Bury Me A G

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Tupac’s passing, I’m posting a few rare video clips of Pac interviews and Pac related news stories. I tried to select clips that reflect the conflicted nature of Pac’s life: his talent, his wisdom, his legal woes, and his fuck the world attitude.

Rest in peace Tupac Amaru Shakur.

MTV News interview
Afeni interview
MTV News – A Retrospective of Tupac’s Acting
Juice Trailer
Tupac on the Arsenio Hall Show
Drunk Freestyle
Deposition for lawsuit In shooting of State Trooper
CNN News: Preliminary Hearing For Shooting Two Police Officers
MTV News: New York Shooting
CNN News: Tupac Leaves Bellevue
MTV News: Tupac’s Death

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176 Responses to “Bury Me A G”

  1. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    if i was broke i would be robbin u, if i was rich i would be doing th humpty dance with your girl

    Comedy…actually if you were broke you would be bloggin… tryin to discredit the top artist in the genre that you are bloggin about…GTFOH

  2. spanish jay Says:

    alright thats enough pac eskay just posted another jayz story


    ill be over here… i dont want to hear another jayz story untill his album leaks or he comes out of the closet

    u hova stans have spent 1.5 yrs talkin about how good the black album and the other 1.5 yrs hoping for another one

  3. Joe 88 A.K.A No amount of security A.K.A The chosen one Says:

    Damn spanish! who do you listen to in hip hop????

  4. Temp Agency aka Mr New York Says:

    Yo Eskay…no worries but this would be a perfect time to get that politic ditto on Reachnyc.com….

    some say i lucked up…i call it perfect timing…nigga i cant lose..i got the city behind me! (c) Jeezy….yes! yung jeezy

  5. spanish jay Says:

    Damn spanish! who do you listen to in hip hop????
    u would be surprised…. to me its not about subject matter, its more like is the person being honest with themselves

    if a person lies to get them to like u, then they are pussy and disrespecting their audience

  6. Joe 88 A.K.A No amount of security A.K.A The chosen one Says:

    Stop beating around the bush spanish, who do you listen to?

  7. Cut In Front Says:


  8. R.T. 8x Platinum Says:

    the greatest

  9. Doc Flav Says:

    I swear some people give the government serious competition when it comes to tearing down black men, deceased ones at that. The man was raised by Black Panthers. “I sent that bitch a smiley face.” :)

  10. icon (thug flutie) Says:

    —bitches love smiley faces, lol…

  11. Doc Flav Says:


  12. 613's Natural Born Hustla Says:

    RIP 2Pac

  13. Paperstacker Says:

    I was watching Pac documentary yesterday.. Pac was MAD “heyyyy yoooooo” in like 88-89…

    lol, that nigga was raised singlehandedly by his mother so he aint have no male influence (no homo) at a young age . Guess that explains those earlier days.

  14. O.com Says:


    Are You Still Down?!

    Visit This URL for more information!

    its time thugs get thier due! lol

  15. Castor Troy Says:

    Rest In Peace Tupac Amaru Shakur. Wish u was still here homey…… THE FUCKING GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!

  16. Joe 88 A.K.A No amount of security A.K.A The chosen one Says:

    Once again

    2pac = GOAT

  17. Ru***Reppin QUE PASA USA! Says:

    10 damn years..
    next we gon be like its 10 years for aaliyah.

  18. Ru***Reppin QUE PASA USA! Says:

    today is my moms birthday..HATTY BURFDAY! i rather celebrate that.
    the radio stations here were going a bit overboard..playing the same songs withing minutes of eachother..thats overkill..i still went to work today..so blah..im over it!

  19. papichulo Says:

    is there anyone else who doesn’t give a f*ck about tupac? i’m just curious…

  20. Shanti Says:

    the radio stations down here were mixing snap songs with pac songs. wtf? how you gonna play “hail mary” with the beat to “snap your fingers” in the background?

  21. Mr. Me Too Says:

    >>You mean like with the hair Foe?

    Yeah, his gum chewin and the way he talked too. But Pac said himself that he only sold dope for like 2 weeks cuz ni66as said he ain’t know what he was doin. Where did all this Thug Life stuff come from? Was this persona created as a marketing scheme? Cuz just cuz you poor as hell and grow up in a horrible environment don’t make you a thug.-

    I thought u said u saw the doc? He said that “thug” does not refer to the punk that is doing crime on the street, but more of the underdog. The one that live in the ghetto, that are struggling, being treated like “thugs” by the police. That’s what “thug life” mean to him, just many idiot people didn’t understand that really.

    And btw, tupac started riding with gangsta and beome harder when he joined Death Row. He was paranoid after being shot. He didn’t really trust many people after the trial. His album was #1 in the world while he was in jail, so of course you’re gonna be more arrogant. I guess he was at his limit where he’s living way too fast. Suge was a blood and Pac got caught in that shit. In many of his song, 2pac is always striving to change though and he feel remorse for his many action. How many rapper today show the same emotion that Pac had shown? Young Joc? Get the fuck outta here with that BS

  22. Mr. Me Too Says:

    I was watching Pac documentary yesterday.. Pac was MAD “heyyyy yoooooo” in like 88-89…

    lol, that nigga was raised singlehandedly by his mother so he aint have no male influence (no homo) at a young age . Guess that explains those earlier days.

    How many rapper nowaday claim that they grew up without a father or their fasther wasn’t there for them. At least Pac wasn’t a true drug dealer (those are probably some of the most horrible people on the earth). Even Big grew up with just his mother. Tupac was real dude where someone else might claim otherwise to toughin up their image.

  23. peipgfiks Says:


    fgctqkile huxidreguzg qvfuytbhy

  24. Chucky Says:

    Funniest NY Post headline ever:

    Tupac in Heaven

  25. luis Says:

    Been there DONE that little homie! This is OLD material and NOT RARE Material! Do you have that interview when your man lil’ cease and Pac almost went at it at an award show and Pac dismissed the little fucker by not paying him no mind?….OH I THOUGHT NOT! Your shit is garbage so STOP trying to post up OLD clips meng!

  26. DEQUES(pronouncedDEXX!) Says:

    The thing i loved about Tupac wasn’t about how thugged out he was because i don’t think he was thugged out . but the fact he reminded me of everybody i knew no matter what walk of life they were from we talked about serious shit like politics etc. to bullshit so ‘Pac was like listening to conversations and issues that we talked about not like he said it best or nuthin’ like that but the fact that he said it. like rappers did back in the day that’s why i like eminem and most midwest rappers i like rappers that stick to their persona also but i don’t and can’t relate to the things they talk about .i’ve dwelled among ppl of different social stature ,even ghetto stature,the peddlers to the niggs doing their thing to true ballers but at theright time in the right atmosphere they will show u that they know about politics and shit going on in the world as well as the hood and Tupac joints remind me of all of us chillin talking about everything under the sun. no dis respect to the post deathrow ‘Pac fans but u have to listen to his earlier stuff to understand what was great about him (the same thing that’s great about u no more no less) i don’t worship him ,i don’t think he was the greatest, but he was finding himself even when he thought he found himself already and he was about to make another transition before he was killed and i hate that he never got to go on that journey.i think if had lived to be an old man he would have a hell of an interesting story for the youth.one of confusion and hope,certainty and despair.itruly he was headed to being truly great as far as aritstry and content in acting even more so than than music i honestly believe he was just about to discover himself but instead his legacy as they refer to it is being the ultimate thug!! i think ppl read the headlines but don’t bother looking at the story and make him a thug diety …shame but hey that’s black folks

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