Fat Joe: I Never Stole From Pun


HHNLive has a new Fat Joe interview up. In it he addresses his and Remy’s album flops, his non-relationship with Cuban Link, and most importantly, the allegations that he left Pun’s family high and dry after his untimely demise in 2000:

I ain’t never stole from none of my artists. If anything, they owe me money. You know what I’m sayin’? I put niggas on. I take niggas from not havin’ nothin’ to bein’ rich millionaires. Niggas got a million cars and all that. How could I steal from them? Wit’ his family, you know, the niggas was rich before he died. Then he died and they told me, "Yo, we spent that money unwisely.." Then I went and got them way more paper, no disrespect to you, than you’ll ever see in your life. I got ’em rich money. Not shorts, I got these niggas rich. Alright, your man is dead, cool and everything, aight, let’s go get you some real money. So we did "Endangered Species". All the money I was supposed to make, all of the money he was supposed to make, we took that whole budget and gave it to his wife and his kids and that was like, crazy dough, my nigga. Real shit. So I gave them all the money from that shit, anything that was comin’ in from publishing, everything was goin’ to his wife and kids.

He also talks about how Weezy is the best rapper doing it right now, North or South, and how nobody in the streets is feeling G-Unit anymore.

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403 Responses to “Fat Joe: I Never Stole From Pun”

  1. official realest Says:

    fat joe wants to go where the money and new styles are he sweatin lil wayne cause he making power moves as ceo of cash money , joe is sweatin to get on with anybody cause his lil team neversquad sucks. hes always trying to be down with niggas !! in the bronx he was sweatin the real pistol pete rollack of smm , and show biz , b.o. he was a suck up to real dudes , a wannabee nothing has changed with this meda.

  2. ebz Says:

    90% of anything before Pun died that came out of Fat Joe’s ugly lips he didn’t write.

  3. realmatic Says:

    I’m just sick of hearing Fat Joe saying the N-word.

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