Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got


Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got

Huge props to Brian at Idolator.

*Haters, start your engines!*  

Update: Jay and Just speak on making the song.

Update: “The FBI may do an investigation into this,” an anonymous source told AllHipHop.com. “Everything has been under lock and key, so we have no idea how the single was leaked.”

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635 Responses to “Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got”

  1. eskay Says:

    ^ I push the 6 when the 5’s is out

  2. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) i'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time Says:

    It’s obvious though that he was gonna make his first single like this anyways though. Most first singles from rappers that wan’t to sell albums, are usually always aimed towards the clubs and ladies in the first place, especially in this day and time.

  3. iceberg slim Says:

    funny shit is the jayz song is my new ring tone and a couple of people all ready are like that’s the new jay single isn’t it???

    in 24hrs half of america knows the single…my lis sis text me like the radio is playing a new jayz song……u think when any other rapper drops a single its this kind of attention


  4. P o v a Says:

    Yeah its one of those grow on you songs. Like money maker. I didnt like that but i found myself sing parts of it. Jay is Back sorry yall. Yall got 2 months to get yall shit together. Tell these other dudes its a wrap, Get that other nigga out the throne, you clone, the king is back!!!!

  5. iceberg slim Says:

    I think I might actually buy game nas and jay (2 copies of the jay) all on the first week…I hope this is a good fall for music…..hopefully its like when dmx dropped “its dark and hell is hot the jay dropped volume 2 mase dropped a lil bit before that..then the lox..then nore..big pun..outkast aquemini and goodie mob still standing…that’s was a dam good period

  6. Sangano Says:

    cmon people….!!! i know its HOVI BABY, but WAKE UP!!!!!….this song is straight up weak!!!!!! for ANY artist..and especially comin from JAY

  7. Paperstacker Says:

    Thread will go plat by the end of the night!

  8. iceberg slim Says:

    Sangano Says:

    October 7th, 2006 at 2:26 pm
    cmon people….!!! i know its HOVI BABY, but WAKE UP!!!!!….this song is straight up weak!!!!!! for ANY artist..and especially comin from JAY

    I take it when u r at the club and chicks r dancin..u just stare at them from the sideline…trust me this is a club banger…I’m out prople time to ride the rent a scooter on s. beach

  9. iLL Change Says:

    this post is dead

  10. spotrusherz aka light up the broccoli son Says:

    whats poppin party people
    i made a mixtape with the best of styles p, focusing on his dark/deep shit
    here’s the link tinyurl.com/jol6p
    thank me later

  11. RD Says:

    you heads still debating over this track? we need more listeners and less critics….

  12. eskay Says:

    >>this post is dead

    I gotchu, new one coming in a minute

  13. iLL Change Says:

    >> I gotchu, new one coming in a minute

    good looks son

  14. P o v a Says:

    This is State of emergency
    What you want me to do?
    I’m Sorry

    Show me what you got lil mama
    Show me what you got pretty lady
    Show me what you got Shawty
    Show me what you got baby

    Hands up there Way Way Way

    Give the drummer some
    I already gave the summer some
    it’s the winters turn
    Hovi Hove the is the coldest
    I just get better wit time
    Im like opus
    No 2 alike like a snow flake
    Show me what you got babe
    Words are slurring
    Engine Purrin
    Mami frontin
    But im so determined
    Shots of petrone
    Now she in the zone
    I aint talking about the two three
    Mami in the zone like the homie 2 3
    Jordan or James
    Make no difference we all ballin the same
    I am the mike Jordan of recordin
    You might wanna fall back from recordin
    G right is not important so it forced him
    To go for the hype for being brave
    They may have appluaed him
    But misery I will assure them
    Ahh baby just ignore them
    Truth or dare
    Mami listen and learn
    I got a drop just took off the top
    It your turn


  15. P o v a Says:

    Go bottle of the ace of spade
    Why you fool with these other guys
    They all stingy
    All this other dudes no how to say is gimmy
    Gimmie some
    Gimmie some brain
    Gimmie your number
    Gimmie your name
    But if I get one night
    Baby girl I swear
    Make you tell these other dudes
    Give me gotcha hair
    Ill take you shoppin
    Take long trips
    Ill take the cork off
    You can take sips
    I take you there
    Take my tome
    Take your clothes off
    Ill take off mine
    Ma show me what you got
    Hovi in the spot
    I told yall I was hot
    Tell these other dudes it’s a wrap
    Kick the nigga out the throne
    You clone
    The Kings back

  16. Ios Says:

    Stop talking about ‘singles’ like they comprise some distinct category of music that needs to be evaluated on it’s on.

    The album’s going to be good, and you all know it, so please commence the STFUing. Only douchebags are concerned about what gets played on the radio, but all of Jay’s singles are teeniebopper crap yet all of his albums are dank, and we all know both of these things, so let’s stop pretending like we don’t. K?

  17. Menace Says:

    the song is aiight. i dont think its classic jayz, its just a diff kinda song. and btw im pretty sure that this leak was ON PURPOSE. come on now…it wasnt like 4 or 5 songs leaked…it was ONE SONG which will prolly be the first single. and funny how the quality is GREAT. no unmastered or low quality songs, full mp3 song come on now lol. and they said everything was on lock and key well then it couldnt have been unpurposely leaked. jayz isnt just an artist, he’s the PRESIDENT of his own label so i doubt anybody over him leaked it. what a publicity stunt.

  18. Mr. Pif Says:

    Jay-Z is the most over-rated emcee ever. Beyond Reasonable Doubt, all his albums are garbage in comparison, and people still be hangin from the man’s genitals.

  19. Shinyo Says:

    My ass the FBI is gonna look into this shit….And I thought that was bullshit even before I found out the Def Jam college promotion team has mailed this shit to DJs…so you know commercial stations got it first….

  20. bay2la Says:

    its been said already but this song is def not leaked. fake retirement, fake leak, its hilarious. what would black album have sold if it wasnt his “last album”? this song is alright but everyones so caught up in the hype about a jay z come-back i heard it play 3 times in a 15 minute span driving around LA. i can only imagine how much play its gettin in the east. its no joke jay is a hustler becuz he probably doubled his money with all this nonsense.

  21. P o v a Says:

    “Jay-z is the most over-rated emcee ever.” Blah, who you think is holding it down then. You cant say hip hop without jay. Simple as that. He picked the ball up and ran with it. No other rapper has had as much success. Just because he talking about “cut yo throat, im dirty in the streets, Im grimy” doesnt take nothing from him. Go get yo fix from the so called “street niggas” who still walking around and not in jail for the shit they rap about Pif.

  22. H To Tha O V « Upside Down Stupid Hat Says:

    […] Big Ups to Different Kitchen, Idolator and Nah Right for spreading the love. Amazon has plenty Lafayette Afro Rock Band and also Shaft In Africa. […]

  23. The Game Says:

    You 38 and you still rapping UGHHHH!

  24. luis Says:

    hey assholes…..y’all niggas must be on some crazy ass demonic drug overdose if you think this song is hot……..STRAIGHT GARBAGE!!!! WOW, the big homie can do way better than this meng, and there are alot of you motherfuckers trying to debate that the song is tight and hot and y’all know that this shit is NOT HOT……y’all can’t face the truth!

    “………eskay Says:

    October 6th, 2006 at 8:33 pm
    >>Jay lost, real bad today…

    but I will not lose, for even in defeat, there’s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens it up for me”

    SEE WHAT I MEAN!!!! esGay, you are a complete idiot!!!!

  25. Mikeyllo Says:

    I have to admit that the song is fire. The only problem is, here in Baltimore, 92Q played it back-to-back for a whole hour from 5-6pm on Friday and then started replaying it repeatedly again at 8pm. So now, I’m a little tired of the joint. LOL.
    Check out my website http://www.mikeyllo.com for stories, articles, lyrics and more.

  26. k-rob Says:

    this song song like its from beyonce’s album, what the fuck is hov doing. that nigga did come collabos with his woman and he dont know how to go back to being hov.
    he is offically michael jordan, should have stayed retired.
    you jigga fans are in denial the track is worst than game’s “lets ride”

  27. G7 Says:

    This song is only weak because Jay has done songs like this 10 times or more already. This song would have been hot 6 or 7 years ago, but his formula for releasing songs like this is getting repetitive and tiresome. At this point in his career he should be able to release deeper, more creative songs, but he won’t risk the sales. We’re getting the usual from him though; pop singles and usually good albums. But as a “comeback” song it gets thumbs down!

  28. daily dos: what u got? on mun2 :: Happy Spanish Says:

    […] The making of a href=”http://xxlmag.com/online/?p=5227″>Jay Z’s comeback single. (via Nah Right) […]

  29. bitterbroad Says:

    Let me announce that I love Jay Z. I’m a real fan! On the real, this song is leaving me real bitter. The lyrics are subpar, I think Diddy is spitting harder than this on Press Play. The horns are as annoying as the alarm in B’s joint. This is suppose to be the return, the MJ of recording came back wearing the 45. I’m disappointed, my feelings are hurt, damn. So I suppose you’ll be mad when I go back to snapping my fingers and leanin and rockin wit it? I must sound like a rambling, bitter ex lover by now. Well, hell Jay gotta come harder than that. I feel like he got his, only got a towel for his self, fixed him a sandwich, rolled over, fell asleep, and woke up in the morning and left without saying goodbye. Get the picture??? Just blaze was suppose to set fire. This sh– is boring, I wouldn’t rock to it in my night gown. Who is it suppose to be for? The club, radio, the streets, I don’t think so and it damn sure ain’t for me. I feel so bitter Jay *middle finger raised in the air* Wave to this…bullsh–

  30. Hawkeye Says:


    Sorry but this isn’t the first time that samples of these two songs where combined. The first time these two songs where combined in the form of sampling was 1989 on a song called „Soul Food“ by Philadelphias famous Tuff Crew on their legendary LP „Back to Wreck Shop“.
    That song is a pure instrumental track with dope cuts by legendary DJ Too Tuff who is highly underrated. You can check the track „Soul Food“ on DJ Too Tuffs myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/djtootuff ).

    DJ Too Tuff is currently serving 6 – 22 months at Curran-Fromhold Correction Facility in Philadelphia.

    Go to his myspace page and give him some hope by showing a great DJ and a big influence to a lot of DJ’s some respect where it’s due !!!!!!!!!



  31. whogivesa$hit Says:


  32. Jon Blaze Says:

    He is the Mike jordan of recording you dont know what yall guys are talking about Hov is hot and all these other rappers are just luke warm they can’t even touch the king these clone ass niggas wanna be like him try to rap like him think about your favorite rapper rather its Big, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, or even Nas they all give their props to the King. Superman Is Back The dynasty lives on Yall Die(Diplomats) Dipshit dipshit ohno!

  33. J Phantom Says:

    Can somebody tell me the name of that bottle thats in J’s new video, in the mezzi case when he’s playing card with that girl?

  34. Shaff Says:

    its cool. he want to show wat he got

  35. Champagne Says:

    It’s called Armand de Brignac was $300 until Jay put it in his video now it has sky rocketed.

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