Daily Headlines 10-24-06

Foxy was sentenced to 3 years probation this morning for slapping around 2 nail salon workers.

A judge throws out a weapons charge in Busta’s assault case.  

Jacob The Jeweler seeks to have his money laundering trial moved from Detroit to New York. 

Ras Kass responds to the Crocodile Hunter’s manager.

Don’t expect anymore jailhouse videos from C-Murder.  

Russell heads to Africa

Jay will not be scrapping it out with the riff raff in Def Jam Icon, the 3rd installment in the labels series of fighting games from EA Sports.

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271 Responses to “Daily Headlines 10-24-06”

  1. Paperstacker Says:
  2. Two-Times Says:

    @ill change

    Slim Thug lost. Pharrell lost.

    That’s true… I don’t know why Slim Thug picked Pharrel for his first commerical release.. He doesn’t sound right on Neps beats (and those beats are kinda getting played out).. Bad decision he should have used down-south beats and he would have popped off like Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire (all people he came up around & from Swisha House)

  3. Paperstacker Says:





  5. Two-Times Says:

    Later BIGGS…

  6. iLL Change Says:

    >> ^^ memo to C-muder:
    step one: change name
    step two: stop shooting people

    actually, he changed his name to C-Miller (based on his gov’t) when he got locked, but everyone still calls his C-Murder. it’s like how Baby tried to change his name to Birdman, but no one cares.

    and he’s sayin’ he didnt shoot that dude, but you never know.

  7. iLL Change Says:

    peace Biggs

  8. Two-Times Says:


    Benzino & Dave Mays = BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE

  9. eskay Says:

    Murder 2 > C-Murder

  10. green eyes Says:

    and he’s sayin’ he didnt shoot that dude, but you never know.

    ^^ lol– love how you point out that “that” particular dude he didnt shoot.. you trying to says he stays shooting others?

    i kid. his whole situation is fucked up though. the whole no limit thing tanked big time.. bet no one would have ever thunk in ’97-98 P would be”dancing with the stars” or lil romeo would be he biggest miller name in entertainment

  11. hip hop cops Says:

    corn dogs > hot dogs

  12. Malik Says:

    Kim Orsio can get it

  13. Paperstacker Says:

    Im out for now…1

  14. green eyes Says:

    yeah me too

  15. iLL Change Says:

    mr. me too

  16. game inchoate Says:

    we dip it

  17. spotrusherz aka light up the broccoli son Says:

    hold up let me ask you dudes talking about lupe something real quick

    have you ever seen the video to grandmaster flash’s the message?

    if so, drop your thoughts.

    if not, you have no say in anything concerning hip hop in the first place.

  18. eskay Says:

    I asked them something similar spot, but I think I used Bambatta’s Planet Rock as an example. these niggas aint’ hip hop anyway, so whatchu expect.

  19. hip hop cops Says:

    i think if anything its really suspect to be worrying about another dude’s image/style of dress/etc. i listen to plenty of rock and i couldn’t pick those dudes out of a lineup if i had to; doesn’t anyone actually listen to the music anymore

  20. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    co-sign the last 3 posts. motherfuckers hating on music cause of what they wear shit why do we let andre 3000 get away with the shit he rocks.

    grandmaster flash and bambatta both great examples so lupe haters what you think about them ? were they hip-hop stupids ?

  21. Sour D. Says:

    damn, mafuckas still eyein lupe up and down huh? guess they got bored analyzin jays looks. next mafuckas gonna be bashin dudes for havin a wack manicure. shit is realy corny.

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