Daily Headlines 7-28-06

More info on the Clipse album which allegedly drops on Halloween, and the movie they’re planning to accompany it.

So is Fat Joe off Atlantic or what? 

Commenting on his slap on the wrist he got yesterday, Star says there’s a big difference between mainstream talk and ‘hood’ talk. You got that right, in the real world you could go to jail, in the hood you get dealt with in a slightly different manner.

TMZ has some footage of X wilding out in the lobby of the courthouse after getting served with a paternity lawsuit. They also have the clip of him spitting for reporters outside court on a seperate occaison, which yes I know is old.  

Charles Barkely for Governor 

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104 Responses to “Daily Headlines 7-28-06”

  1. jersey Says:

    Yo “X” trippin Hard ……and his show on BET iz embarrassing man….How can he really be happy?….If he iz then mo power to em but peace iz all the freedom you need..Oh as well as Knowledge of self!…True Knowledge that iz.

  2. You Only Go Platinum If G-Unit Wants You To! Says:

    Me Myself & I” will be the follow-up to Fat Joe’s 2005 Terror Squad/Atlantic disc “All or Nothing,” which bowed at No. 6 on The Billboard 200 and has sold “””293,000″”” copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan……….

    THANKS TO 50…hahahahahahahaha nigga only sold 200,000
    Game Next Album is going To Sell the Most 400,000
    Jadakiss Next Album wont Come out until the Nigga is like 40….hahahaha
    Niggas Is Scread to Drop Albums……………………
    I Wonder Why Papoose hasn’t Gone After g-Unit Yet..hahahaha

  3. Shawn Freco Says:

    Somebody’s gettin a check from G-Unit…if not, hmmm u might be what we call a DR…just my opinion

  4. 2 up 2 down Says:

    I still can’t understand why everybody keeps talking about the Clipse. These niggas is fake. If you want some real Hiphop coming out of VA (really repping hampton roads) you need to check out them Money Island Bosses, or OVA. Those dudes been repping hard lately with some hot shit on all the VA radio stations. They got more local artist repping harder than the muthafuckas that are already out, but VA don’t rep for each other like these other states. They got myspace pages that I checked out earlier but those are the real representers of VA. That Clipse shit is so fake. Those niggas never done half the shit they’re glorifying. Fake ass niggas. Anyhow check out Money Island Bosses and OVA and listen to they shit. That’s real VA Viphop.

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