Daily Headlines 6-26-06


Miss Info and The Capo @ The Funkmaster Flex’s car show last week.

More info on the mixtape Em is supposed to drop this week: "The album is said to show a new side of Eminem, after the release and disapointment of Encore. It is suppose to prove Eminem as still a strong force inhip-hop and shows his mixed emotions to the slaying of Proof."

In MTV’s Mixtape Monday, recent gunshot victim Gillie Da Kid addresses the rumors that he ghostwrites for Lil Wayne. "It’s a lot of Philadelphia influence in New Orleans."

Hey Kanye! Wait up, you forgot your box of interracial porn!

How you gonna be like 16 and retire from rap. *yawn* 

Waist Deep grabs the number 4 spot this weekend with 9.4 million in sales, which isn’t too bad considering it only played in about a thousand theaters. 

Cypress Hill sued over 13 year old sample.

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628 Responses to “Daily Headlines 6-26-06”

  1. nation of thugacation Says:

    44 four’s motherfucker im nice


  2. D. Billz Says:

    Yo, I’m waitin’ for that Em mixtape. Best believe I’ll be posted up in Patapsco for that one (my Bmore heads know what I mean).

    “Well, we finally caught up with former Cash Money recording artist Gillie himself and got to the heart of the matter. He said he left Cash Money because of disagreements with CEOs Baby and Slim, and he said he hasn’t seen Wayne in quite some time. He did accuse Weezy of swagger-jacking, however, saying, “It’s a lot of Philadelphia influence in New Orleans.”

    ^ Yo, I tooooold niggas that Gillie was writin’ for the kid. I don’t care what yall niggas say, I heard that influence all over the first Carter album and 500 Degreez. I can’t remember the name of the song, but I know yall remember the video Wayne has when he says, “the greatest rapper alive since the greatest rapper retired”… yo, you can hear the State Prop flow (Philly) all over that song. And I’m a big State Prop fan (when they’re together as a group) so I know my ears didn’t deceive. I’m waitin’ for the Wayne stans to comment on this one.

    Lol @ Kanyeezie leavin’ porn for the photographers… sounds like some shit he’d do.

    Good… I hope the lil’ spoiled brat retires. Take his lil’ ass to school or somethin’. He aint got shit else to talk about anyway. He told old for kid songs, and he aint been through any hardships for him to convey to anyone. After that last single with that wack ass attempt to be hood and talkin’ tough, I think his rap career should come to a halt. Do some more movies. Host a show. Somethin’. I don’t know. Anything but get back in the booth. Plus I know J.D. is tired of cuttin’ R.O.C. those checks anyway (damn shame that guy never popped because he was nice).

    Waist Deep aka Baby Boy 2 didn’t do bad for it’s limited release. This bird chick from work wanted to go that see that but I opted not to.

    13 years later to get royalties? Wow. I’ve never heard that Cypress interlude. But if they did indeed sample without permission then you know somebody’s publishing company is coughin’ up some dough.

    “… record label people are shaaaaadyyyyy”

  3. nation of thugacation Says:

    ^ he fucking counts them for the illeterate ppl in the crowd

  4. D. Billz Says:

    “He told old for kid songs,”

    ^ Correction: He’s too old for kid songs..

  5. reggaetonslasher Says:

    damn billz, the plantation owner musta had you out in the field today, you know how they do the rebels, but what up anyway better late then never.

  6. nBmore Says:

    Hey Kanye! Wait up, you forgot your box of interracial porn!

    Yo still beat off……..


    D.Billz says,
    Yo, I tooooold niggas that Gillie was writin’ for the kid.

    It don’t matter if he was writing for him or not (he steals verses from Jigga nothing new)the fact of the matter is all them niggas(B.G., Juve, Mannie Fresh, and now Gillie) is hating on Cash Money because of one thing. Weezy and Baby rolling around pushing Phantoms while them other niggas counting Dodge Magnum money

  8. Dumb Nigga Says:



    Its crazy how a thread with Dustmaster dirt bucket Jim Jones on the front can go 6xplatinum

  10. RDL Says:

    Heres that Baby Sham remix with Akon right
    for whoever requested it earlier ..they use to play it all the time
    in ny but its old now…now they play the remix with Alicia Keys on it


  11. Nasir Says:

    damn, i shoodn had got a cut, missed a convo on smokin….but what u no about a fresh g line

  12. RDL Says:

    correction: sham=cham

  13. Doc Flav Says:

    Its funny how y’all seldom talk about whats going on in the topic, I read all types of bullshit about Ms Info’s passed around by a rapper’s ass to what to roll weed up in, Im serious this blog needs a forum to talk about the specific bullshit yall wanna make up to talk about, sometimes folk wanna comment on specifics of the articles posted on the heading of the blog and its difficult to do that when you got to filter through some of the garbage talk and off the topic, topics.

    I mean some of y’all actually talk about the SAME SHIT in a different topic everyday, thats on everything.

    BTW Dutchmaster Presidents and Swisher Perfecto… Ya Bitch! LOL!!

  14. Shanti Says:

    thanks RDL but now I want the version with Alicia Keys…they don’t play any reggae on the radio down here so I just heard about the Baby Cham w/ Akon like a month ago

  15. RDL Says:

    I stopped smokin recently cause I’m gettin older and
    after over a decade of smoking I feel I need to respect my body more
    and find others ways to relax my mind than filling my lungs with smoke
    (unfortunately I still be slippin now and then)

    But I never enjoyed smokin white boys…ashes everywhere,
    and messes they mess wit my throat too much,after I smoke a joint my throat
    hurts and I always feel like I cant swallow, its strange, hate it!

    And I hate pipes too (thats for crackheads)
    If I pay alot for some good smoke then I’ll just roll a skeeter gar,
    puff alittle, put it out and save the rest for later..no pipe needed
    u can take a one hitter hit off a gar to, just put it out after u hit it :)

    And earlier someone talked about mixing tobacco with herb
    that = a spliff .. and that aint right! I hate cigarettes and am very
    sensitive to nicotine and one time I really wanted to get high and
    smoked a “joint” (thats how desperate I was) and after ONE hit
    I felt dizzy and sick I was like wtf! and the cat told me he put
    tobacco in it…I was so pissed off I couldnt see straight..literally!
    I was like u really really need to give ppl a heads up because just
    cause someones a smoker that shit dont make them a smoker! lol

  16. T. Okes Says:

    June 26th, 2006 at 7:40 pm

    Its crazy how a thread with Dustmaster dirt bucket Jim Jones on the front can go 6xplatinum

    ^^I just came in here thinkin’ the same damn thing.

  17. RDL Says:

    Doc Flav
    “BTW Dutchmaster Presidents and Swisher Perfecto… Ya Bitch! LOL!!”

    LOL! and yeah I noticed the discussions here quickly turn from the
    actaully topic/post, but whatever u can bring it back if u got something
    to say about the topic but the topic at hand now is puff puff pass
    so I took a hit

  18. RDL Says:

    Here u go-
    Baby Cham/Alicia Keys track

  19. eskay Says:

    >>And I hate pipes too (thats for crackheads)

    niggas was smoking weed in pipes before crack was even thought about

  20. RDL Says:

    ^^ I know ^^
    I just like talking shit sometimes

  21. G-town G Says:

    What my nigga Ty Biggs? Yea the summer vacation is kool man but I been workin my other job at this hotel to keep me out of that fuckin sun! And shit we dont have no damn dutchies either my nig so we usually fuck wit that white owls as well. Mostly siwshers tho but u kant smoke them shit forever….

    Shit I got a pipe too tho and a nice RED bong thats made like a a devil.
    Them blunts man I love em tho shit I gots to have em!

  22. G-town G Says:

    Eskay u need to send ya boy some of that Papoose shit kuz I still aint heard and my lil kinfolk was tellin me he go hard.

  23. razzy Says:

    ni99az refuse to smoke kb out of my glass piece cause they say it reminds them of crack

    so krazy

  24. yaboy Says:

    yo. budden is ill, nas is crack, game is on point…aaand dpg is bringin it back.

    fuck what ya heard.

    I stay opinionated.

  25. Joe 88 Says:

    real quick tho, for the record it was a compilation album, which means sony paid everyone who appeared on the album prior to its release nas had nothing to do with the distribution of profits.

    QB’s finest was under the ill will imprint as well so therefore nas or whoever runs ill will records has something to do with it. Why would everybody that was on Qb’s finest say the same thing??? I don’t know the politics of the whole situation but i know for a fact that niggas that was on there said nas aint pay em

    ^>that line is getting really tired fast, you wearing that shit out homeboy

    ^O.K I got one for you

    “Talking tuff on the radio please that’s not him
    Take that QB chain off please give it to lil kim” – unknown

  26. tyronebiggums71 Says:

    g -town theres like 74 pap mixtapes here dl or just listen


  27. i love hip hop Says:


  28. ------------ Says:


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