4:21…the Day After Cover


The graffiti theme has been done to death, but I can appreciate this for the 3D/sculpture/building thing that the numbers have going on. It kind of reminds me of the stuff this guy does.

Image jacked from these guys.  

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37 Responses to “4:21…the Day After Cover”

  1. Sour D. Says:


  2. iLL Change Says:


  3. iLL Change Says:

    not feelin’ the cover. i thought that Tical 0 shit was funny.

  4. Dumb Nigga Says:

    The design looks good, but mainly only for the numbers though.

  5. nation of thugacation Says:

    damn cant wait… especially since that interview he had dissing wendy williams, and how he took shit to heart…

  6. eskay Says:

    this post is gonna flop

  7. Sour D. Says:

    womp womp woooooooomp

  8. iLL Change Says:

    ^ everybody left a while ago. Biggums is gettin’ bent, kween dissapeared again, Foekist is MIA, Landlord ain’t been here in a while, Front is MIA, reggae & Dumb playin’ the benches and everybody else is chillin’. eskay, you ebery listened to Tical 0? i thought that shit was pretty hot. Meth still got it. i hated Tical 2000 tho, i couldn’t get past those beats.

  9. iLL Change Says:

    ^ @ eskay

    edit – you ever listened

  10. eskay Says:

    I dont remember so probably not. I hated 2000 too though.

  11. T. Okes Says:

    I’m feelin’ that cover

  12. Tom Says:

    Cover is ehh, I just want a dope Method Man album ….if thats possible.

  13. kween of kweens Says:

    kween dissapeared again

    im rite here lmao.
    man when i first glimpsed the cover i thought it was some abstract art shit. i need to get my eyes checked.w/e its kool i guess?

    eskay Says:

    this post is gonna flop

  14. iLL Change Says:

    >> this post is gonna flop

    yeah, it went paper.

  15. anyone who says (no homo) is homo on the lo lo (yes homo) Says:

    this post is on the come up!

    fuck what ya heard, that cover is hot!!

    i know some of these dudes were hoping for a picture of Mef with his shirt off covered in baby oil, not this time bitches!! maybe when he signs to G UNIT for his next album.. 4 : 22 “tical 0.5 x 2 the prequel to the prequel”

  16. rubyspirit Says:

    Method Man is the best!

  17. Evaridae Says:

    Meth needs to just come with that fire that he delivered on albums like Blackout and on tracks like Step by Step.

    More of that, less of that strange Wu Tang abstract shit. Homie needs to branch out and come with his own sound.

  18. Crack Says:

    2 thumbs down, not feelin the cover artwork at all

  19. French Kevin Says:

    Does that say 4:21? I was born on 4-21

  20. Demiks Says:

    ^ Meth is talking about “the day after” 4:20, you know?

    I don’t know if he’s making weed rhymes (It is the same dude from How High) or if is some kind of metaphor for some shit.

  21. Doc Flav Says:

    Def Jam Bull Shitting Again With The Promo. Meth That Dude, Picses Brother Like Myself, Creative And Sensitive About Fam And Work, Thats Why He Went Hard At Wendy And Goes Hard On Critics. Eskay Its Odd The Small Amt Of Posts Considering The Wu Love On Here, Cool Though Keep Blogging The Relevant Shit, I Peep The Site Like Daily, Cant Say I Read The Comments, Some Folk Be Posting Off The Wall B S And Uneducated Falsehoods On Some Posts. Lol Peace!

  22. Doc Flav Says:

    Its A Link On This Site To The Interview Where He Explains The Meaning Of The Title. Its During The Same One Where He Dissing Wendy.

  23. Max59 Says:

    the design looks good for a complete idiot. the cover is shit!

  24. Doc Flav Says:

    4/20 Is National Weed Smoking Day, Thus The Day After, Meth Says He More Serious On This One. I Just Read The Release Date Has Been Moved, I Wish Things Would In Back To When You Went To The Record Store And Was Surprised To See An Artist On The Shelf, Too Much Marketing And Label Politics Rough Jerkin Off The Fans.

  25. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    god damn im pissed i missed this one i would of kept it poppin meth’s been coming back the last 3 or 4 songs ve heard of his.

    and the 4:21 is lke doc flav cause its the day after all the smoke clears and its basically means its a moment of clarity type of thing

  26. jjo Says:

    Meth’s shit is a wrap! He needs to focus on tv/movies/commercials cuz his music career never developed into what everyone had hoped. He’s still just talking about getting high….12 yrs later! Then he wants to blame the label and lack of promotion. What was the excuse when he dropped his first album? He was a priority at DJ then b/c they thought he was gonna be a star so they promoted him and his shit flopped b/c he can’t make a good solo album. He’ll be lucky to sell 200,000 units total.

  27. iniquity Says:

    Needs a WU logo ..

  28. rakimfan Says:

    Yo, I think that logo was done by Jose Parla “Ease”. It looks like his characters. A Keith Herring cover couldn’t bring Meth back tho unfortunately. UGod got more hits (seriously).

  29. hav Says:

    golden arms has 0 hits.

  30. rakimfan Says:

    chez chez le ghost, its yours, the mystery of chessboxin are records anyone would be happy to collect point on homie. Stay in school.

  31. iLL Change Says:

    it says “ODB” on the left corner of the 2

  32. eskay Says:

    i’d like to know how my boy ERN mangaed to get a fill in on the ‘4’

  33. Born7Allah Says:

    The blackman is god. This is just a part of the snowball effect happenin behind the scenes and it about 2 hit u 85%s. Lord jamar album dropped then busta now meth. Rakim , raekwon, and some other gods is comin back. Gods have to wake u sleepin dudes(religion people) up all over again(mid 80s). The devil aint stupid so he doin his job to(got yall listenin to that negative kill a nigga(my brother)music. The thing is we bein taught to be stupid(religion) but only some know why how,when,what, and who got us like this. Yall so stupid yall still callin each other dog(god backwards). The n.a.a.c.p the national association for the advancement of colered people. If you got supreme understanding you’ll see who the real colered people are and what that acronym really mean.
    Peace to the 7’s and Earth p.s
    the white man(colered man) is the devil black is the foundation where all color comes from

  34. posta child Says:

    Graffiti is done alot. Ok. It is the art that comes with the total package though. Its like saying about a rock song “the guitar is over done/used”. I am always ready to see some graf. I am always open to different ish to though.

  35. Billy Sunday Says:

    good lookin’ out on that link. that dude Revs was all-city like a motherfucker

  36. cizzle Says:

    can some one get da track listins please

  37. alice.d Says:

    does anyone know who did the cover???
    is it ern?

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