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Random Youtubery

Above: Joy Denalane ft. Raekwon – Heaven and Hell

Capo takes the Maserati to get laced. Part 1 and Part 2

Opening moments of Jay’s concert at Royal Albert Hall in London.

Jay-Z in studio recording 44 four’s (In case you couldn’t get the Windows Media file to work)

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18 Responses to “Random Youtubery”

  1. eskay Says:

    (c) spotrusherz

  2. KLO Says:

    LOL….Jimmy is a fool!

  3. EchoVibes Says:


  4. B God Says:

    Damn dog, they shittin on XXL on Bossip (www.bossip.com). Whats up with that, why they have to do all that over Lupe Fiasco? smh I kinda agree, yah wrong on Lupe though.

  5. sATaLyte Says:

    That Joy video is nice, it seems like half that video was shot in ATL (STAND UP!!!), but the rest I can’t tell.

  6. G7 Says:

    that Joy and Rae track is nice.

    Jimmy is a eedyat bwoy!!!

  7. Renato Pagnani Says:

    Who was the producer, if there was one, in that video of Jay recording 44 Fours? I can’t judge from that video, but the beat doesn’t sound that hot. Don’t disappoint me Jay! Premier would give him a “Friend or Foe”-like beat which would probably fit the rhymes… or Blaze, cause Just always gives Hov his best work. It just better not be Swizz or something.

  8. nation of moderation Says:

    wow 5 comments… this is a throwback post

  9. Absent Says:

    Too much Jay Z in the last 2 months. Seeing someone live on youtube can’t get that much liver.

  10. -_- Says:

    i need the mp3 of that heaven and hell song

  11. Sordid Puppy Says:

    that rae track is tight, wish he had a second verse

  12. Ru**akaOmar In a housecoat STILL gettin packages! Says:

    i love joy denlane.
    chech my musicblog for her album!

  13. eskay Says:

    >> smh I kinda agree, yah wrong on Lupe though.

    who’s ‘yah’ ? that post at Bossip is directed at Noz cuz he wrote the post they’re referring to. people need to understand that just cuz one of XXL’s bloggers writes something that doesn’t mean you can run around saying “XXL says…”

    big difference between an official review in the magazine and a post by a blogger on the website

  14. Crazy Bananaprincess indeed Says:

    black and white videos are always classic.

  15. SICBEATS Says:

    Real Dope…

  16. digitalpistol Says:

    damn she can sing..

  17. louiefuse Says:

    dat joy and raekwon joint is fiyah

  18. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco - Change Says:

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