Jay-Z – Kingdom Come


Now this is more my speed.     

Jay-Z – Kingdom Come

After this post ya’ll might owe me a favor.

Update: Making of the track.  

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611 Responses to “Jay-Z – Kingdom Come”

  1. Salami Says:

    I’m confused, is KC or HHiD…N going to have the Nas/Jay collab?

    And the song is crack…stratch that…crystal meth

  2. luis Says:

    nah NIGGA, I dont owe you a favor you fag…….yo this beat is recycled….listen to it closely you fag! Do I need to remind you that “show me what you got” was a fucking song AND concept that jigga man STOLE/SWAGGA JACKED from Public Enemy?….YEAH I THOUGHT SO! DUD! Another dumb ass thread posted up by that fag esGay…..show and prove nigga c’mon!!!!

  3. Paperstacker Says:

    “whereareallthehaterz” fuck u half a homo ass nigga.

  4. Paperstacker Says:

    same goes to luis…

  5. FUCK JAYZ Says:


  6. tHa_cORe Says:

    All Haterz just jealous of Hova’s flow and success. Fuck Jay Z comon man make some since. His flow is the most Focus yo. He’s got the NY on his shoulders and AZ’s cd is gonna be fire. AZ most under rated rapper of all time. Watch out for that Pap nigga!!!!

  7. whereareallthehaterz Says:

    Paperstacker called me half a homo….LOL what a loser, ASK BOTH UR DADDY’S WHAT A WHOLE HOMO IS!!! Stop stackin paper and stack some intelligence…go get an education than maybe you will understand THE GOD MC’s flow. Cause its obviously to complex for a lil pantyman like you. ITS A WRAP!!!!!

  8. FUCK JAYZ Says:

    most over rated rapper dead or alive period

  9. jayz is trash Says:

    all u people need to fall back, how many times jayz gonna retire and come back tha shit is old, get his dick out yo mouth he the most over rated rapper of all time

  10. Tamara Says:

    Jay-Z is trash??? hmmm let me remind you of the sold out Madison Square Garden… Why do all you love hating on him loving his life… what all you need to do is get of jay’s nuts and let him live… Jay is the most succesful rapper and buisness man… And here is the answer to you dumb ass comments… JAY CAME BACK BECAUSE IT SEEMS THAT WHEN HE RETIRED… ALL THESE PUSSY NIGGAS STARTED DISSING HIM… let him live!!!

  11. Tamara Says:

    they couldnt do it when he was in the rap game

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