AZ – The Truth


AZ – The Truth (produced by Lil Fame)

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153 Responses to “AZ – The Truth”

  1. KAH Says:

    I hate to sound like I hate the new shit but I do. Jay and Nas really need to take it back to the lyrics and stop trying to Viacom the movement, fuck a television. I haven’t seen any lyrical growth from Jay since Blueprint as far as lyrical dexterity. He doesn’t sound hungry; he needs to fast or something because his flow is lazy. “H, O, check out the flow”, get the fuck outa’ here with that bullshit. While artist like Rae and G Rapp, get more and more complicated with the word play Nas and Jay seem lackadaisical. AZ even stretched his flow out but what saves him is the flow doesn’t sound lazy. How the Mash Out Posse managed to sound like their starving over all these years is amazing to me but a lot of the 90’s emcees should take note because the shit is sounding diluted. Nas should be right up there with Rae but his flow is sounding weak, he should have destroyed that Hi-Tek track. I think the content was good, catching the music off the pots and pans and sounds out side, but I just want him to flip and bounce it more, he sounds like he’s imitating himself. And Mobb should be ashamed of them selves for putting out that watered down shit under the Mobb Deep brand, that shit was horrible.


    Lupe would have done much better if he didn’t try so hard for the crossover. Lupe has rhyme skill but he diluted his flow and look where it got him.

    Keep the crossover © EPMD

  2. Demiks Says:

    > Wow, this is surprising that Lil’ Fame is working with AZ again. After AZ dissed 50 on “Royal Salute” last year, M.O.P came back with a diss track aimed at him. I forget what it’s called though.

    I’m late to respond, but that song that was labled a Game/AZ/etc. diss… WASN’T. (It could of been meant for Yukmouth.)

    It was some internet nerd who heard Slap talk about the people who were trying to diss M.O.P. by association, then thought he would be a genius and title the song a diss. Then more internet nerds got angry and started spreading word because they don’t get outside and use the internet to do away with their emotions.

  3. Hopp Says:

    they kicked her out in janurey


    But she was hired like last year, right ? So she didn’t even managed herself to say a year, or to stay an album. That is fast.

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