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EPMD @ B.B. King’s


Yessir. I wasn’t missing this no way no how.

epmd-backstage-t.jpg epmd-stage1-t.jpg

Me and my boy got there about 5 minutes past the time the doors were supposed to open at 11:00 and the line was halfway down the block. After standing out there for something like 45 minutes, the line started moving and we got inside relatively quickly. We’d been there for like 5 minutes when a quick little brawl broke out right next to us. Mr. Cee warmed up the room with a string of NY staples and eventually brought out Keith Murray. Keith tore it down like nobodys business, his energy is crazy and he brought it all on stage with him last night.

keith-murray-epmd-t.jpg epmd-stage-t.jpg

After a couple of false starts EPMD finally took the stage at like quarter to 2:00 or some ridiculous shit. By then I was feeling nice and I was amped up off the Keith performance, so I wasn’t even mad. They launched right into their classics in pretty much the same sequence as they appear on the Greatest Hits joint I’ve been riding around to all week in anticipation of this show: It’s My Thing, You Gots To Chill, Strictly Business. They were straight up EPMD, decked out in all black and controlling the stage like they never broke up. Good shit.

dj-scratch-epmd-t.jpg parrish-epmd-t.jpg

After maybe 5 or 6 songs, they brought out none other than Das EFX, which caused the entire venue to erupt as you can probably imagine it would. They did They Want Efx and Mic Checka and surprised the shit out of me by remembering all of their lyrics. After they were done Erick and Parrish took back over and rocked some of their second generation of hits. They also both spit a couple of brand new freestyles that were pretty hot.

You have to understand that alot of this shit is foggy to me because I was drunk and enjoying myself and not really worrying about relaying this shit on a blog the next day. So, at some point my boy Reggie Noble takes the stage and does what he does. He did Tonight’s Da Night and Time 4 Sum Aksion and topped it off with this fucking crazy stage dive before jumping back on stage and walking off somewhat abruptly. Did I mention Keith jumped in the crowd a couple of times? 

redman-epmd-t.jpg redman-stagedive-epmd-t.jpg

At some point they let DJ Scratch rock on the turntables, which was something I was looking forward to, and he absolutely killed it. Erick and Parrish eventually closed out the official part of the show with Headbanger which the crowd had been screaming for all night. Redman held it down with them and tore the whole building down when he spit his verse. At that point Red and Keith started doing Def Squad Delight, and a bunch of people started leaving thinking the show was over. I had actually started walking to the door too, but I turned back. Those people who left should kill themselves, because they missed a crazy Redman freestyle plus a couple of songs.

(Please excuse the hastiness of this rundown, I originally planned on just rattling off the highlights next to bullet points, but I decided to show some initiative.)

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64 Responses to “EPMD @ B.B. King’s”

  1. Shanti Says:


  2. 456 Says:

    whatup shanti.

  3. max Says:


  4. Shanti Says:

    whatup. i think. not even sure which 456 i’m talkin to. are u the nahright vet 456?

  5. 456 Says:

    yeah, who’s the imposter that’s been using my name?

  6. Shanti Says:

    i didn’t know there was an imposter until u said something about it in the last post. whatup though homie. its been a minute.

  7. nation of moderation Says:

    sunday night posts = crack

  8. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) i'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time Says:

    Redman = needs to get his album out, plus needs a new label.

  9. 456 Says:

    i wish i was at that epmd show. but i can’t complain really: i just came back from seeing jay in accra, ghana. the show was off the hook.

  10. 456 - string theory ponderin Says:

    what up nation.

  11. Shanti Says:

    @ 456

    damnnnn. i’m jealous.

  12. nation of moderation Says:

    >> and Kieth started doing

    typo, but it doesnt even matter

  13. nation of moderation Says:

    456 kill yourself

  14. 456 Says:


    yo. ghana gave jay so much love it was crazy. green lantern said it was the best show on the tour. it was my first time in ghana and i went around to some of the shanty towns -one was called ‘Brooklyn’, another one was called ‘Sodom and Gommorah’. cats is living hard.

    sidenote: beyonce was with him – she didn’t perform – but i seen her up close and chick is the truth. no make-up and fine as hell.

  15. 456 Says:

    nation of moderation Says:

    October 15th, 2006 at 11:01 pm
    456 kill yourself


  16. nation of moderation Says:

    for the jay concert

  17. Shanti Says:

    @ 456

    when i was in ghana i remember going to “sodom and gomorrah.” i went to a couple of other shanty towns too but i can’t remember any of the names. sodom and gomorrah sticks out in my memory. it was hard seeing some of the people live so hard. i remember i was eating ice cream and i basically only had the cone left and this lil kid came up and asked me if he could have it. broke my heart.

    i LOVE ghana though. i need to get back over there.

  18. 456 Says:

    nation you don’t know the half. i saw him again in capetown, south africa and he had 20,000 people -white, black, whatever -throwing up the diamond screaming ‘Hova’. Ten years ago Jay-Z wouldn’t have been allowed on the stage. his moms was there singing every lyric.

  19. 456 Says:


    i was feeling ghana too. it is so much more laid back than nigeria. it actually feels like the carribbean in a way.

  20. Pimpin Ken Says:

    i hope he pick deelishis

  21. Shanti Says:

    so i’m not the only one watchin FOL i see

  22. Shanti Says:

    haha he still didn’t pick new york

  23. Pimpin Ken Says:

    he picked deelishis aww shit he shitted on new york

  24. Pimpin Ken Says:

    he a petty bastard

  25. max Says:

    They both ugly…but that shit is funny

  26. max Says:

    deelishis’ grill > paul wall’s grill

  27. Pimpin Ken Says:

    man the reunion special is gonna be off the chain vh1 milk flav for everything he worth

  28. skeematics Says:

    thats dope…

  29. y_a_b_o_y Says:

    damn man flav shitted on her again.. that reunion shit looks crazy too, looks like some bitch jumps new york at the end.. haa.

    yo i heard new york got her own reality show outta that mess.

  30. Pimpin Ken Says:

    yo i heard new york got her own reality show outta that mess.

    >>she should, i dont even like ha ass but… DAMN you cant help but feel like a joke gettin dumped by flav twice

  31. G7 Says:

    This post is lovely!! Epmd, best duo chemistry ever! I have Business Never Personal in the car right now. Salute Esk!! Audi five thousand!!

  32. iceberg slim Says:


  33. iceberg slim Says:

    new york izs on that whitney houston diet

  34. Mongo Slade Says:

    i remember when eric sermon tried to kill himself. Said he got hit a a car. Bullshit. Glad to see him back.

  35. spanish jay Says:

    reggie noble? isnt he a rapper or something..whatever happened to him

  36. Six2Six Says:

    Britsh Wack dudes talkin ish to the game……thesew dudes are lame


  37. Paperstacker Says:

    lmao, thats Redman

    Whats really good Nahrighters?

  38. EnglandRepresent Says:

    What up Stacker?

    That show looked class Eskay you little fucker. I bet that Redman freestyle tore the joint down, now get that nigga Hov to release a fuckin Funk Doc album.

    Copped another Lifestyles of the Poor and Dangerous Big L joint again at the weekend, my ex chiefed my copy, thievin little hoe. That nigga = 5x > Jay Z

  39. Paperstacker Says:

    Nothing much nigga, shit good round here b. Yeah but real talk Big L is a beast on the mic, nigga is most def better than hov lyrically.

  40. ShockWave Says:

    Yeah mayne, that was some real Hip-Hop shit going on up in there that night complete with the mini-brawl that didn’t even need security to squash. Niggas was grapplin’ and scrappin’ they seperated themselves and just walked away.

    Keith Murray be talkin’ that weed shiite but that nigga is so amped I think he have a little mescaline or acid in him. He is that nigga to open a show because he just get wild from the gate. Red was off the meter too. You see how dude jumped up after he went bodysurfing in the crowd?

    All in all it was some real Hip-Hop shiite. I’m trying to see Redman and Raekwon at the show they are doing there in November.

  41. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Redman and Raekwon doin a joint together is whats really good. I’d sell niggas back into slavery to go see that joint.

    Raekwon + Redman concert most probably > Roc the Block concert

  42. NaSiR Says:


  43. Real.Talk. 8x Platinum a.k.a. Capo Status Says:

    zoop zoop!! morning pee-o-ple

    yo nation what was this about? —>>> sequoiacap.com/

    woulda prefered the bulletpoints – easier to skim through, sound like epmd still can rock a show tho

    i hate mondays (c) garfield

  44. khal Says:

    damn, sounds like an ill show. and to think, i was blasting “mic cheka” on friday for some random reason… looks like you enjoyed yourself. holla.

  45. Combat Jack Says:

    rough enuff to take new york from long island!

  46. iLL Change Says:


  47. G7 Says:

    Damn. The brothers from Brentwood and Ra gettin’ very little love up in here. To be at either one of those shows would have been off the meat rack!! DeafJam free Reggie you clueless fcuks!!!!!!!

  48. I only bump crooklyn Says:

    thats whats really good right there.

  49. landLORD Says:

    … what y’all know about Brentwood ?… asks the landLORD, graduate of Brentwood High (Ross Building)…
    “… Do you remember me from Noble St. chief ?…” (c) Biz Markie – The Vapors….

  50. tekwun Says:

    yo, i was there, that show was fuckin bananas…i loved the chemistry between e and parrish, it looked like they havent lost it since breaking up, i did not like the fact that i got spat on by das efx tho, i kno this is hip hop, but shit, dat was just some ol other shit, but it was a great show, definately what hip hop needs right now…..

  51. G7 Says:

    landLORD Says:

    October 16th, 2006 at 9:58 am
    … what y’all know about Brentwood ?… asks the landLORD, graduate of Brentwood High (Ross Building)…


    I don’t know anything bout Brentwood except for the fact that E&P are from there. That’s the one song I don’t have from them…”Brothers from Brentwood L.I.” It’s damn near impossible to find.

  52. green eyes Says:

    sounds like fun times

  53. G7 Says:

    Hit Squad was running tings in the early 90’s!

    “the era of EPMD” (c) Cormega

  54. spotrusherz aka light up the broccoli son Says:

    lol @ rakim, keith murray, reggie and epmd poppin up out of nowhere and still sounding fresher than most of you 80s crack babies thats supposed to be on top of your game right now. the new school lost.

  55. spotrusherz aka light up the broccoli son Says:

    you have to understand though, they aint never got their starter jackets or converse sneakers jacked how they gonna sound tight on the mic

  56. tekwun Says:

    I don’t know anything bout Brentwood except for the fact that E&P are from there. That’s the one song I don’t have from them…”Brothers from Brentwood L.I.” It’s damn near impossible to find.

    yo g7, that song is the b-side to cross over, gimme ur email address and ill email it to ya, i have it on vinyl….


  57. G7 Says:

    Thanks Tekwun. Yeah, I knew it was b-side for crossover. Hiphopsite used to have it a while back, but not anymore. the address is gdacres@hotmail.com.

  58. tekwun Says:

    aite bet

  59. Steve C. Says:

    Nahright Readers,

    Does anyone know where I can a fake “dookie chain” for a halloween party

  60. nation of moderation Says:

    60th = platinum

  61. thekid10705 Says:

    Awesome, please email a brother when you know such shows are going off in the NYC…..

  62. Poisonous Darts « trife life. Says:

    […] Nahright hat ein Review und Fotos von der EMPD-Reunion-Show. […]

  63. Angry Citizen Says:

    Hip-Hop Video Roundup: EPMD| Gangstarr | Pete Rock …

    EPMD – Strictly Business Floodwatch.com has a few EPMD Mp3’s over here. Nah Right was at EPMD’s recent NY reunion show. Click here for a review and photos. Gangstarr f/ Nice n Smooth – Dwyck Pete Rock CL Smooth -…

  64. pod Says:

    all the people who have seen the live.
    it s the joynt has been played?

    thanks mannnn

    epmd come on in italy

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