Cuddlin’ With His Daddy


“That’s my life, that’s my love, that’s my thing right there. That’s my little son and I love him to death.” – Baby

The Wayne/Baby kiss picture. I first saw it late last night when alot of you kids were tucked into bed, dreaming about a Nas leak or a Shareefa nipple slip or whatever other sick fantasies occupy your twisted little minds during the wee hours. I drafted a post about it and everything, but at the last minute I backed out. I knew that the odds that this was the work of some Photoshop geek were pretty high, plus man on man make out shots don’t exactly fit into the editorial scope of this site.

I’m only posting it now as supporting illustration to the following audio file, which is of an interview Baby did with Uptown Angela of Q93 in the N.O. earlier today. At about the 5:20 mark, she asks him about the picture. He doesn’t deny the photo’s authenticity or that he has ever kissed Wayne on the lips. Instead he professes his love for young Dwayne Carter, and basically says that if we don’t understand it, that’s our problem and he doesn’t have time for ‘haters.’ (No Mark Foley on this entire post.)

Baby interview on Q93 (mp3)

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322 Responses to “Cuddlin’ With His Daddy”

  1. Sweety Says:

    wat dis bout 50 & da game homo thang? Holla @ me wats goin down!!!!???

  2. young vick Says:


  3. J.L Says:


  4. Shaggy Says:

    why does it matter so much that they share a kiss sometimes???? for real i respect them so much more now than i did before because they were real when confronted with the photo- they said in essence “who give a fuck what people think? we love each other and we choose to physically demonstrate that love also.” they didn’t deny it, they were real and admitted their love

  5. tavis7g Says:

    I don’t know if I would ever kiss my biological dad on the lips and he raised me but different folks-different srokes. Lil’ Wayne went from a very young teen dope peddler to making millions in the hip-hop industry with Tha then almost thirty Bird Man. I can imagine the big brother/lil’ botherly-father/son sponsorship and affection. What have other straight males been doing wrong not to have arrived at such peacful, loving, unity. I’m not saying that Tupac and Biggie would have been proud to see such an event but more women are already that mature amongst each other.

  6. J.L Says:

    yess..see, other people dun’t understand that..they acting like if their hard..i noe if ur father would want to kiss u, u would wanna show him bac the love. (NO HOMO)

  7. Cache Says:

    wel they said thats wat the black mob do that so but wezzy is not Gay if that wat he want to do let him . he said it dont matter because every 1 want to kiss him even i wood lik to kiss him

  8. J.L Says:

    and youu u noe wats a sad thing..?..if lil wayne doesn’t shouldn’t either!

  9. Shay Says:

    it dont even matter just because he kissed his daddy dont mean he gay so damn get off his back yall hoes who ever hate on my man is some hoes next yall fuckin face gone be kissin my fist bitches holla at yo gurl i love you lil wayne holla at me baby i m down

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  11. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    “that’s some GAY-ASS SHIT!”

    -young buck

  12. "THE TRUTH" Says:


    JUST READ……………….

    “Dwayne Michael Carter Jr was born an only child (now has a younger brother) in the poverty-stricken and crime-ridden Hollygrove section of New Orleans, Louisiana, which is part of the 17th Ward. His biological father left him when he was an infant, and until the age of sixteen, Reginald “Rabbit” Carter was his stepfather”

    “On October 31 2006, Wayne released an album with his mentor Baby: Like Father, Like Son. Many confuse Baby as Wayne’s birth father, but this is not true, as evidenced by Wayne’s singles “Everything” (from Lights Out), and a song on Like Father, Like Son, where Wayne says “My dad died when I was 16.”



  13. BigPunRemix Says:

    dude yall is taking this out of charecter.. these dudes is father and son!!!!!!!!!!!! have you guys ever kissed your dad before!!!!!!!!!! he not a hmom or nothin thats his dad he been there for him sence he was a young shorty believe dat.. fall back to the haterz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hmmmm Says:

    If you zoom in close, I think you can see some glitter lip gloss….Bling Bling….haha

  15. J.L Says:

    u guys are SOO gett off hiss in the world is he “gay” if he talkin’ to Solange Knowles..think bout itt..u idiots!! FALL the eff BAC!

  16. Suga Nana Says:

    Ya’ll are some dumb ass n*ggas. The kiss was a “black variation” of Mafia affection. Ya’ll dumbass n*ggas dont know wut da f*ck ya’ll talkin bout. Ya’ll need to lay the f*ck back!

  17. baalpeteor Says:

    i got pics of baby fuckin weezy… and turning him into a junior LOL

  18. baalpeteor Says:

    i got pics of baby fuckin weezy… and turning him into a junior LOL

    why u think his name is weezy F. baby? weezy fucks baby!

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  20. dockevoc Says:

    still gay after alllllllll these years

  21. Mr.Londoner Says:


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