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Game: Dre Is Not On The Album (Audio)


I know he said it on 106th and Park yesterday, but I just had to hear it myself. Here’s audio of Game on the Angie Martinez show just moments ago talking about how he has lied to the public for the past year or so. And as if that wasn’t enough, he does a drop promoting the contest 50 is sponsoring with the station. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look into a tattoo removal specialist.

Game on Hot 97 

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69 Responses to “Game: Dre Is Not On The Album (Audio)”

  1. Janice Says:

    It’s hardly surprising is it? I didn’t expect him to be on the album

  2. eskay Says:

    at this point, no it’s not.

    Freddie Foxxx dis to Rakim:


  3. FatBoY Says:

    Yo Fiddy really gon make the world see that he was responsible for the success of Game first album. Damn Game gonna have to do everything on his own this time. I hope that shit flop. This nigga is the reason why all these FAKE ASS Bloods running around.

  4. G7 Says:

    too bad these guys, 50 and Game couldn’t just grow up so they could both work with Dre. I think Dre has been overrated the last few years anyway. His name is bigger than the beats themself.

  5. Jay Willz Says:

    fo fo’s

  6. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    What an Idiot…who the fuck says “Dre is not on this album” just weeks before its released…He wouldve been better off not sayin shit and explaining the situation later

    I dont think 50 called that shot tho’ Game prolly just couldnt afford that quarter for a track

  7. G7 Says:

    WOW, Freddie got at Ra!! Too bad it’s about 18 years late.

  8. hip hop cops Says:

    fuck ‘im

    this lupe album is running my life right now. but there are some WACK tracks. american terrorist sucks. not really feeling the hov joint either.

    and wtf w/ the 12 min outro. if you didn’t get mentioned on that shit and you’re in the industry, kill yaself 49238219 times

  9. NBHustla Says:

    the game jus played himself

  10. Jay Willz Says:

    G7 Says:

    September 29th, 2006 at 6:52 pm
    WOW, Freddie got at Ra!! Too bad it’s about 18 years late.

    True indeed god..

    You figure, if he’d have done this in it’s proper time, it would have been on!
    But, when the rivalry is older than your oldest kid, and you had plenty of chances when it was relevant..Please..smh

  11. Jay Willz Says:


  12. Dro410 Says:

    The Game clearly is one confused person. He must be Bi Polar or somethin. Crazy enough, I know a lot of people feelin that One Blood joint. Well the Track at least, nobody really cares too much about lyrics nowadays.

  13. KLO Says:

    LOL…ya’ll just listen to this shit??? Yo, Game is a phucking clown! Damn!

  14. Jamz Says:

    The Game is trying to save face with his fans. He knows that everyone expected him to have Dre production, so it’s better for him to expose himself instead of being exposed. Game is like the T.O. of rap music?

  15. miguel024 Says:

    whatever still copin like 5

  16. Plug Industries Says:

    How dare this niggaFoxx disrespect the god like that

  17. Plug Industries Says:

    So can he still cal it the doctors advocate?

  18. Plug Industries Says:

    I hereby stamp my quote that games goes platnum

  19. Plug Industries Says:

    anybody wanna bet….yes….?no….?….

  20. EchoVibes Says:

    LOL… funny stuff

  21. GET Says:

    All I know the singles off the Doc (How We Do & Hate it or love it) are better then the ones off DA (one blood & Strip Club) so far.

  22. eskay Says:

    no more Max B hooks for Jimmy


  23. miguel024 Says:

    i bet yes to the album goin plat, but i just listened to the interview and game really clowned himself doin a little pr for fifty right after announcin that the doctor will not be on the doctor’s advocate

  24. Darth Cipher Says:

    Fuck Game… WU-TANG NICCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. N$ Says:

    Hopefully 1 million 14 year old biddies will cop this piece of sh**. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, the faggot does a drop for 50! Compton ain’t been hard since Eight and Quik stopped rappin.

  26. G7 Says:

    I hope he flops on his face, but Game will go plat for sure. For some reason he still has a lot of fans out there

  27. G7 Says:


    Dre didnt’ produce Hate It or Love it

  28. KingML Says:

    Who gives a fuck? Game is just a mini-50..

    “Even 5 year old white girls be rapping today/ on the playground/ like go shorty its your birthday/” – RA Rugged Man

  29. nation of moderation Says:

    whats good nahright

  30. Caliber Says:



    ..think they jacked pap’s verse from one of tha first joints off tha underground king mixtape..but half of yall wouldn’t know that anyway…still a nice uplifting joint tho…

  31. eskay Says:

    I don’t know, you tell me


  32. GET Says:

    @ G7

    I didn’t say he did

  33. G7 Says:

    @GET I thought you meant that when you said “All I know the singles off the Doc (How We Do & Hate it or love it) are better then….” My bad.

  34. Darth Cipher Says:

    fuck one blood by game… masta killa did “one blood under W” sooooo much better then game’s track…

    im starting to hate this mainstream hip hop shit man… underground to the death… if your not doing the city club tours and really connecting with the peeps like you been doing from jump off, i dont give a fuck!!!
    so fuck game, nigga blows better then jenna jameson doing extra shoots for editing!!!

  35. ProbleMatic aka Furiou$tylez...So Chicago Says:

    the game is ass…

    and that max b story is confusing them a muthafucka…why involve so many people in a robbery? dont they watch the movies? sombodys bound to fuck up…and did it say in the story that max b’s girl is a whore? thats so not gangsta on so many levels…..

    atleast that wack nigga is done “singrappin” on dipset hooks…now jimmy is probably gonna give him a thousand shout outs for bein “gangsta”…

  36. Paperstacker Says:

    nigga max b already got locked up did his bid aint gotta prove his gangsta. Thats what makes the situation stupid.

    and Game>50 cent, they both might be garbage but lets be real, 50 on some american idol type shit, nigga dont even rap no more. its funny how after all the shit game still is lyrically better than 50.

  37. G-town G Says:

    Damn I dont know what the hell to say about this shit…
    Game is jammin tho and Im sure the cd will be fire but shit u cant really trust too much the nigga says now. Im sure he will still go platinum!

  38. G7 Says:

    Darth Cipher Says:

    September 29th, 2006 at 8:42 pm
    fuck one blood by game… masta killa did “one blood under W” sooooo much better then game’s track…


    co-sign. Masta Killa’s joint on The W is much better!!

  39. RuinzXo Says:

    psh…u kno wut wud b sum funnii shiit…dat dre IS on the album…doubt it…idk game = disappointment

  40. SF Says:

    He had to expect the truth to come to light at some point. This mofo definitely didn’t consider the consequences of his actions over the past year.

    RIP Game’s career, I have no faith for this album, especially now that Dre officially has no involvement.

  41. k-rob Says:

    why are yall acting so surprised at game?did’nt banks call him out
    “the game he’s a punk, two niggas in one like shock g and humpty hump”
    classic banks

  42. Kevin Says:

    Game’s New Track from Doctors Advocate Pls keep hating

    Keep his name in ur mouth

    Check out the heat: http://www.zshare.net/audio/freehi-q…15_pm-mp3.html

  43. Absent Says:

    why the fuck is it still called the DOCTOR’S advocate?

  44. Absent Says:

    Props to KingML for even mentioning R.A the Rugged man

  45. Kornphlake Says:

    what if Games ass is lying about Dre not being on the album? Maybe it’s just a clever marketing ploy. I’ve seen dumber.

  46. bnz Says:

    game will go at least 2x platinum, theres just to much hype about him n every will cop that album even if there a hater..

  47. e-dubbs Says:

    i told ya Dre wasnt gonna be on it.. YUP! Listen to the kid when he speaks.

  48. strong chef Says:

    How dare this niggaFoxx disrespect the god like that

    word whats up with that guy, his whole collection couldnt see one ra verse

  49. Rizz Says:

    in all fairness
    that quote said he doesnt need it
    and alot of people are like
    “he’s nothing without dre”
    i think he just wants to prove that wrong
    and id personally rather have snoop on my side too

  50. Game Over Says:

    LOL @ this idiot saying “i need to form a group called the outsidaz”. i hope rah digga spits a razor blade at his butterfly tattoo. LOL.

  51. BIg dick Says:

    Fuck dre! if anybody looks like a bitch now it is dre! wut is he fiftys little bitch now or someshit? Dre been saying the detox album was coming for so long and did it ever come out? dre is a bitch fuck dre id rather have snoop on my side too! dre mad the beats but snoop wrote all the lyrics for the old dre songs anyway. fuck dre!

  52. DocZeus Says:

    I’m not sure why people hate Game so much? He’s gotten an awful lot of hate the last year after he started beefing with 50. Honestly, being dropped from G-Unit/Aftermath/Dre has made Game a star when he was just another random G-Unit weed carrier before this whole incident started.

  53. Crazy Bananaprincess indeed Says:

    First off, lobbysheriff joke was lame as fuck… and there’s no way I’m going to buy the game’s new album.

    “When dre’s involved, there’s plenty money involved ” – 50, curtain down

  54. G7 Says:

    Game is an idiot, but whatever he’s doing is working. All this talk whether Dre is on the album or not has got people curious and it’s maintaining his buzz. As long as people are talking about him he’s in good shape.

  55. bear Says:

    its weird, everyone that beefs with 50 thinks they’re winning at first but then they come home and your lights are turned off, your bank account is empty and youe record label doesn’t know who you are. then you realize whats up. styles p album probably is gonna come out in like 2035344.

  56. E From BK Says:

    How can a grown man say he hopes another man flops? That is straight up faggotry!

  57. Oldstan Says:


  58. jersey Says:


  59. Ace Says:

    Whats funny is Game was the first pereson on G-unit to rival Fifty’s success, but I don’t know what made him so differrent from Buck and Banks that he went four times plat.

  60. Stephen C. Says:

    I thought about it…and thought about it again…but I blame doctor D-R-E. I understand when Game says that the Good Doctor shouldn’t have to step in between to grown men, but in th end of the day…what kind oe leader is Dre. His letting his empire crumble. G-unit is dying…no one seems to care about any of Lloyd Banks’s singles, Mobb Deep flopped, Tony Yayoflopped, M.O.P is being pushed back and stalled again, Olivia is being pushed back, Spider-Loc sucks, Ma$e has become a blasfemous babbling idiot, Hot Rod said it himself in the new XXL Mag/DVD..he wants to bring “partying, bullshit and ho’s back to the game” (he actually said that check youtube.)…Young Buck maybe G-unit’s saving grace…and wit lines like…

    “I got a Bentley that I only drove one time/
    50 bought it for me shorty but it’s still mine”

    …(So Gay) Buck may fall as well.

    Eminem last cd wasn’t up to par…. we’ve been waiting on his mixtape 4ever…and then the tracklisting comes out and it is highly over-rated, if not downright pitiful…if his verse on smack dat is the re-born Em, he needs to go back to Church.

    Plus Game is not backing his so-called protege, GAME. It must suck to see your empire crumble. If in the end it ‘a all about money and power…how the hell do you let your protege fall by the wasteside like this…if anything Dre should be producing the whole album, so people would buy it….He has become either really
    arrogant, selfish, lazy or just plain dumb…what happen to full-produced albums by dre…they were classics…the Chronic. Doggystyle…etc. He may get props for his Sonics…but try producing like Timbaland…he can make music for any genre and still be hittin’. To me Timbaland is a much better producer, he’s way more musically inclined…all Dre does is jack beats from his protege’s and add drums…then eq’s the sonics.

    I hope GAME’s album is a success, to prove that medicore choruses by 50cent and 2 or three beats by Dr. Dre don’t make an album.

    *Note: Stat-Quo sux too

  61. jersey Says:

    Game aint no hustla he uh busta…..

  62. luis Says:

    oh lord!!!! what a fagg!!!!

  63. West Coast Rider Says:

    Fuck these niggaz, Black Wallstreet and Game shit. The album will never be on top of the game without Dre faggets. I wanna say fuck Curtis Jackson and G-Unit, they all suck Game’s cock, none of them can be on top like Andre Young a.k.a Dr. Dre, The Real Talk of West Coast Gangsta Shit and Calvin Broadcus a.k.a Snoop Doggy Dogg, The Real Pimp. They founded the West Coast Rap.Game ain’t nothin’ but shit without Dre. Game gon’ die from a bullet, another sadly end for a rapper!

  64. jah Says:

    yall really r dumb. the doctors advocate is very appropriately titled. dre took him under his wing and paid him millions of dollars. dont compare game and 50. when dre took game in he crowned him king of the west coast. 50 aint even close to being the king of anything but snitchin. whether or not dre is on the album doesnt matter. this will be executive produced by the game…i have heard 5 tracks from the album myself and can tell you dre will be on it. game is making it a point to sell records without someone else getting credit for it…untiol detox and the nas album HIp-HOp this is all we got, but it will be worth it. peace the doctors advocates advocate

  65. Jah Says:

    oh yeah game dont need dre, whats dre done lately but let his shit fall off. i say that about a legend cuz he’s in over his head if he lets 50 run his label. I guess this is the AFTERMATH….

  66. West Says:

    What the fuck? I was looking for some news on the Game album and I see this page with most people fucking hating on him and saying 50 and g- unit is better. Man, g-unit is fucking up hip-hop along with the rest of this rap I hear on the radio. Game is real and you can tell so by what he says and the way he flows. In case you don’t know check out 300 bars, where GAME fucking dismantled all of G-UNIT. I liked the documentary, and I think since then his lryics have gotten progressively better. I ain’t going to talk shit and say the album is going to be the best. All I will do is cop the album and listen to it with an open mind because I am a fan of hip-hop.
    The state of hip-hop is ultimately how we choose to make it.

  67. intense Says:

    fuk everyone doctors advocate best cd ive heard all year without dre its amazing still so shut ur mouths 50 sucks u guys are too much into this beef and crap its all about the music so shut up and listen

  68. lintus one Says:

    hey yoh
    fuck all yall haters
    the game is better than hov . period
    best right now.
    onr word to the haters.

  69. Masta Slida A. Says:

    i listend 2 games nu album, n it’s off da fukin wall. 50s a tard wiv a mahoosive forhead he cant rap for shit. Dre is missin out on dis one, he culdve done well but if I had to pik between Game and 50, Game everytime.

    For all da Game fans, stay true niggaz.

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