Stray Shots


Bol takes a look at former hip hop cop Derrick Parker’s theory that Biggie ordered a hit on Tupac and whether or not Jay was really bagging up at the Ramada with a table full of powder.

Coming up I was confused, my momma kissing a girl… 

Hip Hop used to be a force for good 

Status Ain’t Hood reviews the Clipse show at S.O.B.S. the other night. 

Buckshot interview 

Dave Chappelle on MTV Cribs

Nah Right regular D.Billz is going to be doing a little financial advice column over at Check it out and and get your mind and money right.

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188 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. biggumskiller:soul of a man Says:

    yo iknow this nigga is bugging now
    rick ross is the down south beanie sigel??
    down south in hell maybe

  2. Foekist - *Newsflash* Rick Ross got flowz Says:

    yo that Tragedy Khad is hot… I had his first shit too, but i threw it out, I think it was like 90 or somethin… Fuck yall though, I give props to Rick Ross, I got respect for his flow… Different strokes, different folks (nh)… lol 100 niggas I’m bout to get some puzzy….

    Detroit bayba (till I move in a couple months)

  3. biggumskiller:soul of a man Says:

    now i know i need to go smoke it up
    i gotta ketchup to this high muvva mun fucker
    you sure niggas didnt lace your shit folk??
    you must be smoking crazy eddie by mistake

  4. iLL Change Says:

    >> you need to listen to tradgedy when he was intellegent hoodlum

    i got that shit the other week. real old skool, like Mobb Deep’s Juvenile Hell

  5. bxconnect Says:

    “america eats the young”featuring chuck d.classic tragedy

  6. Foekist - *Newsflash* Rick Ross got flowz Says:

    Cot dayum Buss!

    (had to get one more in)

    Peese my niggaz.

  7. biggumskiller:soul of a man Says:

    i bet you any bitch that sees him tonight is gonna come up missing

  8. Dumb Nigga Says:

    >>i bet you any bitch that sees him tonight is gonna come up missing


  9. biggumskiller:soul of a man Says:

    intellegent hoodlum is old school to the young cats
    nigger twins is old school to me thats the only hip hop i missed out on 76-82-83? maybe but anything after 84 on the east coast
    im holding it down

  10. biggumskiller:soul of a man Says:

    dont snitch on folkist when the feds come sniffing around this website i wont so you dont lol dumb change im out

  11. iLL Change Says:


  12. biggumskiller:soul of a man Says:

    im gonna catch spot trust me
    and contreraeas lost so im out

  13. Dumb Nigga Says:

    Damn! Now i remember what i was gonna do……read the Buckshot interview!

  14. Dumb Nigga Says:

    That was a good interview i have to say.

  15. iLL Change Says:

    anybody know where to download Mobb Deep’s “Free Agents Murda Mixtape” ?

  16. Dumb Nigga Says:

    I don’t even know where to find that cd, i used to have alot of tracks from that, but they all got deleted and i couldn’t find anymore of them

  17. nation of thugacation Says:

    skip the whole [written, and probably on a;bum] freestyle… wtf was that at the end..fucking rain man

  18. nation of thugacation Says:

    yo does anyone have any new interviews or any interesting audio from HOT 97 or any other hip hop radio station. oh and, how do you get those audios?

    … ill change did you check datpiff?

  19. iLL Change Says:

    ^ nevermind, i got it from but i didn’t refer you…

  20. nation of thugacation Says:


  21. swisstopher Says:

    FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! BCC’s gonna be perfoming in Seattle on the 24th and I can’t get a GOD DAMN ticket. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. iLL Change Says:

    i got The Last Stand…

  23. swisstopher Says:

    i heard the album. i’ma actually cop this one. good album.

  24. nation of thugacation Says:

    what happened to the night people… they on strike or some shit?

  25. nation of thugacation Says:

    >> “Polo and Guess” (feat. Jay-Z)

    they spend forever in the studio, and the best we get outta dem is this dumb down shit. sheesh

    but got damn i cant wait for this one “War for Zion” (feat. Damien Marley), and this one “U.B.K. (Unauthorized Biography of KRS-One)” , fuck it even this one “Ann Jones” .

  26. Philip Says: Go here and get that Gnarls Barkley mixtape I haven’t heard it yet but it’s up there.

  27. iLL Change Says:

    @ nation

    “Polo & Guess” could be some throwback shit, mid-90’s, nahmean? but i think Preemo would be a better producer for the joint than Kanye.

  28. reggaetonslasher Says:

    good looking nation

    Nas addresses weighty topics as mortality, true love, religion, politics, family, personal responsibility and, of course, the currently “deceased” state of hip-hop.

    ^and still manages to make it head boppin’
    this is why he’s tgmcoat

  29. reggaetonslasher Says:

    sept 19th is going to be the dawn of a new begining, all these so called mc’s its judgement day. Lil homie is about to set the bar higher, thats what all champions and competitors do.

  30. E From BK Says:

    Who cares if duke’s moms is gay? Looking at the way a lot of these rappers act and the shit they put out, you would think their mothers were alcoholics or crack heads.


    chicken noodle soup- chicken noodle soup- chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side

    now let it rain let it rain………

  32. blitzpro Says:

    ^ *Sighs* Slow day.

  33. D. Billz Says:


    July 15th, 2006 at 4:00 pm
    chicken noodle soup- chicken noodle soup- chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side

    now let it rain let it rain………

    ^… clear it out… now let it rain… now clear it out… lets get it (lets get it) lets get it (lets get it)

    *laughing at the priceless expression on eskay’s face right now*

  34. Dumb Nigga Says:


    You guys actually like that shit?

  35. Sour D. Says:


    new column = fire

    chick noodle soup = disgrace

  36. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    iLL Change Says:
    July 14th, 2006 at 10:11 pm
    anybody know where to download Mobb Deep’s “Free Agents Murda Mixtape” ?


  37. iLL Change Says:

    ^ whatchu talkin’ about? they got dropped? nah right

  38. Dumb Nigga Says:


    Lol i think he was being sarcastic. Because i’m pretty sure he knows that the Murda Mixtapes is old lol.

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