Daily Headlines 7-27-06

A Tribe Called Quest Reunite for Tour

Hip-hop activists decry urban radio programming 

Viacom’s MTV satire show offends black women – MTV may have been wrong, but it’s not like Snoop didn’t actually show up to the VMA’s with two girls on leashes.

Mike Vick smoking a blunt 

Zab Judah arrested 

Ghetto Big Mac: The Movie 

Exxon Mobil earns $1,318 a second to rake in a near record $10.4 Billion in the second quarter of 2006.

Al-Qaida calls for holy war against Israel 

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212 Responses to “Daily Headlines 7-27-06”

  1. Green Hornet Says:

    I mean, ya can smoke a blunt with a black and mild… but yeah, that’s certainly not damning evidence.

  2. sphinx Says:

    hey landlord how about you gtfoh? your fake anti-capitalism is pathetic…

    and that picture of snoop is fucking revolting sorry, i’m from la but fuck the dude have some fucking respect for people (women)

  3. spanish jay a.k.a. last man not on myspace Says:

    a man of his stature should not be eatin couchie, dammit man how the hell do you pass herps on

  4. Willie H. Holla Says:

    Man, If bruh is holdin a joint, then he just plain stupid. i know he ain’t THAT damn dumb to be caught on camera holdin the L…then again, this the same mofo that supposedly gave some bitch the herp, so i don’t know what the fuck to think. all i gotta say is what a waste that bitch is sittin next to him. she fine as hell, and he the only one that can smash…

  5. des Says:

    i see its alot of b-more cats in the building. im late but yall need to stop complaining about 92q and get a ipod.
    over a year now with mine and i have no complaints..

    92 who…lol.. fuck em i listen to what i want when i want. no deja vu for me :-)

  6. rakimfan Says:

    them chicks on leashes look E’ed up. That Exxon shit is bannanas. Cats should pull a Dionne Warwick at the shareholders meeting.

  7. posta child Says:

    With all thats going on in the white house (oil/gas prices being only one thing) it says alot about the mindset of people in this country. Blacks have even fallen asleep. If this country was headed up by a black president he would be ducking sniper shots daily. Speaking of which you ave to think…is he really running this country? He is a failed business man and I can’t even see him running a wal-mart. (who supports him fully) People pay these insane prices and moan alittle and drive on. This after a few years ago therewas a tax loop hole so people were able to get hummers at next to nothing, if not free. Non-whites should not be so blind non-whites are always “the problem”. (example: the Mexican/terrorist threat) Tear down the wall in germany. Build them high, wide, and guarded by military here.

  8. Dumb Nigga Says:

    go to Yahoo!

  9. Dumb Nigga Says:


  10. Dumb Nigga Says:


  11. Dumb Nigga Says:


  12. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Fuck it…..

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