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Archive for August, 2006

Destroy and Rebuild

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006


Hurricane Katrina Respond React 

A Tribute To Her Truth and Her Pain, Her Name: Hurricane Katrina by Nadira Simone 

Breakdown FM: One Year Later David Banner Remembers Hurricane Katrina 

More links to come…     

Jay-Z Stageside: Radio City Music Hall

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

This is the footage I linked to the other day. Let’s see how long it takes Coke to start crying.

Daily Headlines 8-29-06

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Foxy finally shows up in court, pleads guilty, changes her mind.

A black resident of Idlewild Michigan is pissed about ‘Kast’s movie. He says they took the name of his city and turned it into a "bang-bang, shoot ’em up minstrel show." 

Kim’s lawyer says Tanya Stephens’ lawsuit is a ploy for publicity. Considering that her album dropped the same day it was announced, I’m inclined to agree.

I love this

?uestlove nearly has a breakdown trying to record Game Theory. 

Some info on the new Kweli album.

Foxy’s Best Week Ever

Monday, August 28th, 2006


Little Inga has had quite an eventful life this week. I’ve compiled the following timeline in case you’re having trouble keeping up:

First she skips out on a Jersey City court appearance last Wednesday. The reason for the appearance is that her former assistant is suing her for a week’s worth of unpaid salary and making ‘terroristic’ threats.

The very next day she tries to run over a poor defenseless 17 year old Brooklyn teenager and then hops out on her on some task force shit.  

That same night she does a Brooklyn style run out at a boutique in the West Village with a couple of overpriced belts. Arms were flailed, curse words were spewed and surveillance footage recorded. The NYPD says they are looking into the matter, which usually means call your lawyer. (Oh wait, you fired him.)

Today she was due in court to answer to misdemeanor assault charges in yet another incident of rappers gone wild, where she Crouching Tiger’d a couple of nail salon employees back in 2004.

Once again, she decides that the justice system should run on her time, rather than the other way around, and a warrant is issued for her arrest.

What a girl. I’m starting to think this chick might need an intervention of some sort. For what, I’m not too sure. Keep in mind this is the same chick who is ultimately responsible for the Hot 97 shootout and the year Lil Kim spent in prison. She’s also been known to curse out camera crews, run over bikers, and be threatened with arrest in Jamaica.

Daily Headlines 8-28-06

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Idlewild opened way down in the #9 spot this weekend. Sounds pretty bad, but it actually did decent numbers considering it’s only showing in 973 theaters.

Here’s a list of some of the Katrina coverage the networks have planned for tomorrow, the one year anniversary of the hurricane making landfall in Louisiana. 

Cee-Lo the boardgame.

Em is gonna mess around and get himself banned from the Playboy Mansion. 

An aspiring dwarf rapper named ‘Lil Dirty’ is suing the Georgia Dept. of Corrections for negligence after he fell off the sink in his cell. I kid you not.

Watch footage from Jay’s Reasonable Doubt concert here.

Stray Shots

Monday, August 28th, 2006

pic swiped from Bossip

Is Jay leaving his position at Def Jam to return to rap?

From MTV: Nas’s Hip Hop is Dead has a ‘tentative’ November release date. Papoose has tracks with Dre and Premier in the stash for his album that he hopes to have out this year.  

Kim is getting sued for swagger jacking in the first degree.

Meanwhile Foxy is stealing belts and running up on 17 year olds and shit.   

I think it’s admirable that this press release about the new Sadat X album doesn’t mention his gun charge and impending 9 month sentence until the 4th paragraph. 

I guess somebody had to do this.

Ghostface and Trife da God – Man Up

Fat Joe’s writing a verse for Game’s album. Some people make it look easy, Joe makes it look excruciating.

Jesus Price Supastar Cover

Saturday, August 26th, 2006


Due 10/31. Here’s the cover of the Alter The Chemistry mixtape that the Beatminerz are putting together. It will feature Buckshot’s vocals from Chemistry over all new beats.

Don’t Expect A Saigon Album Anytime Soon

Friday, August 25th, 2006


From his Myspace blog:


Well I know alot of ya’ll have been wanting to know whats going on with my album and the release dates and all of that..Unfortunately I dont have a street date to give you for 2 reasons, the first because i am just now completing is, secondly because i dont wanna give a date and keep getting my shit pushed back because of label politricks, But please be mindful, The album is certified CLASSIC, my best rhymes and Just Blaze best beats……And check for that street single, Pain in my Life produced by Cocoa Chanelle…….Yezzir..Their is alot of pressure when you have one of the most anticipated albums in the whole world but I think I delivered. Trust and believe me..

Daily Headlines 8-25-06

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Master P signs to Lil Romeo’s label

According to the U.K.’s D.J. Semtex, Dr Dre is definitely on The Doctor’s Advocate, and the result is ‘classic.’ 

Angling for Hip-Hop Appeal 

Phife isn’t so sure what the future holds for Tribe 

Eminem teams with Nike to help underprivileged youth 

Uncle Luke starts a youth football league 

I’m seeing alot of conflicting reviews for Idlewild (the movie). Meanwhile, a recent advanced screening of the film had it’s own little ‘nigger moment.’ (c) Huey.

Officials in NY are afraid the black team is going to win all the challenges on Survivor.

DMX Fronts On The Troops

Thursday, August 24th, 2006


Damn X, this is some real cracked out, diva shit right here. Just yesterday I was talking about how good it felt to write something positive about DMX for a change, and now he goes and pulls this.

Earl Simmons, who performs as rapper DMX, cancelled a week-long tour to entertain troops in Kuwait and Iraq. He offered no explanation.

Simmons was scheduled to depart on his tour Aug. 22, but delayed his departure until Aug 23. His representative agreed to add a day to the original schedule. However, on Aug. 23, he failed to appear on time for his flight to Kuwait.

"We are extremely disappointed that DMX decided not to complete the tour he asked us to arrange for him," said John Hanson, USO senior vice president for marketing and communications. "When we announced this tour, troops were extremely excited about the possibility of seeing a performer they admired. We understand their disappointment."

As much as I hate this war and the reasoning behind it, as well as the fact that kids barely out of high school have to be over there fighting it, I can appreciate how good it must feel to have a celebrity make that trip to perform for you. You have to have some nerve to turn around and front on them. What happened, did somebody tell you that crack is scarce in Kuwait? Incredible. Come on X, you need to do right by those kids.