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Bumpy Knuckles Interview

Monday, June 26th, 2006


There’s a nice long in-depth interview with Freddie Foxxx up over at HipHopGame. It’s damn good and they billed it as "arguably the best interview on HipHopGame, so you might want to check it out even if you’re not familiar with his work, as I suspect a few of you suckers are not. It’s chock full of quotables, but since it’s been a Jay-Z lovefest around here all week, I figured Bumpy’s views on Jay would be a nice change of pace (even if the interviewer did bring him up and practically beg Foxxx to air him out).

I think Jay-Z is talented as a motherfucker, man. But right now, I think Jay-Z is acting like his father is Thirsting Howell the Third. He’s acting like a rich-ass white boy whose family has $800 billion dollars. He’s not in touch with people. A lot of people are going to say this behind his back, but I don’t care because I don’t see me getting any money with the motherfucker. There are a lot of people I know who say Jay-Z fronted on him. I tried to reach out to Jay once or twice, and I know he doesn’t want to sit down with me on some business. As far as I’m concerned, Jay doesn’t even really represent the streets. He represents it from a rap level. He’s in a high-rise doing his thing. If he came from Marcy projects, like I believe he did, then he needs to go back and kick it with some of the young rappers. He’s on that snob shit.

Normally I’d have some sort of retort for at least some of those statements, but in the interview he also mentions that he has been keeping up on the latest computer technology, so there’s a good chance he’ll come across this post at some point. Seeing as I live in New York, I’m going to go ahead and pass.

Here are some more gems. On whether or not NY hip hop has fallen off:

All that crunk shit is just old school New York hip-hop. It’s the same shit that Bambaataa and Zulu Nation were doing. The tempo may be a little bit different, but the rhyme flows are the same. You can’t get away from New York music no matter where you go, but New York rappers can’t see that.

On working out and his image:

I have heavy bags, I train in martial arts, I do isometrics, I do all that shit because I’m Bumpy Knuckles so when somebody runs up on me, I can give them a seven-piece situation.

On another rapper who tried to call himself Renegade Foxxx:

I don’t think he does that anymore. I had a phone conversation with him.

Daily Headlines 6-26-06

Monday, June 26th, 2006


Miss Info and The Capo @ The Funkmaster Flex’s car show last week.

More info on the mixtape Em is supposed to drop this week: "The album is said to show a new side of Eminem, after the release and disapointment of Encore. It is suppose to prove Eminem as still a strong force inhip-hop and shows his mixed emotions to the slaying of Proof."

In MTV’s Mixtape Monday, recent gunshot victim Gillie Da Kid addresses the rumors that he ghostwrites for Lil Wayne. "It’s a lot of Philadelphia influence in New Orleans."

Hey Kanye! Wait up, you forgot your box of interracial porn!

How you gonna be like 16 and retire from rap. *yawn* 

Waist Deep grabs the number 4 spot this weekend with 9.4 million in sales, which isn’t too bad considering it only played in about a thousand theaters. 

Cypress Hill sued over 13 year old sample.

Jay-Z @ Radio City Music Hall

Monday, June 26th, 2006


jay-bey-t.jpg jay-stage2-t.jpg

jay-bleek-t.jpg jay-stage3-t.jpg

 jay-stage1-t.jpg jay-foxx-t.jpg

jay-redcarpet-t.jpg jay-irv-t.jpg

Status Ain’t Hood’s Tom Breihan reviews the show as does Jason Newman for AHH. More pics at C&D (Including Bey’s wardrobe malfunction) and Concrete Loop.

44 Four’s

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Props to clashic for the video. Check out more clips from last night here.

Stray Shots

Sunday, June 25th, 2006


That’s the cover for the new G-Unit Radio mixtape that drops this week. Click for more detail.

YN reviews last night’s Jay-Z show

UPDATE: Wes of Sit Down Stand Up has more commentary and links to a bunch of pics on Flikr.

Jim Jones robs a local store owner in Harlem 

The cover of the Source’s 200th issue featuring Ice Cube

Joe Budden adds a verse to Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy.

The Ghetto Big Mac.

New Grafh interview at HHG. Sounds to me like he isn’t really riding with Dame too tough anymore.

The Rap Insider

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

By now you’ve probably seen these pics. Check out the trailer for The Rap Insider’s I Am the Truth Volume 1. Gee, I wonder who’s behind this.

Idlewild Cover

Sunday, June 25th, 2006


Cam vs. Jay-Z: The “Truth”

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

From the new Hoodz DVD. Footage of Cam’s press conference, and Jacob York talks about the beef.

Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Brooklyn’s Finest

Friday, June 23rd, 2006


Previews of the Making of Reasonable Doubt piece and the Jay feature are up at XXLMag.com.

Here Irv Gotti Speaks on the making of Jay and Biggie’s classic anthem Brooklyn’s Finest:

Irv Gotti: I did not want that record to happen. I was adamantly against it. I would call Jay every day like, “No, fuck that! Don’t do this record.” I said, “What I’m scared of is you doin’ [a record] with Biggie and you comin’ off like his little man. And nigga, we can’t be owning shit if you his little man. You never gon’ get that throne.” But this nigga would call me and be like, “Nah, but Gotti, I’m tellin’ you, I’m gonna show ’em. I’m gon’ make people see that I’m that nigga.”
Jay and Big had a lot of love, but at that particular time it was very competitive. Go ’head and listen to that record—“It’s time to separate the pros from the cons/The platinum from the bronze…” Real talk, Big’s goin’ at Jay in that record. “You ain’t harmin’ me/So pardon me…” Trust me. He’s goin’ at him real tough.

Daily Headlines 6-23-06

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Jay-Z announces surprise "rehearsal performance" Saturday night at Nokia Theater

Eminem Divorce Proceedings Held in Private 

Styles P talks ‘Time Is Money’

Tru Life responds to Jim Jones challenge to shoot the fair one

7 men charged in alleged U.S. terror plot