Daily Headlines 8-28-06

Idlewild opened way down in the #9 spot this weekend. Sounds pretty bad, but it actually did decent numbers considering it’s only showing in 973 theaters.

Here’s a list of some of the Katrina coverage the networks have planned for tomorrow, the one year anniversary of the hurricane making landfall in Louisiana. 

Cee-Lo the boardgame.

Em is gonna mess around and get himself banned from the Playboy Mansion. 

An aspiring dwarf rapper named ‘Lil Dirty’ is suing the Georgia Dept. of Corrections for negligence after he fell off the sink in his cell. I kid you not.

Watch footage from Jay’s Reasonable Doubt concert here.

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456 Responses to “Daily Headlines 8-28-06”

  1. Boosie- on my 88 shit Says:

    Filthy tunes,

    You shnouser bagel eating wanna be down grease holder in a mason jar mixtape coaster ass nigga.

    You say lupe is wack. But your skills are half of what he is.

    HEY EVERYBODY go listen to filthy’s songs and see if he aint swagger jacking TRick daddy. His fake potato salad ass music. More like stuffed broccoli greenbeen casserole shit.

    You know I’m right.

    Dickrider? Thats all you got to say b? nothing more to say huh. Your shit is garbage, you just graduated from college.( myspace profile) LMAO

  2. www.myspace.com/filthytunes Says:

    yo.. straight up.. I would punch you in your muthafuckin mouth b….

  3. Boosie- on my 88 shit Says:

    Straight up son, I would john mark karr your ass,

    you my little jonbenet bitch,

    you swacking (short for swagger jacking) in the first degree. Every song sounds the same, like you and your family had a apple cider gathering.
    Frenchy Kev made the apple pies for you b. Them shits was on the window sill cooling, then you rapped about it. Shits disgusting b.

    Get the fuck outta here. I would straight punk you If I was to run up on you.

  4. BaHa Says:

    >>>>>>>…along with illegal guns, crack is the worse thing to happen to black/brown people in America since slavery….it is this generations’ slavery….its bad on other races too, but blacks/browns dont stand a chance with this shit….and that goes for the dealers too….

    Why don’t the blacks/browns stand a chance??

  5. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) i'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time(I am NOT a blogger, i just comment good) Says:

    You know…..i gotta agree with Landlord on the part where Eminem is overrated. I have never heard something from him that actually made me rewind to hear what he just said over again.

  6. blaalb Says:


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