Real Story About the 50 Cent Beef


  13. QDotSmith Says:

    wait wait wait

    whats good on the blunt tip though…i cant use the tinyurl game at the plantaion… sounds like a crisis

  14. green eyes Says:

    KLO Says:

    October 27th, 2006 at 11:44 am
    Joey Fingaz presents Ray Cash- Clangin & Swangin


    ^^ fucking rar files. i cant open these

  15. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    landLORD Says:

    October 27th, 2006 at 11:31 am
    … JayZ may be GOAt MC, but he is a certified sucker for love … a couple mil for a painting ?!? … and she aint wifey yet ?!?… no babies for dude yet ?!? … she got loot, let her buy her own Basquiat … she’s a survivor aint she ?!? … Bey must got that vicious brain game jumpin’ off … she deep in the big homey’s pockets … Nas won … Kelis will fuck for $20.00 and a pack of Newports … Jay is a certified trick … i wonder what BKnowles ever bought him …

    … JayZ = Oprah Winfrey …
    … Beyonce = Stedman Graham …

    **You know? Plus, Bey doesnt’ seem like the type who would even appreciate a Basquiat original- she’d probably rather have a Pretty Ricky poster or some shit

  16. 911 Says:

    damn jailtime for upping files huh Es……that’s some gay shit.

  17. KLO Says:

    green eyes Says:

    October 27th, 2006 at 12:18 pm
    KLO Says:

    October 27th, 2006 at 11:44 am
    Joey Fingaz presents Ray Cash- Clangin & Swangin


    ^^ fucking rar files. i cant open these

    ^^^^ Ma download WinRAR that will open any RAR file

  18. Game Over Says:

    beyonce is rich on her own. stedman’s solo income hardly compares to b’s.

    and did anyone notice that prodigy got released on $7500 bail while Al got released on his own recognizance? is that the regular thing in NYC, that the driver (or party allegedly seen hiding the contraband) gets bail while the other allegedly non-holding parties in the car don’t get bail? or is it a brown paper bag test for bail in NYC? LOL.

  19. tip Says:

    i u ban phillies, cigars, and rolling papers…b/c of its relation to substance abuse… go ahead and ban CIGARETTES and alcohol (they also kill). naw they wouldn’t do that the gov makes too much money from the sales.

    fucking partisan gov will never truely do anything for the well being of all, only whats good for it.

  20. nick Says:

    “what the hell is this nigga doing wit a .22 isn’t that a lil ass gun that girls carry in they purse”

    word, thats the 2nd time he got caught with a .22, i was thinkin the same shit…haha wheres some aks or macs

    speakin on that, anybody know who the mystery ‘southern rapper’ is on allhiphop rumor mill that supposedly got slapped around then held up with some heavy fire power?

  21. KAH Says:

    That’s why Philly is the way it is, the politicians are fuckin’ idiots. Heads will just go to Camden, North Jersey, New York, Delaware and buy blunts all kinds all flavors. Blunts will just be sold with the trees, another come up.

    Don’t forget the Dutches.

    Just like at the spot, “Let me get a half-P and a box of Ls”.

    It’s over, this shit will never stop, save who you can and get the fuck outa’ dodge.

    Get money with your close friends and family; build developments and gated communities that you can protect and raise your children safely.

    At the lye spots I got credit, can run em’ down in alphabetical order, it sort a pathetic © blackthought

  22. KingML Says:

    BTW they only made Prodigy pay bail cause he’s black, that’s why Alchemist was let go for nothin, fuckin white kids.

  23. H Bonnie Says:

    I hold my own cannon and shoot just as fast
    Move with select few
    Dont fuck with lil dude
    Or little pistols
    Strictly the big Ru’s
    Cause deuce-deuce’s is only good for hiding
    I need big firepower when I’m riding
    52 shot clips
    You pop lips, Silence
    And i dont stop dumping till i hear sirens

  24. bear Says:

    Even when you fly on a private plane you’re still inspected by security, and burbank services private flights.

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