Styles P – Time Is Money: October 17


Styles P’s website has finally re-launched (there still isn’t anything really worth looking at) and an announcement posted there, and on his Myspace page, says that October 17th is the do-or-die release date for Time is Money. I’m glad to hear it, but I just hope this album hasn’t been butchered into wackness after all the push backs and label nonsense. I would imagine he had to record a bunch of new songs, since a good 5 or 6 tracks made their way onto the internet and mixtapes. If we’re lucky, those songs will end up actually being good. I can already say that I’m not really feeling that single, Who Want A Problem, but that’s due more to the fact that I think Swizz Beatz should’ve retired back in ’01. It’ll be what it is, but I have this feeling that SP is going to deliver on this one. 

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185 Responses to “Styles P – Time Is Money: October 17”

  1. Store Front Says:

    “says that October 17th is the do-or-die release date for Time is Money.”

    So is he commiting suicide on the 16th, 17th, or 18th?

  2. Store Front Says:

    “# Street Jamz Says:
    August 30th, 2006 at 7:09 pm

    Swizz Beats is like Eminem on production. The same beats slowed down or sped up! Can’t say their not consistant tho?”

    Swizz Beats produced this, peep it, Papoose & Nas on the same track:

  3. Store Front Says:

    Oh yea, Jay-Z is about 6 good albums better than Nas. “44 4’s” way better than anything Nas has done since “One Mic”.

  4. GET Says:

    The diddy diss aint working up it something else

  5. Foekist Says:


    It’s odd… It’s interesting.. It’s wack.

  6. Store Front Says:

    L.aughing M.y O.ff

  7. Foekist Says:


    Them dudes is a PROBLEM. Lock ya doors!

  8. EnglandRepresent Says:

    ill change : You really think the beats on AG&AG was trash? I htought they was OK but 2 Guns UP killed it on that album, the dude, like Immortal Technique is way under-rated.

    Nation : Whats good breh? Chin up son.

  9. iLL Change Says:

    >> ill change : You really think the beats on AG&AG was trash?

    yeah, they were all really mediocre. i could never listen to it the whole way thru. about a quarter of the album has alright beats, but none of those beats are exceptional (Good Times is fire tho.)

  10. Store Front Says:

    Man, I know it is old, but fuck that was so funny. I Googled “50 Cent The Bomb” looking for that Diddy dis, because I’ve been looking for somebody to dis that guy since ’98. And I’m not talking about disgruntled employees. Anyway, that is what came up. Post that shit eskay, old or not, it’s timeless.

  11. Rh!N Says:

    The entire D-block gets props from me, ‘cos i’ve seen em roll around “NO SECURITY for real. No bullshit. J-Hood is a lil nigga tho. talking all that shit. probably a napoleon complex or something, lol.

    but i don’t think styles is gonna do it on this album. He doesn’t have anything to say except “I’m tuff, don’t fuck with me, i get money”. And i’m not hating ‘cos that’s my nigga, but…honestly he hasn’t made any song which impressed me since AG&AG dropped. If this album is hot…i’ll do something that i haven’t done since Stillmatic dropped:

    I’ll actually cop that shit. Cash down! lmao

    fuck outta here

  12. Rh!N Says:


    AG&AG was some iiilll shit. Beats and all. That shit is good to go in the car, in the crib, on foot….

  13. Rh!N Says:

    # Store Front Says:
    August 30th, 2006 at 10:23 pm

    Oh yea, Jay-Z is about 6 good albums better than Nas. “44 4’s” way better than anything Nas has done since “One Mic”.

    ^ REEEEEEACHING….I don’t give a fuck what Jay did, “I Gave You Power” is crushing anything Jay ever made as a conceptual song. Even “Reverse” nutz. and 44 4s is just another 22 2s….that alone should dead the concept of it being hot. PERIOD.

  14. iLL Change Says:

    i’m styles p.


  15. EnglandRepresent Says:

    iLL Change : You right Good Times as tight as a nun’s c*nt.

    Rh!N : You heard ‘I’m Black’? That shit is mint.

  16. Rh!N Says:

    # EnglandRepresent Says:
    August 30th, 2006 at 10:56 pm

    iLL Change : You right Good Times as tight as a nun’s c*nt.

    Rh!N : You heard ‘I’m Black’? That shit is mint.

    tru indeed, but i wasn’t feeling it like the jnt with Angie stone on AG&AG

  17. Rh!N Says:

    Styles used to better, even when he was being a gangster. One of my favorite songs by him is “Shoot ‘Em in The head” on the RR3 album. that joint is crazy.

  18. Caliber Says:

    ..yo don’t make me post “ghost in the shell” and “ghost in the machine” again for all yall that said sp aint came out w/ shit since a ganster and a gentleman…yall deaf???

    …this is caliber ask about me

    ..and england whats good fam..”2 gunz up” was on sheek’s walk witt me album not sp’s gangster and a gentleman….

  19. James Says:

    Hmm, dont see this doing big numbers

    Got video/pics of kanye concert with pharrell/common/john legend

    Also new 50 cent song dissing Diddy

  20. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Caliber : Whats good bredren? Yeah I know 2 Guns Up was on Sheek’s joint but P calls himself 2 Guns Up as well all the other monikers, Ghost etc. which is why I said that. Good lookin out on tryin to correct a nigga though! Shit has got to be correct when talkin bout Styles P. And ‘Ghost in the Machine’ is a crazy joint.

    I’m down with D-Block all day, even Sheek has stepped his game right up, he ain’t never gonna be a Jada or a Styles P but the nigga can flow no doubt about it. What’s really good is another LOX album, Money, Power, Respect knocks in my whip every week.

  21. Caliber Says:

    ..thats wassup england..

    ..tha new LOX album entitled “Live, Suffer, Celebrate” will be out 1st or 2nd quarter ’07

  22. EnglandRepresent Says:

    ‘Don’t make me put your heart in your lap/
    Fuck ridin a beat nigga/
    I parrallel park on the track’

    Jadakiss off of Kiss of Death

  23. nation - since 88 i was sick with the hustle Says:

    going to bed

    good night good folks

  24. Caliber Says:

    ..hold ya head

  25. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Caliber : For real? They’ve actually got another LOX album in the pipeline? That shit is gonna be bangin. Yo, what you think to Jada’s Kiss of Death joint? Want your opinion, my manz don’t rate it at all but personally I reckon the joint is sick.

  26. Caliber Says:

    ..any kiss fan will tell u kiss of death was solid..not a classic be he dropped jewels on that album no doubt…to tha mainstream lookin in, most look at this effort as a flop..


    ..joints like real hip hop..still feel your side..air out..why..shoot outs..i’m goin back…make this album what it me those songs are timeless and if u listen to tha messages, a real nigga would agree..although tha production is questionable on some tracks and some concepts are flim flam…overall kiss of death is a solid effort and i look forward to his 3rd solo album entitle “Kiss My Ass”


  27. SIX2SIX Says:

    Here’s the reup 50 cent dissin p.diddy this aint old, fresh off of kay slay……50 mad about the MA$E Deal…

  28. SIX2SIX Says:

    Who shot biggie smalls/
    We dont get em they gon kill us all/
    Man,Puffy Know who hit dat nigga,dat nigga soft/
    he scared dem boys from the westside ill break him off/
    jump on his ass so that nigga,so he run and harlem shake em off/
    -50 cent

  29. Store Front Says:

    Fucking $0.50 man.

    He didn’t really lose me on the Massacre after I actually heard the album (Ryder Music & Baltimore Love Thing = true classics), singles sucked, but tracks 9 through 16 were classic. Then he spits one of the best verses this decade on “Hate It or Love It”. Then shit goes way downhill with following movie and mixtapes. Tries to copy Nelly and failing so horribly. Games does the mixtape thing better than anybody not named Weezy. Game comes on his own, putting out “One Blood”, probably the rap song of the summer, even if it isn’t on MTV. Things could not look worse for the G-Unit commander.

    Mark this day. August 30, 2006. 50 Cent drops a mixtape song that goes after the Pubic Enemy #1. Not only that, with a flow that is reminscent of Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Plus, a great beat with a deep rolling base line, seriously with my subs I can other people CD players skip with this beat. People have been calling for His head for a decade now. Nobody with enough courage to go up against his pile of money, except for disgruntled employees. People recently have been looking to Jay-Z to do this, but we forgot about the newest hip-hop tycoon. This is the best move ever in hip-hop, can anybody actually thing of a better way to instantly regain your credibilty and build anticipation for another album. Just read some of the 50 Cent threads from last week, especially that “London, London” one.

    2Pac vs. B.I.G.
    Jay-Z vs. Nas

    Dare I say it, the next big battle:

    50 Cent vs. Diddy

    Get ’em 50. Get ’em. I can’t speak for the East or South, but the West fucking hates Diddy. Seriously, no other name is spoken with such disgust on the streets. We’ll fall in line if keep up the pressure on him. Murder that motherfucker.

  30. KingML Says:

    >>Seriously, no other name is spoken with such disgust on the streets.

    No other name is spoken with such disgust. Period. haha

  31. D-Block Goon Says:

    d-block is the toughest group out right now fuck gunit gggggg-unot faggot ass bitch ass niggas

  32. D-Block Goon Says:

    fuck everyone that is on dis website everyone can suck my dick

  33. ReetPeet Says:

    @ D-Block Goon: I’m wondering why you want guys to suck your dick…. You really dig that ?

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  35. Angie B. Says:

    Fuk all the rest ….its all about my baby G-Gutta……..

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