Foxy’s Best Week Ever


Little Inga has had quite an eventful life this week. I’ve compiled the following timeline in case you’re having trouble keeping up:

First she skips out on a Jersey City court appearance last Wednesday. The reason for the appearance is that her former assistant is suing her for a week’s worth of unpaid salary and making ‘terroristic’ threats.

The very next day she tries to run over a poor defenseless 17 year old Brooklyn teenager and then hops out on her on some task force shit.  

That same night she does a Brooklyn style run out at a boutique in the West Village with a couple of overpriced belts. Arms were flailed, curse words were spewed and surveillance footage recorded. The NYPD says they are looking into the matter, which usually means call your lawyer. (Oh wait, you fired him.)

Today she was due in court to answer to misdemeanor assault charges in yet another incident of rappers gone wild, where she Crouching Tiger’d a couple of nail salon employees back in 2004.

Once again, she decides that the justice system should run on her time, rather than the other way around, and a warrant is issued for her arrest.

What a girl. I’m starting to think this chick might need an intervention of some sort. For what, I’m not too sure. Keep in mind this is the same chick who is ultimately responsible for the Hot 97 shootout and the year Lil Kim spent in prison. She’s also been known to curse out camera crews, run over bikers, and be threatened with arrest in Jamaica.

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202 Responses to “Foxy’s Best Week Ever”

  1. Paperstacker Says:

    lmao, aight nigga

  2. hollaa vv Says:

    foxy write her own shit .. ^ da proof.

    as for baby cham, thats foxys brother.. spragga is her man tho they engaged or suttin.

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