Vintage Video: Mob Style

What’s Going On Black – The real AZ and Mob Style circa ’91. Do the knowledge if you have to.

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55 Responses to “Vintage Video: Mob Style”

  1. Sickamore Says:

    1st haha

  2. L.P.CROOKS Says:


  3. coldplayreggeatonslasher Says:

    …nah I aint gonna say nothing, I started to…nah I’ma keep it on the low.

    But anyway, these cats where heavy.

  4. coldplayreggeatonslasher Says:

    Es, you on your grind I see.

  5. eskay Says:

    was that you I was supposed to bless you with some mob style shit reggae?

  6. Store Front Says:

    I like my hip-hop to not resemble cheap public announcements. I’m not saying it is a bad song or a bad message, just a bad video.

  7. iLL Change Says:

    cool beat

  8. Ricky D Says:

    I’ve been hearing about this shit for ages. Your link game is impressive Mr. Kay.

  9. Robbie Says:

    Mob Style were gully as fuck.

  10. 456 Says:

    mob style was that shit! rip rich porter. es you on your grizzle.

  11. Paul Cantor Says:

    that is, was, and always will be a dope video. Even though AZ couldn’t rhyme on beat for shit, the song is good. I liked when Ghost and Raekwon revamped it for the Incarcerated Scarfaces Remix back in 95′. That joint was heavy too

  12. e-dubbs Says:

    alot of dudes have no idea what this is right here.. i can remember both of Mob Styles albums droppin’ like it was yesterday.. Gangster Lou, whaddup!

  13. e-dubbs Says:

    just a sidebar.. This was actually a AZ solo release and not from Mob Style.

  14. KLO Says:

    @ Eskay, you got that “Gangsta Shit” from AZ and Mobb Style?

  15. King Tim III Says:

    “Up and down Lennox, up and down 8th, European cars, temporary plates…”

    These dudes help birth a whole life style twenty plus years ago that till this day cats still try to imitate.

  16. des Says:

    i just read that feds interview i never read the whole thing the mag was sold out everywhere…. goooooooood looking eskay i havent said it in a minute so ill say it today i love this site :-)

  17. DB Says:

    i wanna get this song but i dont know to get it from or can sumone post link for it plz ..thx

  18. Sour D. Says:

    wow, i can’t believe you found this video is. shit is ridiculous. its before i was even listening to hiphop but i definitly remember my uncle schoolin me on mob style back in the day. i got through half that article before i passed out last night. now, i’m about to ask the dumbest question ever. i’ve known AZ since i started listenin to hiphop and have only known one face. now the AZ in this video up there looks nothing like him, niether does the “AZ” in the pics of the article, nor does the “AZ” in that game over DVD(which i just assumed was an actor so AZ could speak freely through him.). my question is, is the AZ that i have known forever the rich porter and alpo “AZ”?

  19. SOSA 420 Says:

    Props ESK…Been a looooong while for this.

  20. blitzpro Says:

    @ Sour D

    The AZ in the Game Over dvd IS the real AZ whole rolled with Rich & Alpo & who got shot up (and obviously survived) on the Grand Concourse back in 87. That was not an actor.

    Thr rapper AZ (Nas, The Firm, etc.) that you’re talking about took/used his name. Sort of like what 50 did.

  21. blitzpro Says:

    “Gangsta Shit” by Mobstyle was classic.

    *Reminisces about being a shorty & going to The Rooftop to skate.*

  22. des Says:

    that feds article is a trip but ive never understood how dudes can kill people do all kinds of illegal shit then tell on somebody else. thats some bullshit. u know whats up when you enter the game. you know what you getting into.

    smh at this…

    but are there any more feds interviews online like that. its hard as hell to get that magazine here.

  23. eskay Says:

    pretty much what blitzpro said Sour D.

  24. luis Says:


  25. Sour D. Says:

    i never knew that. when paid in full first came out, i thought they were referring to the rapper AZ. and they said all this happened when they were 15-16 so i thought it was possible. i wish there was more than the one page of that AZ interview, i would rather hear him tell it than alpo. po just sounds like he exagerates the situation and isn’t nearly as accurate or honest as AZ comes off. even with all the murders and flips he openly talks about.

  26. el_feces_loco Says:

    # eskay Says:
    July 17th, 2006 at 9:54 pm

    was that you I was supposed to bless you with some mob style shit reggae?

    NAW that was me..what up nah right fam?..Nigga feel out the loop…yea eskay I was workin on my MOBSTYLE mix tape but ….work got me…good looks on this post tho..

  27. eskay Says:

    oh, ok. I got that Game of Death album from them if you want it. I think I may have something else but I’m not sure what.

  28. DB Says:

    iight send tht albumm ..does it have ths song?

  29. el_feces_loco Says:

    Naw send all that stuff ( OR POST LINK?)..everything..Ill just crunch it into Chevy Tahoe format and I’ll make myself a nice lennox Ave reminisce joint….I heard CLipse was at RUcker last week..Kinna mad I missed that but this sunday the EBC Celeb Game will be at MSG for anyone thats into that kinD of shit?

  30. thekid10705 Says:

    You brought it back…This was shit….love the beat, love it…I loved it even more whne Rae and Ghost flipped it for the rainy days remix….That’s all my shit…

  31. eskay Says:

    you can get the Game of Death album from Smoking Section here:

    and no it does not include this song.

  32. blitzpro Says:

    @ el feces loco

    Yo I bought my tix for that EBC Celebrity Basketball game that’s gonna be @ the Garden when I went to Rucker last week (yeah the Clipse held it down that day).

    I know Cam, Fabolous, Jim Jones, & DJ CLUE are playing so I just said “Fuck it, let me check this shit out”. I’m interested in seein what Cam could do on the courts since he was “nba bound” in high school. I seen Mase play before when he used to fuck with the YMCA on 135th back in the day. Homes was nice back then.

  33. el_feces_loco Says:

    Oh ok..good lookin eskay..yea blitz..Imma be in the house for the EBC joint too.

  34. el_feces_loco Says:

    yo es i see whats supposed to be a link for the download but its not active..should i click the stray shots link?

  35. e-dubbs Says:

    AZ the rapper actually didnt jack his name from AZ (who’s real name is I believe Anthony Faison) but rather its the begining and end of his real name Antonio Cruz.

    The real AZ (of mob style) would come into my job every so often trying to cop a Porsche Cayanne but of course his credit was slayed and came through with like 101 different co-signers. Its crazy that he went from having 20+ cars that he bought in cash to being dead broke. He claimed Dame did him dirty on the Paid In Full movie too.

  36. eskay Says:

    feces, click the “Stray Shots ChangeToLink Page” link

    dubbs, yeah but I’m sure he started using the name cuz of the legacy

  37. SPit 2 Tha Says:

    Yall just put me up on game! I aint never seen this video but I heard some of Az shit before. This my first time seeing the nigga in a video tho! Yall got some more joints?

  38. el_feces_loco Says:

    oh ok..good look es

  39. e-dubbs Says:

    es. I dont really think so.. I think it has more to do with the God-Body background of AZ.. AZ is the begining & end of the alphabet which relates to the Alpha & Omega or something along those lines.. (im not sure if its god body or 5% nation to be honest) Either way AZ doesnt strike me as the type of character to just steal someones name and run with it… although his first single being “Sugar Hill” made it awful suspect.

  40. biggumskiller Says:

    this is my era right here !!!!!!!!!
    murder that faggot lou!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. ShockWave Says:

    “Fuck a Jay-Z, that nigga pays me.” – the real A.Z. Didnt know you went this deep in the game S-K. So I guess you fucks with that nigga Jimmy Suede now?

  42. ShockWave Says:

    “Fuck a Jay-Z, that nigga pays me.” – the real A.Z. Didnt know you went this deep in the game S-K. So I guess you fucks with that nigga Jimmy Suede now?

  43. Mreman Says:

    Props for the video.. Saw it on the GAME OVER dvd as well.. While we’re on the subject of throw back NYC crews,gangs,etc.. Does anybody have that Brooklyn Decepticons mixtape? I think it’s called Purple Reign vol. 1 or somethin’. If you have it, holla, I got ’nuff hip hop to make it wort ya’ while.. peace..

  44. DJ. ERASER Says:


  45. BIG 6 Says:

    god bless all my friends that i lost…dee,richy,and my run panter capone.hold your heads to my brother lucky 7, jonh fresh,alpo and uncle gee….”its a fuck up dirt game” yo a one thing everybody forgot im still around and breathing…i think time to call all the soldiers up and go back home…127th down low crew/ rip tj and one more thing that shit was fin when rainman beat up matt aka mase…me and smooth was rollin on 134

  46. iLuvSloppyHead Says:

    Just wanted to say Mobstyle helped me with my different zones I was going through, growing up a young dude up in Harlem (40th Lenox, First ave. Lex. Ave, 8th. Ave, Gangsta Lou up on the hill what up !!!). Back in the days in our hood when hip hop was alive we had the Kid Capri’s, da Ron G’s, da Triple C’s, da S&S’s, da E. Bros, and MOBSTYLE bumping out our Saabs, B.M’s and Alpha Romero’s because it was true hood shit that we were able to relate to. My niggas went hood gold with no major labels, video play, radio play. Just with Rock and Will, and J.J variety (only Harlem niggas know what I’m talking about). I just hate when alot of people try to judge and comment on their legacy and not understand the importance of their existence in this rap game. They were one of the first hip hop acts to do the indie thing and succeed at it. Anyway I’m gone!


  47. Eazy O.. Says:

    Yo … 132 was definitely the Location! A is a ledgend! Rich is a Ledgend May he forever Rest in peace… and Po did things that still make ya say Oh sht.. damn! Like A said Po took em out of that zone they had uptown in… J J variety was true indeed that tape spot , And Pretty Tone Capone Rocked That Gangsta Shit to def… “heads in baskets, Bodies in caskets, Fags in bags when my 44 mag kicks!!” Harlem was the Truth through out the 80’s and young 90’s still… Shout out to the whole uptown, from Master Johns to willies and the fish spots too… Big O… One! ” so stop frontin cause yo You actin, my rhyme’s is rough like a nine or a mack 10!!”
    P.T. Capone

  48. qns-northside-rep Says:

    I love harlem to death. The legacy will continue regardless.

  49. Agyei143 Says:

    I’ve written a book about the real AZ’s life called “Game Over: The Rise and Transformation of a Harlem Hustler.” The book is published by Simon & Schuster and should drop on July 24, 2007.

    This book will answer all questions and clarify any bullshit. Check my man AZ out on his myspace page:


  50. DJ. ERASER Says:


  51. Agyei143 Says:

    By the way, his actual name is “Azie” which is pronounced “AZ.” It is not a nickname or a five percent name, but his born name.

  52. CO OP ROB Says:

    Yo Agyei143 Thanks for schooling these people on Mr. Faison.
    I hope the book does well, its time to identify the game and not glorify it.
    Yes A was a legend, so was Rich Po & GL but the times are different now. We must focus on being a stronger more focused generation.

  53. Thor Says:

    go to there you will find all mobstyle lps

  54. HOTDOLLAZ Says:

    Man, That’s that Harlem shit.That Uptown shit.Mobstyle started that gangsta shit in New York City.

  55. cube nrm nyc Says:

    mobstlye is as real as it gets i had 2 cousins out in harlem guy fisher and coco morris fuckin with that snitchass nicky barnes them niggas doing life in the feds then these bitch ass rappers be praising that nigga like he is god when you want real keep it on mobstyle peace big wheels and 132

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