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Video: The Game – Let’s Ride

Another case of a video making a song sound better to me. Funny how that works. When it comes to the cd this will still be a skipper though…

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79 Responses to “Video: The Game – Let’s Ride”

  1. The Truth... Says:

    holla….can’t believe this!

  2. MR. MEEN Says:


  3. MR. MEEN Says:

    and heroes is ok sour d

  4. icon (Trillbert Arenas) Says:

    Damn, Game reminds me of Dre on this…i never connected that fact until the vid

  5. Caliber Says:

    ..no doubt nation..i knew would like that hov joint

  6. nation of moderation Says:

    i was just cleaning up my itunes, realised i had like 3 versions of this song… i heard a dj say this was the official single, so i was like where the fuck is the video

    coincidence? no such thing as a coincidence (c)dbillzness

  7. jay Says:

    better then a lot of bullshit ive been seein

  8. Roc_Representa Says:

    Anyone actually think that this Game album is going to be the classic that he keeps saying it is?

  9. nick Says:

    he needs to stop shoutin out dre and aftermath…youre big now, no need to name drop like the first album…haha especially ppl that dont rock with you no more

    for months he kept sayin dre this, dre that about his new album and a few weeks ago finally admitting hes not on the album, some weird shit

  10. nation of moderation Says:

    uncensored version of show me what you got and unfunkmasterflexed version of kingdom come are fire

    oh and smh @ ray cash being on a jay-z song

  11. jaws Says:

    game soundin like lloyd banks when he falls asleep on the hook. if you cant see the video, it comes off as a skipper.

  12. jaws Says:

    oh by the way, on the first verse he says hes not with aftermath no more, but then on the next verse, he says if you mess with busta, eve, or dre he gon get at you.

  13. nation of moderation Says:

    there’s something wrong about the beat. there’s something that he could lose. wtv this song is not touchign how we do… i find his style to be, still, very 50 cent. except 50 cent just remembered that he could rhyme everythign with flow and dough…

  14. GET Says:

    Is that Dre rapping and 50 singing the hook.

  15. GET Says:

    None of singles that have dropped are fucking with what came off The Documentary (How we Do, Hate em or love em, Dreams)

  16. nation of moderation Says:

    ^ westside story, put you on the game …

  17. nation of moderation Says:

    *sees interesting ads*
    *decides to help out the big homey*
    *clicks kickfinder*
    *clicks mixtape site*
    *clicks wickedly chic*

    wait wtf… wickedly chic… smh

  18. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    no one’s feelin this at all?

    first, if you even bothered pressing play you already KNOW that he’s gonna drop some names so why even talk about it? thats just what he does, i dont find it annoying really but to each his own.

    this is a laid back track, i feel it, it has a real LA sounding vibe to it.

    es is right, the video definately makes it more likeable (a video doing what its supposed to).

    game is a decent rapper, his rhymes arent all that complex on this track but it is a single.

  19. Shanti Says:

    this song is smooth. i’m feeling it.

  20. nick Says:

    i dont think this song is horrible, its alright, i liked one blood a little more…game is a pretty good rapper in general, but i dont think he is at all what he claims to be, all his weird lying, tattoo and game show shit, not a good look – about his tear drop tattoo – “they say its from either being in jail or killing a person…and i aint never been to jail”

    haha i mean i know he drops names like its his job, but at first i thought it was because he was a new rapper and still trying to establish credability…but now its like he is still tryin to stay linked to dre/aftermath

    is it just me or is nj devil not that good of a producer? (i dont know if he produced this track or not, pretty sure he did one blood though)

  21. Caliber Says:

    u think he gonna move units w/ this single? i was jus having this convo w/ my barber today…

  22. esaray Says:

    its not a bad song, its chill
    i like the ‘baby its a g-thing, bounce like you got hydralics in your g-string’ line..

  23. BronxRap.com Says:

    That Shit was kinda hard

  24. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    nu jersey didnt produce either this or one blood

  25. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    nu jersey is his mix dj and he will blend tracks on occasion. i dont think he will have one beat on doctors advocate..

  26. Paperstacker Says:

    This shit is nice, but the documentry was a classic and he will have a sophomore slump just like Banks album.

    *waits till some 50 cent stan bitchs start hating on game by claiming hes a stripper or some other gay shit*

    These things were never proven, dont know why they always on haters minds.

    As far as i know game knocked rass cass out..

  27. nation of moderation Says:

    mick boogie fixed these lame beyonce songs real nice

  28. spanish jay Says:

    i got that same sweater

  29. Paperstacker Says:

    There are some faggots here who talk shit about alot of rappers not having cred or being fake but these same niggas wouldnt stand up to them and talk shit or beat them in a 1on1 fight.. so what does that say?…That they more puss than the rappers they claim aint put in no work or do shit.. Pathetic aint it.

  30. Shanti Says:

    didn’t someone say something about dre 3000 on the walk it out remix? anybody got that?

    *walks it out while waiting for a response*

  31. Shanti Says:

    nevermind found it

  32. MR. MEEN Says:

    didn’t someone say something about dre 3000 on the walk it out remix? anybody got that?

    *walks it out while waiting for a response*

    sounds fanciful….

  33. MR. MEEN Says:

    nevermind found it

    word? Dre on walk it out can you up it?

    *two steps the time away*

  34. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    SOOOO…. what WAS on kenny roger’s hand last night… and in the other 2 games he’s pitched this postseason???


  35. Shanti Says:

    here u go meen


  36. Shanti Says:

    # Shanti Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 23rd, 2006 at 11:29 pm

    here u go meen

    http : / /tinyurl . com / 18r

  37. Shanti Says:

    for some reason the one above didn’t work when i tried to tinyurl it

    http : / /www . sendspace . com /file/n8e1i5

  38. iLL Change Says:

    i’m kinda feelin’ this shit. his next cd gonna be a banger from what i been hearin’.

    when i first heard this joint tho, i was thinkin’ the video would be cool if he was ridin’ around in the `64 at nite thru LA, not at at a barbeque in the middle of the day. whatever tho, video is decent.

    and is it just me, or do the clips when Game’s rappin’ solo wit the BWS hoody on look alot like T.I. in his “What You Know” video when he was rappin’ solo wit the black hoody and bandana?

    i see Snoop made a cameo in the vid…

    “remember that Dre?
    you passed me the torch and i lit the blunt wit it
    now the whole world is my ash tray”

    ^ hot line

    and why is his album still called The Doctor’s Advocate, after he already said Dre wasnt on it? if Dre isnt involved in the cd, what is Game advocating for him?

    i’m S.P. ghost. 1

  39. nation of moderation Says:

    that andre 3000 song is mad young jeezy, like made for him…

    *continues to listen*
    *hears jimmy*

    yeah makes sense

  40. Shanti Says:

    and is it just me, or do the clips when Game’s rappin’ solo wit the BWS hoody on look alot like T.I. in his “What You Know” video when he was rappin’ solo wit the black hoody and bandana?

    ^^i was thinkin the same thing but didn’t want to say anything because no one takes my comments serious when i mention my boyfri…oops i mean TIP

  41. MR. MEEN Says:

    Thanks shanti but what the hell is andre doin on this track?

  42. MR. MEEN Says:

    thanks shanti this nigga is killin it

  43. Paperstacker Says:

    Why the fuck is Andre rapping like Fonsworth Bentley?? That shit is wack.. But good looking Shanti for hooking us up 1.

  44. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    shanti.. tip is so small. he probably weighs like 150. seriously. you like em like that??

  45. Shanti Says:

    @ mr. meen

    i know what he’s not doing. riding the fuckin beat. smh @ dre. his ass decides to finally spit another verse and not only does he choose walk it out but he spits a wack ass verse. he obviously doesn’t want to rap anymore. we get it now dre.

  46. Two-Times Says:

    Game’s crazy.. Busta ain’t down with him

  47. Paperstacker Says:

    Andre fell off like 10 years ago. smh.

  48. Shanti Says:

    @ yaboy

    nah not usually. its just something about that cliff. i think its his smile. i’m a sucker for a dude with a really nice smile.

  49. MR. MEEN Says:

    i dunno shanti he may not stay on all through but yall niggas dont want me im like jury duty is sick….and you aint hear him on hollywood divorce? sheeeet like senator davis

  50. Two-Times Says:

    Busta aint down with Game.. Nah nope, nope

  51. Shanti Says:

    @ mr. meen

    i like when he said your white tee looked to me like a night gown…

    that’s just cause i hate long ass white tees.

    i think i had a lil rant on here about that one day.

    anyway dre sounds like he spit this without listening to the beat or even the original version of the song.

    i love dre 3000 but his verse was very sub-par here. as far as hollywood divorce i felt like he was spitting on that.

  52. MR. MEEN Says:

    Andre fell off like 10 years ago. smh.

    SMH niggas is out they mind ten years ago this dude dropped ATLIENS? and thats falling off I swear today has been negro please day on this site.

    like the boy said….Bored, kind of like a night with the sword
    Without dragon to battle so I’m running from a shadow

  53. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    Two-Times Says:

    October 24th, 2006 at 12:06 am
    Busta aint down with Game.. Nah nope, nope

    ^ OK hip hop enquirer.

  54. Shanti Says:

    Andre fell off like 10 years ago. smh.

    ^^yeah that was an exaggeration. i think paperchaser is just in the mood to talk shit lol.

  55. MR. MEEN Says:


    I think he just said what he wanted to say and wasnt worried about what walking it out is about. I guess I dont mind cuz he nice

  56. Two-Times Says:


    Nah man… Busta is down/signed with Violator and throughout his whole career he has let that be known. He refers to them as family and actually said in an interview that’s when he got pissed when Ja started calling out Violator (Chris Lighty and James Cruz)…

    Game and Busta used to real tight but then Game started talking all crazy talk shit and got on DVD and talked shit about Cruz/Violator, Busta doesn’t fuck with him anymore..

  57. nation of moderation Says:

    dame dash

  58. Paperstacker Says:

    lol, MR meen, calm down homie. I was exaggerating, simply saying since them days currently Andre’s work has fallen off, back then I use to call him one of the best lyricists in the game. Big Boi is serious on the mic too.

  59. 911 Says:

    Game knows controversy sells and I guess we’ll see in a few weeks if he’s right now won’t we…..*willing 2 bet just about whatever he goes gold bare minimum in his first week*…..I always thought 3000 was an introspective type so alot of what he says is new era {c} baseball cap……above nigs heads………………1

  60. EnglandRepresent Says:

    This is pretty tight, this would get play in the ride no doubt. I’m hopin Game can come with somethin on this joint…..

    Flyin Down Under in 3 days…next stop Roc The Block with Nahright’s favourite bum chum, Sean Carter….

  61. AutoFill Says:

    This right here is crazy Game finna sell hella records

  62. fdsfh Says:

    prediction: game will 250-300k first week. a real controversy can add or subtract 100k.

    his videos so far are cool.

  63. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    prediction: 450 first week, 1.5 overall

  64. diplomatic Says:

    its aight, i like the beat until it switches up for the hook. but its cool

  65. ProbleMatic aka Furiou$tylez...So Chicago Says:

    i have a couple of questions….

    1…where the fuck is Nate Dogg? this nigga aint done a hook in years…

    second, why is Game signin the hook to this song?

    3rd, he fixed his shit to say “the aftermath chain is gone” but of course left in him sucking everybody on aftermaths dick from em to even eve…

    this niggas pleas for acceptence are pitiful…matter of fact, that niggas pitiful

  66. ben Says:

    prediction 600k first week why? because his got to much hype atm and every one is waiting for that album to drop even if its shit or good..

  67. Casey Says:

    The Game is overrated. The Documentary really wasn’t that good, but it sold off of hype and 50’s co-signing. I mean seriously, no song that came off of his debut was a classic. This new CD will be garbage too. This jig is crazy saying that other rappers, Jay Z included, need to fall back. Is he serious?

  68. AutoFill Says:

    minimum of 500 copies first week

  69. Oldstan Says:

    what yall cryin about? GAME told us he can do it without the help from dre and 50 cent well here is the proof!!! exactly the same like documentary!! so it is cool. :)

  70. TheSlapOfTruth Says:

    yall cant front no more…besides all the hate and support and bullshit thats going on…yall are rooting for that nigga game…ima be at the record store 10 in the morning copping that shit, say what u want…game knows how to feel out and beat and give u the vibe u want, from gangsta shit like one blood, to zoning out groove shit like lets ride. everybodys checking for game, he on snoops album, fatjoes album, even nas’s album! and nas dont put nobody on his albums except bravehearts and az to spit rhymes…yall dont get that…this nucca is nice!

    the slap of truth

  71. chelle216 Says:

    sucks all the way. why does he keep tryin to look mad all the damn time that shit is corny

  72. Rathbone Says:


  73. Mr. Me Too Says:

    I thought this was a dre track when I heard it on the radio. Games does sound a lot like dre in this song. Holla back.

  74. Mr. Me Too Says:

    50 Cent shoutting G-unit in every one of his song. Game shoutting dre and aftermath because that’s what sells. If game was still on GUNIT, you can bet he will shout out Gunit at every chance he get.

  75. philosoph Says:

    this is the hottest shit of 2006, period. best shit ive heard in awhile. the only shit that has come remotely close to this this year was “shoulder lean”.

    anyways, documentary is gunna be the hottest album of 2006 without a doubt, prediction 800k first week. COP THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Game Over Says:

    50 Cent owns G-Unit Records. It makes sense for 50 to yell out G-Unit. Game isn’t even on Aftermath any more, so name dropping Eve, Busta, and Dre is silly. I guess he’s hoping some of the industry groupies don’t notice he’s no longer with Dre and pick up his CD anyway due to the multiple Aftermath-related name drops. LOL.

  77. Deffness Says:

    Def…the best video out there…upgrades the song…Big Props GAME!!!
    Oh..by the way…name droping is not only promotional …is not like beacuse
    he’s not on the Math anymore…he got nothing to do with those people…
    regardless of the BS the “Hustler” is serving us with some good material
    so recognize the hard work and get on your own biz…if hating is what u’re bout!! Holla!!

  78. ben Says:

    very nice video and the song is fire..

  79. lintus one Says:


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