Em, 50, Banks and Cashis – You Don’t Know


Eminem 50 Cent Lloyd Banks and Cashis – You Don’t Know (Radio rip)

UPDATE: CD quality 

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118 Responses to “Em, 50, Banks and Cashis – You Don’t Know”

  1. Temp Agency Says:


  2. iceberg slim Says:

    smh at niggas hollering online

    I guess they didn’t see the dateline special

  3. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    Shanti Says:
    September 30th, 2006 at 1:57 pm
    what it do westcoast. what you gettin into today?

    cant call it. i was out late last night so im just sweatin out this hen. i got work i need to do but i was thinkin about goin to the movies. last time i went to the movies was wedding crashers.

  4. Shanti Says:

    @ westcoast

    yeah i was out really late last night too. i was so supposed to be at the library by 10am but i was too tired to get up early. wow, wedding crashers? you haven’t been to the movies in a minute. i’m supposed to be going to see this ntozake shange play tonight.

  5. Temp Agency Says:

    smh at niggas hollering online

    I guess they didn’t see the dateline special



  6. WestCoast_GetsDown Says:

    ^^you feelin ok?

  7. Big Filth a.k.a. Trill Ferrell b.k.a. The nicest MC in here for sure.. Says:

    I dont know if game’s gonna sell as many as he did the first time around, but.. I bet he will sell more than Bank$..

    Think about it, G Unit aint sellin like it used to, if game was just another dude on that he wouldnt be selling either..

    Who does a better job of being in the news lately, Game, or Anyone from G Unit??

    He is able to create a bigger buzz for himself, by himself than that whole team is able to for their artists..

    its crazy..

  8. Temp Agency Says:



  9. eskay Says:

    now reach you know damn well that long ass link you posted wasnt getting approved.

    I took the liberty:


  10. Temp Agency Says:

    yea my fault…

  11. eskay Says:

    >>so these spammers just popped up outta nowhere?

    nah they’ve always been hitting me up, but I was wasting mad time fighting it manually. now I have free time to you know…actually blog

  12. Temp Agency Says:

    smh @ max B…wat a idiot….he’s on like 5 trax on jim jones album…which means he was the next one coming out …

    niggas get opportunities and still fuck up…he just came home from doing a bid…..

    they should put that nigga in the hole…on a pork diet

  13. Temp Agency Says:

    is it me or is allhiphop like 2 days late on everything…

    and i swear….i think illseed……wow….just as i was typing that shit…i read this….The Game offers peace treaty 2 fifty cent…wow

  14. Temp Agency Says:

    this whole lupe shit sounds like a fucking conspiracy …fuck hip-hop

  15. KLO Says:

    Yo, Eskay what is this about homie??


  16. Lupe Komt Binnen Op #1! en Ander Nieuws « WildStyle Says:

    […] Eminem is lang genoeg van de pillen af geweest om weer even iets in te rappen, samen met Fiddy, Lloyd Banks en een of andere gast die Cashis (oh please) heet. *gaap* Daar heb je geen slaappillen bij nodig. […]

  17. luis Says:

    nice BUT as usual the lil homie esGay is always late!!!!

  18. eskay Says:

    ^for the record I had this song before ANYBODY

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