Video: BCC – Trading Places

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136 Responses to “Video: BCC – Trading Places”

  1. E From BK Says:

    Come off of your pennies, support quality music: KRS One- Life; Lord Jamar- The 5% Album; Public Enemy- New Whirl Odor. Also, like Ded Prez says, “Turn Off The Radio!”

  2. nation of thugacation Says:

    demiks… when i said it, i was sarcastic, until someone said he was supposedly bi-racial… and thats when i shut up

  3. Demiks Says:

    I still seriously thought he was white though.

  4. iLL Change Says:

    @ Demiks

    fuck that old-ass, old school bullshit. you need to watch that real shit that they playin’ today.

  5. Demiks Says:

    The War Report > Anything Yung Joc will ever make.

  6. nation of thugacation Says:

    ^ co-sign
    demiks, between you and me, cuz i know some race organization is gonna come through here on my arab ass… i think dude is white.

    damn i didnt know there was a video for that young joc shit

  7. iLL Change Says:

    @ Demiks

    just fuckin’ with ya. The War Report is the best album by a rap duo ever.

  8. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo can someone PLEASE find that thread where realest rap bish came through asking us if it was weird that her man asked her to… and then when someone replied and made fun of that pedofile shit

    shit was fuuunnyy as hell

  9. nation of thugacation Says:

    real talk: that yung joc joint to me is garbage, it cant be called hip hop, but it is pretty hot. because all this time, i didnt see the clip, and i thought dude wanted to be jeezy. this guy is better than jeezy. but the beat irritates me because its a snap beat. and well it gets annoyign after a while. i only think i started liking it after cam spit on it. but its hot garbage. thats it thats all

  10. iLL Change Says:

    ^ he’s str8 garbage. that’s why his name is Yung Joke

  11. E From BK Says:

    War Report= Best album by a duo? You never heard of Run DMC or EPMD?

  12. nation of thugacation Says:

    E, difference between a duo and a group

  13. iLL Change Says:

    ^ yeah, i have.

  14. iLL Change Says:

    ^ @ E

  15. Demiks Says:

    The greatest duo in Hip-Hop is… Webbie & Lil Boosie

    Notice the knowledge they always kickin? Their rhymes are so complex I can’t even follow them. I mean, damn. “Ratchet” has got to be one of the most substantial records I have ever heard.

  16. Demiks Says:


  17. iLL Change Says:

    anyone else lookin’ forward to the Cormega & Lake album? amazon says it’s droppin’ Aug 22

  18. nation of thugacation Says:

    ratchet lol

  19. Demiks Says:

    Speakin of Lake the Kid, I never seen what he actually looked like until recently. He use to take pictures with his hand pulling his hat over his face or turned backwards. I don’t really know his history, but I heard that he didn’t take pictures because of some “law” problems. But yea, My Brothers Keeper is comin reeaal soon.

  20. spotrusherz Says:

    damn that video is dope. grimey, simple, dope song, no bling, no nada, just in your face. love it.

  21. Sour D. Says:

    “Hype Williams called, he said he doesn’t think he’s gonna be able to secure the white pony’s and Denzel cameo for the Cocoa Brovaz video, so you guys might have to just settle for a couple of donkey’s and Nick Cannon.”

    ^LMFAO. Dope post Es, good lookin. For all you idiots talking about this video, you really should be watching MTV instead of visiting blogs for music video’s. This is exactly what any BCC fan would expect. Hands Up is thataway.

  22. Store Front Says:

    Watching this video again, it reminds me of high school kids. I still don’t know why you people even care anyway, does anybody actually watch MTV or BET. I download really good videos to my PSP, but thats about it. Eskay and you guys keep me up to date if anything good actually floats to the top of the crap they usually play on those channels. Good looking on that Lupe freestyle.

    iLL, you seem to have forgotten about Outkast and their three masterpieces.

  23. Saskwatch of Says:

    Yo – that video was breath of fresh air.

  24. 456 Says:

    serious. bcc is sign that hiphop is going through a ressurection.

  25. Starring Me as Me Says:

    *exhales*….good shit!

  26. The.Real.Talk.Of.Nah.Right. 8x platinum (13x globally) Says:

    @ johnny

    nice trainers!

  27. Dumb Nigga Says:

    That track is sick! I like the video too, nothing flashy at all.

  28. Clyde Smith Says:

    I like the set and the basic presentation.

    But I’d never realized they had mime skills!

  29. yaboy Says:

    BCC track is fuckin heat.

  30. Commish CH Says:

    I caught a BCC show this past weekend. They can still bring it. Buckshot and crew are as real as they come.

  31. louiefuse Says:

    lol @ the sarcasm in this thread

  32. spanish jay Says:


    some reall nyc shitttt

    it took me a while to watch this shit just cuz i needed time to watch everything in one sitting

    long live bcc

    ( i just wish they had some more explosions and 20 niggas doing the same dance) waaaaaaa

  33. spanish jay Says:

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    2 shots for tek and steel

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