Daily Headlines 8-23-06


Darryl McDaniels, known as DMC, hammers on the frame on a Habitat for Humanity house in New Orleans, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2006. 

The family of the man shot by Proof files another lawsuit against his estate. 

Russell Simmons backs Republican for Senate 

Some positive news about DMX for a change. 

Obie lands way down at number 8 after moving about 74,000 units of Second Rounds On Me

on the new season of ‘Survivor’ contestants will be seprated by race.

Rumor Control: Rumor has it, Beanie recently dissed Jay-Z on stage at a Philly club after being dropped from Rocafella. As soon as I find some audio or a credible source, I will holla. 

Bonus: New Cassidy – It Is What It Is 

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209 Responses to “Daily Headlines 8-23-06”

  1. spanish jay a.k.a. nah right bully Says:

    yall dudes still over here?

    i guess thats a political statement in itself

  2. max Says:

    ^ good look

  3. Nola Girl Says:

    “still republicans are anti-black people”

    Thats not true, but unfortunately most blacks think like you

    Clinton=Democrat=More prisons built and more blacks locked up during his administration than during the damn Reagan administration

    Politicians are all shady! But the parties don’t mean shit you have to look at the individuals and the policies they are for and against, I have been for more Republicans lately than Dems for MANY reasons and theres alot of Republicans that will get my vote for president over Clintons wife but I know most blacks I know are ready to vote Hillary just cause of the illusion that Clinton (was the first black president=ignorance) loved Blacks *smh*

  4. Nola Girl Says:

    “but russell supporting steele should be a warning shot to democrats to get their shit together”

    thats a good point! I would love to support and vote for Dems but unfortunately the times I went to vote there wasn’t a Democrat in my state worth voting for , an example is Kathleen Blanco who won Gov of Louisiana just cause she was a democrat and shes proved timed after time (especially during Katrina) what a worthless politician she is, she actually used MILLION$ of dollars for stop smoking ads..cause she thinks smoking is a MAJOR problem in La…WTF?!!??! If ppl want to kill themselves who the fuk cares? That money could have went to promote something that might have actually helped make a difference in the community, like put that money in the school system so ppl can get alittle eduction and maybe promote them to stop killing other ppl over
    some corner they aint never ever gonna have enough crack money to own

  5. ian Says:

    New Cassidy = straight fiya!

  6. Store Front Says:

    Didn’t Masta Killa just put out a song called “It Is What It Is” with Ghostface and Raekwon. Cassidy better watch out for those darts.

  7. planB Says:

    wasn’t cosby’s daughter a coke head? he needs to shut the hell up.

  8. lea Says:

    Beenie dissed Hova after being dropped from ROC. that cant be true, his last album i though was released under DDMG.

  9. DEQUES(pronouncedDEXX!) Says:

    jesse jackson jr. and barack obama are the truth not because he got the spot light they both been down and outspoken out here in chi. before nobody knew who the hell he was .they tried to convince barack obama to change his name after 9/11 because they were plannin on runninfor senate but he was like he’ll never disrespect his family by doin that and if that what he needs to do to win no thanx find somebody else.he didn’t,they didn’t.and now he’s a household name.jackson jr. is his own man also he rides with pops but he stands on his own.they’ll click with a republican or who ever has a \n agenda they feel is worthy and it’s a coupla republicans like that too they roll with their mob butthey ‘ll do business with opps(opposition) they aint with gangbangin(shooting down good laws because somebody fron another click suggested it but your boy don’t like him cuz tehy didn’t pass their law)people ‘s lives are at stake and their playing h.s. games jackson jr. will check whites,blacks,republicans and democrats so alotta politicians don’t like him but they’re scared of him cuz he rolls with a lil of everybody and they trying to get shit done on the s.side of chi cuz the whites concentrate on downtown and predominately white N.side and N.suburbs now they want the city back.so i’m down for anybody with a good idea no matter what their party.and by the way Reublicans was for blacks back in the day (post slvry) i don’t know what happened. and liberals coddle m.f too much sometimes

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