Stray Shots


I’m not sure why Young Buck’s name isn’t on any VMA Best Dressed lists.

Diddy does his best Pharoahe Monch impersonation

Video for Monch’s Push (Windows Media)

Congratulations to Joell Ortiz on his new Aftermath deal. 

A couple of short clips of Mos Def’s arrest at the VMA’s. 

British graf artist Banksys reworks the Paris Hilton album

I’m not sure how I missed out on this for so long. 

Funding For Hip-Hop Museum In The Bronx Frozen

Part 1 of a feature on Jimmy Henchmen 

Nas Takes a Jab at 50 Cent

Alleged Detox snippet

New Cassidy – What You Know About Cass 

Lloyd Banks – Survivor  

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321 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. nation Says:

    fuck the bloods, fuck the crips. fuck racism. and fuck the shit in my life

    btw that STYLES feat. 354 – WE STILL STRUGGLIN is sooo deep

  2. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) i'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time Says:

    >>fuck the bloods, fuck the crips. fuck racism. and fuck the shit in my life

    Basically. Yo what shit in your life though?

  3. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) i'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time Says:

    I carry the auto like a mechanic.

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    nation : What? You got fam out here? Get your ass out here son, but wait til next Summer when it warms up again, London Town is the spot, fuck what you heard.

    And yeah that SP feat 354 is tight.

  5. Paperstacker Says:

    You do know that real bloods and crips don’t go by the 5 and 6 right? Thats just what “bloods and crips” from out of Cali say. The 5 and 6 are People and Folk Nation terms…Chicago gangs….not Cali gangs.

    Thats why i laugh at people who say they are b’s and c’s and aren’t from L.A. or even Cali for that matter, where i’m at theres alotta “bloods and crips” but funny thing is, i live nowhere near L.A….

    And remember when you say “5 poppin 6 droppin” you’re talking about up with People Nation and down with Folks….not up with Bloods and down with Crips….


    Real talk man, i used to live in the chi for a minute, been to milwaukee too. gangs under the people nation use the 5 star and the folks use the 6. when niggas say that 5 poppin shit it usually relates to stones, 4 corners, or vicelords. And the 6 is what the GD’s under. I knew alot of niggas that claimed blood etc down there. Some were real, some werent. Dont know how that 6 and 5 got tied to that cause like u said cali niggas dont even do that shit. must be in the midwest though, cause crips use to follow the 6, have they stuff to the right and shit.

    Bottom line is that the blood and crip shit has spread all over the place and niggas basically making up they own shit along the way. As far as rules/licks most them niggas dont even know shit about what they claim. Shit like an epidemic,

    I heard its been bloods and crips that been in Canada for a minute. Nation u know what im talking bout? cause shit is getting ridiculous now.

  6. KingML Says:

    >I was in Montreal doing my dirt over there. Canada is soft tho, a Nigga could make money and run that shit like nothing.

    You one stupid fuck. Generalizations are something only a dumb man speaks of. Montreal has been a mafia run town since the early 1900s, it was a branch office of New York City’s powerful Bonanno Crime Family. The Mafia, along with the predominantly Irish West End Gang and the Hells Angels, make up Montreal’s “Consortium”. You obviously need to read some history books, or atleast a book, and not one with LL and 50 doing centerfolds.

    You are like the Derek Zoolander of this shit, just so dumb and you don’t even know it. Go get in a “gasoline fight”.

  7. ShockWave Says:


    JOELL ORTIZ is one 80’s baby that got that pfft shit!

  8. Real.Talk. 8x Platinum ( 13x Globally ) Says:

    hol ya head mos

    lol @ the crowd hollaring we support you

    i bet mos was thinking “yea, why dont you support me an brake these damn handcuffs of my wrist!”

  9. Joe 88 A.K.A No amount of security Says:

    *Stummbles in hella late*

    First i would like to say Congratulations to Eskay for winning “Best hip hop blog” you deserve every good thing that comes your way playboy (N/H) keep up the good work doggie. Now that that’s outta the way, 410 mixtape coming soon, cop like 10 of em (especially Billz, nBmore, T nelson & the rest of the Baltimore natives ya heard)

  10. Son_Of_Ether aka el_feces_loco Says:

    and the Canadian women are TIGHT.

    ^^^Word..Lil X was importin em for a minute there(esther baxter, Mellisa ford, etc)…I been to caribana a few times..t dot o dot is the shit,..Canada is like NY without the crime, the dirty azz streets and grimey women….but thats just exactly why I couldnt live there.

  11. Son_Of_Ether aka el_feces_loco Says:

    # Temp Agency aka Baby Face Pimpin Says:
    September 5th, 2006 at 7:21 pm

    son of ether u puss…ya wife wears boxers wit dick-holes in em….

    i still got that west indian parade hypeness in me doggie…Ill mop the floor wit ya wide ass…..all ya niggaz is pussy…cant one of ya walk thru my block…

    ^^^Let me guess? Youre gonna be the big tough guy on the block with Christina Aguileras “DIRTY” blasting in your Ipod with the nunchucks nameplate belt wearing a fuschia BAPE hoody?…Your a blo

  12. nation Says:

    >> I heard its been bloods and crips that been in Canada for a minute. Nation u know what im talking bout? cause shit is getting ridiculous now.

    nothing special man. seriously. ive never seen cali or chi city gangs, but these are just guys that dress up in specific colors, that throw up funny finger signs and that dance around like monkeys. they dont really run any drugs, at all, the hells angels run things around here. (white quebecer (french) motorcycle gang/mafia ish type, they run all the clubs and what not, extortion). oh and black people in montreal are either all well-dressed university going haitians, and africans, sons of rich men and women. or a bunch of brats that stay on myspace and that listen to snap music. white boys are tougher than black guys in montreal, more anger. but in gangs, ive been noticing as of lately, its mainly pakis that are running that. but its not really a gang, its a club, an after school program. thats why i dont take that blood shit seriously

    oh and if you think im snitching, suck my dick, i was just rapping (a la 50 cent)

  13. The B.I.G. Homie Says:

    eskay im glad you started using sendspace instead of that weak ass rapidshare

  14. Rizz Says:

    remember how buck never stabbed anyone and the whole vibe awards was a hoax and somebody else did the actual stabbing,buck just stood up with a fork

    i do

  15. luis Says:


  16. rubyspirit Says:

    Jay-Z is ugly. I hear Nas has bad hygiene. Luda looks a mess.

    Where’s the cool guys? Wu-tang!

  17. Lili Says:

    Where the hell that Chappelle clip come from?? The new DVD?

  18. Paperstacker Says:

    Where’s the cool guys? Wu-tang!

    The fuck?

  19. Paperstacker Says:

    What the fuck?

  20. Paperstacker Says:

    (No homo)

  21. luis Says:


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