Daily Headlines 7-10-05

Luda claims he’s talking about himself on War With God. Yeah, and T.I. wasn’t talking to anybody in particular on I’m Talking To You. To quote Cameron Giles: "You making secret songs, let it out B."

Suge loses control of Death Row

NY City Council Spends $1.5 Million For ‘Hip-Hop Museum’ in Bronx

LL and Jamie Foxx finally grow up as they approach 40.

XXL is the best hip hop web site according to a scientific poll over at Bol’s site.

Here’s the New Yorker article about Gravy and Hot 97 if anybody is interested.

Slavery reparations gaining momentum

4 U.S. soldiers charged with rape and murder. This rape victim was supposedly 14 or 15 years old? Nobody is more anti death penalt than me, but I say fry these motherfuckers.

3 Story Building explodes and collapses on east side of Manhattan. I just passed right by this on the bus and didn’t even realize what was going on.

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66 Responses to “Daily Headlines 7-10-05”

  1. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    chillen whats crackin ill change, you make sure you read that XXL its an ill issue ( the new source with cube on the cover is hot too, whoever took over seems to really know what they are doing )

    sidenote ( im only saying this now since im leaving for the day and cant get sucked into it but grab both the new XXL and the source scroll through and check out how the talk about how bad they are waiting for the growth, how much they want buddens to come out the real hip-hop world is waiting )

    peace piffing time bitches

  2. jersey Says:

    1.5 million on hip hop museum?….Im all for the museum and educational aspect as far as hip hop and its history as a matter of fact Iam part of the culture from the onstart, But honestly speaking some of that 1.5 million should go to economics,socio change for the culture that hip hop most represnts. uplifting and improving the young minds to become more of a player in the world of technology, science and job skills seem far more important. This appears to to be a deliberate design to steer and keep imporverished children on the other side of the fence…….??????

  3. jersey Says:

    Suge Knight iz a has been…4real

  4. waterman Says:

    For all y’all who think 1.5MM is a lot of dough, and will make some kind of dent if spent on social programs, you’re nuts. Jersey, that’s a crazy conspiracy theory you’ve got going there. Not flaming or hating, just educating. Peep:

    $1.5MM – even for a museum – is shit. The budget for the new stadium just passed a billion dollars (that’s a THOUSAND millions – to put it in perspective, think about $1.50 in your pocket as opposed to a grand) and dig: the stadium a) will be partly financed by the taxpayers and b) will only serve to make white dudes more rich and all dudes pay ten bucks for a beer. Think on that. A billion would make a dent in our messed-up city — but this city pisses 1.5 on subway leaflets every six months.

    And frankly, I’m all for the museum. People used to think hip-hop was a fad that would fade, and it didn’t; now everyone is saying it’s dead or dying. Whatever is happening, it’s a musical art form that has made me happy for about a quarter-century and has influenced popular culture on like ten different levels. A museum of record is needed to respect the art form.

    And last, y’all get yourselves down to the Brooklyn Museum for the graf show they got going now through September 3. Peace.


  5. jersey Says:

    Waterman b4 u getz yo panties in a brunch son If you read my statement I neva said I wasnt in some kinda support for the museum…….I stated clearly that some of that money should be spent elsewhere.. The point in what I said whether you agree or not iz that I …I repeat I, feel that money should help more imporvished and low income kids as far as education! I know alot of parents that would kill to take their children and put them in a school of their choice if they had the means. READ DUKE! READ MY FRIEND….And get off that rah rah shit!!!!

  6. Diplomatic Says:

    that dude Gravy is such a joke

  7. jersey Says:

    true very true….^^^^^^^^^^lol

  8. waterman Says:

    Yeah ok jersey, you showed me. I could list 20 things that are wrong with your post, stupid. Don’t ask for it, either. You’ll feel bad about yourself tonight.

  9. jersey Says:

    yeah you should change ur screen name from waterman to waterhead….

  10. jersey Says:

    educate your self son…

  11. jersey Says:

    Iam going to ask that some of that money be used for you to rid you of your ignorants and dumbness.

  12. D. Billz Says:

    Luda bitched up. Oh well, still a hot song.

    He might not have Death Row, but trust me when I say he got money stashed away somewhere. I don’t think he was stupid enough to let the Supreme Court know of all his assets.

    1.5 for a museum is cool, but I agree… spend that on education too. Urban cities nationwide are fallin’ apart in the Black community. For instance, in Bmore they just combined 3 high schools in one building because they refuse to use the money to fix the other schools (all part of the gentrification).

    LL and Jamie… two grown ass men still havin’ gripes over a movie dispute. Bout time they put that to rest. I gives two fucks though.

    I see Es doing shameless plugs for his 9 to 5, lol.

    I like Gravy (pause)… with mashed potatos.

    On one hand, we deserve reperations for what our ancestors endured in this country. On the other hand, fuck ’em. We need to do for ourselves and it’s gonna take us to preserve our culture. Read up on Black Wall Street. No, not Game’s record label, the REAL Black Wall Street from which he got the name. That’s how the fuck we should be living. Self-sufficient, self-educated, and self-reliant.

    Rape is disgusting on all levels, not just in the military. These dudes should get whatever they deserve. I’m not big on the death penalty either, but it’s bad enough they’re pawns in a chess game played between Bush and his cohorts.

    Fuck that building, you shoulda recorded a bum fight on your Treo.

  13. jersey Says:

    Exactly my point D.Billz……..

  14. waterman Says:

    Ok, thought I’d give this comments string a visit to see how you flamers are making out – and I know you’ll do the same, because there are long breaks between mail room runs.

    Dude, it’s ignorance. Not ignorants. Jesus, you can’t even spell “ignorance” – do you know how funny and ironic that is? Dude, I can walk you without trying. You make this easy. “Dumbness”? Not a word that even exists. Check it, yo yo, you know what I’m sayin’?

    Nope, don’t.

    And peep – did you even read the article? Only dissention on the plan from the council members was related to hip-hop’s negative image – not that the money should be spent elsewhere.

    Man, the world is so much bigger than your screen, and you don’t even know it.

    God, I love schooling you. And yes, I want fries with that.

  15. jersey Says:

    ^^^^^??????^^^^^^^……..Lmfao……he he he ….(stay stupid then)

  16. jersey Says:

    (This is your brain on drugs)…..>>>>>>>WATERHEAD>>AKA>>>WATERMAN…..LOL

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