Daily Headlines 10-3-06

Lupe says Jay is in it for the money. (Edit: I’m fully aware his statement was taken out of context. It’s Contact Music for fucks sake) UPDATE: Looks like they removed the article.)

Interesting piece about this kid from the Bay named Azeem and his controversial Youtube video, Dead White Men.

Meth and RZa will start work on the next
Wu-Tang album
on Thursday.  

Game talks about murking himself in the new issue of Complex, reveals how he even name drops in his dreams. 

Supreme Court refuses to hear C.Delores Tucker’s libel case. 

I didn’t know South Park Mexican was a dirty child molester

Rap battle turns deadly 

First Elton John, now Duran Duran go hip hop.

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456 Responses to “Daily Headlines 10-3-06”

  1. ReetPeet Says:

    man, looks like game ‘s a bit of depressed, hopefully his album won’t be like that, that’ll be f*cked

  2. down south sniper Says:

    Why everybody on here talk like they know every damn thing. They know the record business, they the streets, each rappers personal life. This site has some excellent post but the people leaving comments sound like a bunch of haters man. Especially the regulars damn. I visit the site everyday eskay cause you post very well. Sometimes you are very biased its your site though. But you need to get rid of some of that hate that gets posted I mean DAMN. Nigga its 2006 times getting worse and shit and all ya’ll can do on this mtf is hate on the next man.

  3. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) i'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time Says:


    It’s called opinions.

  4. eskay Says:

    for the 798th time:

    eskay is horribly biased towards the East Coast. He has never denied it and is in fact proud of it.

    that is all.

  5. dappadan Says:


  6. Ru**akaOmar In a housecoat STILL gettin packages! Says:

    um aint c delores DEAD?
    *i aint cliking that damn like for a dead lady dood*

    DEQUES(pronouncedDEXX!) Says:

    how the fuck you get DEXX from that.
    I got a cousin named MARQUES..you know what we call him??
    we dont call him MAR-DEXX you no spelling immigrant!
    cot damn americans!

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