Escobar Season


Nas stans are probably going to want to go read this rundown of 5 tracks from Hip Hop Is Dead that YN posted earlier today. Fucking guy. He’s mastered the art of internet rap geek torture, and you can bet he loves every minute of it:

OK. Here’s the kicker boys and girls: Nas and Game together on a Dr. Dre track. I repeat: Nas and Game together on a Dr. Dre track. That’s right, rap scholars: Game can’t get a Dre beat for his album but he’s on one on Nas’ LP. Might be last time we ever hear Game on an official Dre beat. Surprisingly, Jones and Taylor are a good combination.

Then he goes on to casually mention how he likes the Game/Nas collab from Doctor’s Advocate better. For crying out loud. Something needs to leak soon, this 4th quarter waiting game is particularly tedious this year. That 4 month early Lupe leak was cool and all, but the thrill is gone.

*Fun fact: There are 3 Jay/Nas songs in existence right now as we speak. 

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  1. jaimes1271 Says:

    if you listen to take over and etheir you will see nas kill jay on is own shit. some phrase nas , like eminem did to jay
    end of the story. but boys are kool now all i can say that jay was a little bit scare of nas then.

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