Game Goes To Geffen, Takes Huge L


We all knew this was coming, but now I guess it’s official. The following statement is posted on the Aftermath website:

It’s official – Game is off the Math. There were a lot of rumors about The Game leaving Aftermath in the last weeks. The Game is now on Geffen Records.

His upcoming album "The Doctor’s Advocate" is scheduled to release in Nov 7 and features appearances from Nas and Mary J Blige, while production is supplied by Dr. Dre, Cool & Dre, Scott Storch and among others.

I don’t care how Game or BWS try to spin this, he lost. "Oh but he’s still working with Dre." Ha. I wonder if Dre knows that. We’re looking for Dr. Dre Game, not Cool and Dre. Musically, I guess I still look forward more to this album than another 50 disc, but wow…he took a L. The idea that 50 is single handedly responsible for Game’s success is ridiculous to say the least, and Little J.T. is a talented kid, but without Dre overseeing this album, November 7th is gonna be an interesting day.

(Of course when I say Nov. 7th, I mean whatever day in late October that it leaks.) 

(Did I mention he took an L?)

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714 Responses to “Game Goes To Geffen, Takes Huge L”

  1. Store Front Says:

    700 comments, wow. What’s the record?

  2. eskay Says:

    >>Eskay…if you in Y.O…I could meet you at Yonkers Ave.

    whenever wherever mr. softy

  3. jersey Says:

    LOL@mr. softy…….

  4. The Game Says:

    wow you yahwhite fags index fingers must be swollen from all the scrollin through all these hairbrained comments. Does anyone here have any shrapnel of a life?

  5. boston george Says:

    damn…over 700 posts (whats the record for real?) and more than half of it gotta do with Nahright’s own little race issue or WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT….real recognize real, black or white tho. I know some gully white dudes. no matter how many “niggas” a white dude grow up around, that shit still aint cool for yall to say (to me). all the white dudes that grew up around me know not to say it in my presence…shit just dont feel right…u know why? cuz this country was built by the slave labor of enslaved africans. shit the nations very foundation is racism…and i know some white dudes aint got no mal-intent so i just be like “yo, chill with that shit cuzz”…

  6. nation of hugacation - sensitive thugs, y'all all need hugs Says:
  7. Amped Says:

    All the racism in this thread is wack. Everyone can talk shit through a computer screen, and nobody wants to be big enough to just drop it. Cut it out and let’s talk about some fucking music.

  8. boston george Says:

    @ amped
    racism is wack…whats even wacker is internet thugs, that shit bugs me the fuck out LOL what song u bangin right now as u readin this?

  9. True Story Says:

    Nigga you hearing shit and making up lies Game is OVer plus 50 cent got HOT ROD and Willie NorthPole for the west now!!!!!

    LOL, Reading is fundamental, I read the shit this afternoon on, Just because you say dude is done does not make it so, Game remains a factor, merely because his name remains in Fifty’s and most of the bloggers on this site and others, when was the last Game blog that didnt go double platinum.

    Lets think in a business mind, by going to Geffen, the Gunit tie is severed, Game swore to y’all in the Snitchin DVD that his next joint was not going to be on Gunit, Dre gets paid regardless because it cost Geffen money to buy the Aftermath contract, plus only a foolish producer would deny adding beats to a potentially multiplatinum album, Dre gonna get cake off the Doctors Advocate, I dont think Curtis will at all.

    Everything you said is true but 50 will see a percentage of Game’s next 4 albums. It was a Aftermath/G-Unit deal. Dre may see a larger % and additional cake from production but 50 will make his money. It’s a contact…….it sucks but thats how the music buisness goes you can’t break a contract…..maybe if DA blows he can buyout but 50 pretty much owns duke for 4 albums….just like Em and Dre own 50 for 2 more solos.

  10. French Kevin Says:


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  11. g unot Says:

    50 cent is a gay fag is stupid and is a studio gangsta

  12. g unot Says:

    ayooo fuck all of g unit like word if you like him you a dick rider fo real tho you all must bur white and jus kno rap from t.v like i said dick riden

  13. LoS Says:

    You know what I’m sticking with The Game, I lost alot of respect for Dre for kicking him off. 50 cent is a bitch, he ran his mouth on “How to Rob” and half the rappers he talked shit about, colabbed on a joint with him. The Game is a real dude, On Nov 2 I’ll make sure I buy the album, fuck I’ll buy two. To end off Fuck G-unit, Blackwall street 4 life.

  14. Ghost Writer Says:


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