Daily Headlines 8-30-06

Wow, Outkast loses to Danity Kane. Is this the begining of the end for of the Great Southern Dynasty of the new millenium?  

C-Murder thought he was good when he attended the debut of Spike’s documentary. The judge didn’t find it amusing.

Yeah, this guy should really be let anywhere near a movie set. 

Fat Joe signs with Virgin 

Wu-Tang adds a new member 

BREAKING: Foxy shows up somewhere on time and doesn’t assault anybody

My pants always sag, cuz I rap my ass off.  

Dave Chappelle is glad he left his show.

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511 Responses to “Daily Headlines 8-30-06”



    LIoyd Banks Rotton Apple

    Ludacris Therapy Session

    Game Doctor’s Advocate

    I know for sure these guys are coming out this year
    My money is riding on Banks but place your bets

  2. KingML Says:


    LIoyd Banks Rotton Apple

    Ludacris Therapy Session

    Game Doctor’s Advocate

    None of the above.

  3. KingML Says:

    Im going with one of these 3

    J-Zone – To Love A Hooker
    (Just jokin did it for my boy)

    One of these 3:
    Mos Def – Tru3 Magic
    Nas – Hip-hop Is Dead
    CL Smooth – American Me

  4. hip hop cops Says:

    or that new pharoahe monch (if it actually comes out)

  5. BmoreBoy Says:

    D. Billz Says:

    August 30th, 2006 at 3:49 pm
    icon Says:

    August 30th, 2006 at 3:44 pm
    Does anyone here consider Baltimore to be the south? All y’all got is techno, and B. Rich.

    ^ No, not really. We just happen to be located below the Mason-Dixon. We’re like Philly’s, unrefined lil’ cousins. And don’t you ever insinuate that somehow he’s a rep for B’more. People get bodyslammed in dirty harbor water for shit like that (c) Nation.

    ^ On the low you need to support your own. B.Rich does rep Bmore. Look at the “Whoa Now” video Bmore allday. Only other place you see more footage of Bmore is on the News or The Wire.
    Most Bmore niggas think if you aint running with “their” crew they phony or weak regardless of how talented they are. I got your back B, they just tryin to pull you down.
    *Crabs in a Barrell*

  6. www.myspace.com/willisent Says:

    uhhhm, yeah, whuteva……..

  7. www.chosenfewrecords.com Says:

    ohhh, my bad!!! check me out on this 1ne!!!

    if ya’ll wanna know whuts goin on overseas (germany) hit me up and leave a comment.


  8. wu tang clan aint nuttin to fuck wit Says:

    paul mooney aint even funny…i seen him on chappelles show and he makes me yawn

  9. wu tang clan aint nuttin to fuck wit Says:

    and for real,the wu needs to come back and claim shit again for the eastside,these southern niggas aint rappin at all they some hillbilly ass niggas and the wu needs to come back and put dip set and dblock an gunit in they place because wit these niggas beefin the east aint neva comin back and dipset they just talk about sellin crack which is really gettin boring,juelz needs to stop talkin about crack,cuz that nigga spits about it so much im startin to think hes suckin on that glass dick.the wu neeeds to get back in.plus ghostface on his own is wack as shit

  10. Eric Mangini aka New URL Order(c) Says:


  11. Monique Says:

    The song about Idlewood, was it based on something true that happened?
    If so, where can I find information on it?

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