Jesus Price Supastar Cover


Due 10/31. Here’s the cover of the Alter The Chemistry mixtape that the Beatminerz are putting together. It will feature Buckshot’s vocals from Chemistry over all new beats.

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  1. Temp Agency aka Says:


  2. Temp Agency aka Says:

    # Foekist – Says:
    August 27th, 2006 at 9:31 pm

    >>damn ne-yo’s gay

    Y U say that?


    Here’s the email that has been circulating around the net this weekend about Go-Go. Supposedly he is coming out of the closet in the October 2006 issue of Essence. I’ll believe it when I read it for myself.

    Singer Ne-yo Announces He Is Gay
    Essence Magazine August 23,2006

    The newly famed singer/songwriter has came out of the closet and announced that he is gay. The multi-platinum recording artist sat down for the October issue of Essence Magazine last week and announced the shocking news stating, “Yes, I am gay, and I have always been.” After several internet rumors have been circulating around the internet. He also said, “You now this world we live in is full of judgement, resulting in one of the reasons why it took me so long to come out of the closet.” Earlier this month, a man by the name of Derrick Johnson claimed that he had an intimate relationship with the singer during there teen years in high school. He also said that for months the singer and Def Jam has been trying to pay him to keep quiet over the ordeal. Worrying that it would destroy his image. Ne-yo responds saying, that the relationship did occur and he is no longer ashamed of saying that he was deeply in love. Reciting “That situation was what inspired me to write the song Unfaithful. But no one knew it was actually about myself, and our relationship.” He told Essence that he doesn’t care anymore, he was tired of living a lie and is ready to come clean. Quoting, “the music industry can either except me for who I am, or desert me.” The full interview with the magazine is expected to hit stands mid-October.

    Barbra Stradoff,
    Essence Magazine

  3. Store Front Says:

    You guys are straight falling in line with the 50 Cent over-exposure blacklash. I didn’t hear anybody complain about that beat when eskay posted that mixtape. Check out track 6 on Big Mike’s This is Why I’m Hot.

    I don’t like 50 now because he does a shitty job of singing instead of rapping. First album classic. Seriously, tracks 9 through 16 on Massacre were classic. The rest was like a prophecy of shit. First verse on Game’s “Hate It or Love It” was classic. Everything else since mediocre at best, but mostly crappy.

    Then he comes with a decent song over a Fergie/Will.I.Am beat and you guys call it the worse thing ever without giving it a chance. Man, that “Paper Chaser” and “Misdemeanor” were crap. His “put em up” on Banks song was annoying. But this song is decent. Not great. Not bad. Decent. Which is an improvement for $0.50. I’m just recognizing what is real.

  4. nation - since 88 i was sick with the hustle Says:

    ^ get over it.

    *snap dances to chevy ridin high*

  5. Temp Agency aka Says:

    i back down sets..ask about me…do ya background checks (c) cam

  6. Caliber Says:

    –rappers sayin they run new york..i’m from new york too..look, they don’t run new york they run they crew..come to my hood they be like “who tha fuck are you?”..tell ’em you tha boss and watch they gun bust at you..

    –uncle murder

  7. nation - since 88 i was sick with the hustle Says:

    eskay, does this seem familiar at all?

    i barely know any of these things… 80’s/90’s baby for real.

  8. nation - since 88 i was sick with the hustle Says:

    how the fuck can one make a list like that and still be sane. like how do you know/remember/type all that. and try to have a good laugh over it. like i understand for old heads, but wtf man

  9. Amped Says:

    Off topic here. Anyone know that new song out with Lil Wayne featured in it that uses part of the chorus from an 80s song?

  10. Caliber Says:

    Amped Says:
    August 28th, 2006 at 12:46 am
    Off topic here. Anyone know that new song out with Lil Wayne featured in it that uses part of the chorus from an 80s song?

    ..couldn’t say off tha top of my head but here goes a classic mixtape for u wayne fans that aint got this in tha stash…


  11. Real.Talk. 8x Platinum is pissed! ma sizzzurps finished. Says:

    *snap dances to chevy ridin high*

    ^ lol…..i dont care fa tha rest of tha track but that chourus is Banging

  12. luis Says:

    Eh…….who cares!!!!

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