Stray Shots

Video for Cormega and Lake’s QU Side above.

The video for Grafh’s  Myspace Jumpoff (somebody swagger jacked Hype Williams) plus a ‘making of’ clip

Lupe Fiasco sells 58,000 copies and loses to Chingy and fucking Fergie. Man, Atlantic really fucked this one up didn’t they. I Gotcha as a second single? When you have Daydream, Hurt Me Soul, and The Cool on the same album? Ya’ll might as well have let me run the marketing campaign for F&L, I couldn’t have possibly done any worse.

Step inside the booth, Superman is alive (Windows Media) 

Since I’m no good at maintaining my own eye candy section…please go here for your mid-day fix. 

Maino throws caution to the wind and goes into great detail about the ass whipping he gave Cease

Nas & Kelis: So 5 minutes ago… 

ODB album coming in November.  

Hi-Tek – Can We Go Back (Feat. Talib Kweli & Ayak)

Joell Ortiz – Aftermath freestyle 

Royce the 5’9 sentenced to a year in jail

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108 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. Rh!N Says:

    yeeeeea, @ Jay Willz. shit was wiiild. she was asking for it tho. I thought she was gonna catch it the 1st time when she was doing the shit with the watch.

    I’m reeeeeeeally feeling that Lupe shit “What It Do”. He needs to make a video for that shit. The song has a nice concept that i could see a video for.

    That Graph shit is RIDICULOUS!!!! so ridiculous I’m forced to like it. I almost can’t believe he made a song like that.

    This nigga said:

    “Now i read that text/
    it said sum’n sum’n sum’n sum’n sum’n sum’n SEX/
    That’s the only words that i remember in the text/”

    BOING! hahahahaha

  2. ricky d Says:

    I’ll say this much, I was in NYC this past week and I saw like 3 black kids downtown that were straight up Lupe clones, with the tight pants, polos and collectors edition kicks. He’s somebody’s hero, you know.

    Also, I bought F & L off itunes and can’t even get the thing to play. Does that count towards his sales?

    All I got to say about season 3 of the Wire is LAKE TROUT.

  3. thekid10705 Says:

    Yo Es, that Mega shit is aight..He brough tit back with the whole video , the whole Queens, Cheeks on the hook, X in the video, they stole it…..That the official NY summer video shit..Hip Hop, not Masserritti’s in the soutn of France (Jigga)……Anyway, it brought me back to when Queens had shit on lock….

    Lupe sucks!!! FACT!!!!

    Kelis, is corny…Nas, I love the parts and all that but boo is corny….

  4. SF Says:

    Mega/Lake shit is crack .. i’ve been sleepin on that new record they dropped. Grafh video is dope. Song is hot, Grafh doin it after the DDMG ish.

  5. QDotSmith Says:


  6. P-Matik Says:

    Biggums: one of them funboys. (I saw the newest Wire joint on OnDemand)

  7. its funny Says:

    people complain why hiphop albums dont sell, yet on the same comment board they post both the leaked versions of the album. people pass bootlegs around like it’s cool then get angry when the artists they like dont get promoted, get dropped, or dont sell. it’s sad in a way.

  8. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Grafh - MySpace Jumpoff (Behind The Scenes) Says:

    […] Previously: Grafh – MySpace Jumpoff 23a0 […]

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